Travel Diary: Secretary Clinton Travels to Turkey, Greece, India, Indonesia and Hong Kong

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July 14, 2011
Secretary Clinton Waves While Boarding Airplane

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will travel to Turkey July 15-16, 2011, to participate in meetings of the Contact Group on Libya and conduct bilateral meetings with Turkish officials. The Contact Group meetings allow the international community to come together and coordinate views on our next steps with respect to Libya. They also allow us to further assess international progress in implementing UNSCRs 1970 and 1973 as part of our efforts to protect civilians and to facilitate the start of an inclusive Libyan national dialogue that will lead to the country's reconciliation and reconstruction. While in Turkey the Secretary will also meet with President Gul, Prime Minister Erdogan, Foreign Minister Davutoglu and other political leaders to discuss Libya, Syria, and a full range of shared bilateral and multilateral issues.

Secretary Clinton will travel to Greece July 17-18, 2011. She will meet with President Papoulias, Prime Minister Papandreou, Foreign Minister Lambrinidis, and other political leaders to discuss issues of mutual interest.

Secretary Clinton will then travel to India for the second round of the U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue, which will take place in New Delhi on July 19, 2011. The Secretary will lead the U.S. delegation, accompanied by a high-level group of senior administration officials. This will be Secretary Clinton's second visit to India as Secretary of State.

The depth of the U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue demonstrates the United States' strong support for India as an important actor on the world stage and is representative of the broad and multifaceted U.S.-India relationship. The partnership between the world's two largest democracies covers issues ranging from counterterrorism and defense cooperation to climate change, high-tech trade, and scientific innovation. Together, the United States and India are working to face the most important and pressing challenges of our time.

During her trip to India, Secretary Clinton will also visit Chennai, marking the first visit by a serving U.S. Secretary of State to the city, which has emerged as a hub for the trade, investment, and people-to-people engagement that is driving the U.S.-India relationship.

Secretary Clinton will travel to Indonesia and Hong Kong July 21-25, 2011.

Secretary Clinton arrives in Bali, Indonesia on July 21 after concluding a two day stop in India. Her visit to Indonesia demonstrates the United States' sustained commitment to enhance our strategic engagement in Southeast Asia and with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The Secretary will participate on July 22 for the third time in the ASEAN Post Ministerial Conference (PMC), hosted by Indonesia as ASEAN Chair. She will also meet with foreign ministers of the East Asia Summit (EAS), in preparation for President Obama's participation for the first time in the EAS in November. Secretary Clinton will then host the fourth Lower Mekong Initiative (LMI) Ministerial Meeting with the foreign ministers of Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. Following this meeting, the Secretary will host the first “Friends of the Lower Mekong” (FLM) meeting, which will serve as a forum to encourage coordination of efforts with other partners in the lower Mekong region. In addition, the United States looks forward to hosting a trilateral meeting with the Government of Japan and the Republic of Korea. She will also participate in a number of bilateral meetings with her counterparts in the region.

On July 23 in Bali, Secretary Clinton will lead the U.S. delegation to the 18th ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) to discuss regional security issues. She will then deliver opening remarks at the first-ever Regional Entrepreneurship Summit (RES), a follow-on to the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship hosted by President Obama in April 2010, during which Secretary Clinton launched the State Department's Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP).

On July 24, Secretary Clinton will meet with Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa to discuss key bilateral, regional, and global issues. Following their bilateral meeting, Secretary Clinton and Foreign Minister Natalegawa will co-chair the Joint Commission of the U.S.-Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership, representing President Obama and President Yudhoyono's long-term commitment to broadening, deepening, and elevating bilateral relations between our two countries.

In Hong Kong on July 25, Secretary Clinton will meet with Chief Executive Donald Tsang and with members of the Hong Kong Legislative Council. Later that day, she will deliver remarks underscoring U.S. economic leadership in the Asia-Pacific.

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South Korea
July 14, 2011

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Double-Dip? or Double-Deep?

Safely I hope a good result. However, in most countries for the development of the country at least in scale and population, countries should consider them. While it is true that we all know, and, August 2nd, we double-dip or double-deep I think the day will begin. doble-deep economic crisis in the U.S. and Europe at the same time, I think the day started, try to talk to them. I do not think we are less. The problem with you because it's too soon fool your enemies, to think that the internal conflict became capital. Of all the things you think is wrong. and i `m. ...- a joke, is not that funny joke.

Secretary of State need to think about that deeply sour, if possible, rather than deal with the outside world that you are resolved to the internal contract? Which option to choose from, nothing I can do but .... Insurance for current and future nature a strong contract (a contract with anyone outside of the secrets to believe that there is always likely to be exposed.)

Hong Kong, China's high-speed rail has the potential to develop further I think. From corruption of the rulers of Greece by solving, guknimdeulege need to provide peace of mind to think. Everyone I know, hard to practice to solve problems, like corruption, that when citizens' protests juleodeulgeogo, Secretary of State's visit even more rewarding to think that I would be the tour of duty.

And, I'm in Korea at Osan Air Base near the garbage trucks to drive (probably Korea's politicians think they put you into exile here. ... These and join your company, along with it?) Every time I work, the U.S. government Transport of the - perhaps, upper class in Gov`s is used by more than speculate on a plane .- seems intent is going on here? I think it's a coincidence. In the picture plane and close. ... or laughing at?

PS: Infighting becomes longer, the floor of glacial valleys deep enough, enemy attack would come, the idea would be difficult to defend.

Unconditionally, not a contract to the story. Proposals or policy, but is just a personal opinion.

Visit the Greek government for according to specific, a strong commitment to fight corruption if to announce, I'd be happy to visit Greece is expected. To intensive care unit, giving you the money, rather than treatment, is considered first.


July 15, 2011

W.W. writes:

I wanted to stop them but I just desired the world watching the corrupt society working.

Mr. Bernanke is not well Informed and above all he is not informed from His own agencies and Federal source of information.

Europe does not have resources to front and back this global crisis unless it will be forward a plan to stop Pubblic administrative corruptuion.

1000 Euros a family or a Individual is the proof of what governos stolen from his own citizen and they keep robbing

Europe is a victim and is struggled from Corruption.

Have a good trip Mrs Secretary please bring balance to the force you young Skywalker :)

July 15, 2011

W.W. writes:

Special Briefing
Senior State Department Officials

En Route, Turkey

July 14, 2011

What is this Austin Powers ?-

Two embassies of Nato members have been Under Political military attack from Syrian Officials citizen and authorities.

Turkey and Islamic countries will participate to repress any form of Violence against Unarmed Humans protesting in Syria and Iran.
Africa and African Leaders will join in stopping something the human world common sense is identfying as a Virus.
The Virus Is Violent Islam an old theocracy, a mass murdering ideology that does not guaranteeing anything close to what we can call progress but it keeps citizen and humans away from the power of choice and free will by keeping population in ignorancy.

Again it is time to act on this kind of Hydra and we got two heads left.

The next task is to end corruption In europe and In the U.S. in order to get out from this struggling economic massive crisis.

July 15, 2011

W.W. writes:

from Unofficial overseas :

Italian gov . Must resign Tremonti plan is taking from poor citizen when it should take from high salary officials, they are robbing Italian citizen and Investment on Governament.

Tremonti plan should have put an effort in remodelling pubblic salaries and fight Pubblic administration Corruption and get Euros from the Corrupted one.

In one day it will have refilled State finance

Tremonti plan is empowering robbers and corrupted and it will enslave italian population putting debts on Italian citizen

South Korea
July 15, 2011

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Samsung? TSMC?
What is Apple`s choice?

Apple and Samsung's patent disputes are resolved well, hope that continues the existing business relationship. Of course, even in Taiwan, Korea and graduated from high school in - in Korea, she graduated from high school, the normal work .- It is difficult to find a job,

for the family, at the expense of their own,

even today,
the day and night changes in the working environment for those hard-working young woman,

Samsung and Apple's patent disputes resolved in the right direction I hope. Samsung taxes, even if the portal, and in various cases, negative impact on society, but if think young women, condemned unconditionally and difficult to believe. In particular, the semiconductor from the beginning until now, to think that the many contributions to South Korea. Although side effects ...

Importantly, the women in the labor force Apple's interest, would like you to act appropriately. Steve's mother, a woman I think.

South Korea
July 15, 2011

Palgye in South Korea writes:

India is expecting to continue to evolve. However, a chronic problem in India, the complete abolition of the caste system also is important, but, more importantly, the gap between rich and poor people think more is going. While talking about India's development potential, the rich only to target economic development plan is considered insignificant. Largest country and proportionally, much of the population with purchasing power at the same time, consideration so that I could, India's growth a lot of hoping, and most poor, the short, MNCs wages and working conditions for the investment without the corporate management that can be for a while, and then built a factory, is expected to divert the exiting spiral.

Our former President of Brazil Lula's reforms that he've made the country rich countries. And, even now, there's free money, so no big shock to the economic crisis, the country is reported to management. India also this kind of reform and support for the lower class is deemed necessary. Many reforms have been tried, but it paid off, a new trial against all of India is required to consider the point.

In India's growth now, laughing at the poor are rich people who think that their economic participation is desperately needed. Now ...

Turky? talk with Israel.

New Mexico, USA
July 15, 2011

Eric in New Mexico writes:

600,000 miles and counting (238,857 miles to the moon), Hillary has logged more miles than most astronauts...What do we call this? Stellar Diplomacy or what?...(chuckle).

Or simply an eternal quest to save the world from itself? (Quite possibly)

Considering her points of destination and subject matter to be discussed it's hard not to reach such exhausive, investigative conclusion.

And no, I'm not one to tell her she "looks tired" only for her to reply to me, "Thanks a lot!", because I'm sure she's happy to get out of Washington at this particulaly dysfunctional moment mired in the political gridlock of "debtmaggedon".

A well timed escape? "If not now, when?"

Yes I do hope she makes folks eat their peas..."want carrots with that do ya?" she might add,...with a wink and a nod as she talks to the Chinese. It is after all a matter of perfect timing to present them with a bill for about 10 trillion,...bringin' home the bacon to save her dept's programs from a 44% reduction in funding along with the nation's credit rating without raising a debt ceiling when the debt has been all but eliminated, pending further collection action taken on the sponsors of terror,...and all the rest of us may rest easy knowing that there is a third option as every coin has three sides to it. Handing the President a magic wand to wave at partisan bickering and a rabbit filled hat that is not show-and-tell illusion of partisan ideolog's voodoo economics.

Had a nice chat today with a very nice Whitehouse staffer who promised to relay my notification of the recent challenge posted on Dipnote to every member of government, directly to the President.

Just doin' my part to ensure that Washington DC rids itself of its reputation that this is the place where good ideas go to die when no one in government gives a damn what the public thinks.

What we have here is a war of ideas, and in that the only winners are those who offer solutions along with complaint.

I am of course apealing to human nature's curiosity, and the staff and editors of this blog need not be suprised by an officially sourced request to compile and forward to him for review, a pesky citizen's ongoing efforts to inspire folks to think since 2007.

"We do what we do, for the reasons we do, because it is there to do. And we can do anything we can think of to do, so long as we remember our joy."

Could be change we can live with. I'll let that be for the President to determine.


July 18, 2011

W.W. writes:

Hon.Hillary Rodham Clinton is a blessing for Humanity.

We all Know that being a blessing is a job which diminish the strength energy and increase body fatigue but not the spirit.

No Pain Mrs. Secretary NO PAIN

United States
July 17, 2011

Zharkov in USA writes:

"The president has not directed any of the federal agencies to cut back on unnecessary expenses, to delay contracts that could be delayed or, purchases or travel that could be delayed".

"He hasn't taken any of those steps.""When you know you're driving to a cliff you ought to be putting on the brakes rather than keeping your foot down, 'Pedal to the metal on the accelerator'."

As our national government self-destructs, let us delude ourselves that it was all so very important to blow trillions of dollars in foreign wars of no consequence, in creating monster agencies with no real agenda other than harrassing citizens at the airports, in sending trillions of dollars to foreign banks and foreign governments to prop them up for a few extra months, and in manic travel around the globe to waste as much public money as possible in so many fun ways.

The real message: "Screw the taxpayers, this country is finished."

As for a speech about US economic leadership in Asia, you can save the airfare by not going. Nobody in Asia believes the US is the economic leader in Asia.

Isn't "Made in China" a clue about who leads in Asia?


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