Secretary Clinton Meets With Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Lavrov

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July 14, 2011

On Wednesday, July 13, 2011, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton met with Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov to sign an agreement regarding cooperation in adoption of children. After the meeting, Secretary Clinton said:

"Let me begin by saying that the past two and a half years has been a time of great strides in the relationship between our countries. We have signed a historic arms control treaty and opened a vital new land and air supply route to Afghanistan. We are cooperating on addressing Iran's nuclear threat, working to coordinate our diplomatic approach to Libya, consulting closely on the changes unfolding in the Middle East. Across the world, we are not only working bilaterally but multilaterally on so many important issues, from counterterrorism to nonproliferation.

"Our challenge now is to continue and maintain the momentum in order to deliver more results for both of our people. To that end, Minister Lavrov and I discussed missile defense cooperation. I believe we do have an opportunity to address common challenges in a way that makes Russians, Europeans, and Americans safer, and we are committed to working with both Russia and our NATO allies to do so.

"We also, of course, discussed the broader range of issues on which we are cooperating beyond security and arms control. For example, we strongly support Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization. Russia's membership would allow us to increase trade and deepen our economic ties. This is a high priority, and a priority for President Obama and the Administration. It's part of our broader global effort to promote a rules-based system of economic competition.

"We also discussed the increasing emphasis within Russia on democracy, and we obviously, as I have said many times, as our two presidents have discussed, support the rights of Russian civil society to assemble and speak freely, of Russian journalists and bloggers to monitor and report on official actions, and of lawyers and judges to work independently to uphold the rule of law.

"I am especially pleased that we were able to reach several new agreements. First, we are signing an agreement on inter-country adoptions. We take very seriously the safety and security of children that are adopted by American parents, and this agreement provides new, important safeguards to protect them. It also increases transparency for all parties involved in the adoption process. And I want to thank Senator Mary Landrieu, the leader of the adoption caucus in the Senate, as well as Congresswoman Karen Bass, who are present with us.

"Second, our negotiators have now concluded a visa agreement. We think this is especially important for our businesses, so that business men and women can travel multiple times between our two countries over 36 months on a single visa. This is a big deal for those who are doing business, and we are laying the groundwork for even more trade and travel.

"Third, we exchanged diplomatic notes on the U.S. Plutonium Management and Disposition Agreement. This brings into force a protocol that Sergey and I signed last year that commits both of our countries to dispose of no less than 34 metric tons of weapons-grade uranium on each side, the equivalent of some 17,000 nuclear weapons.

"And fourth, we are renewing the protocol on the effects of radiation, which allows our scientists to collect and analyze epidemiological data together with the cancer risks that come with exposure to radiation.

"Fifth, our national aviation agencies today signed an Air Navigation Services Agreement that will increase air traffic control cooperation, enhance information sharing, and ultimately make even more air traffic between our countries even safer.

"This relationship, then, now involves cooperation in many different areas, and the Bilateral Presidential Commission that Presidents Obama and Medvedev began, that Minister Lavrov and I have the honor of co-chairing, has emerged as an important vehicle for pursuing our common interests. And we are very committed to continuing to move our relationship forward. And again, I thank the minister for the excellent work that we have done together."

You can read the Secretary's full remarks here.



South Korea
July 15, 2011

Palgye in South Korea writes:

adoption of children is important issue between US and Russia.

and, before i said, Russia population is increse by economy grows up but adoption is be large scale, my prediction is wrong...?

Now the economic situation deteriorate further, you encounter a lot of people in Russia are likely to starve. 12 +1 with the original plan of health insurance and health care reform was the expansion of employment through the (high-speed rail project for the average person wanting to get a lot of jobs expected to provide 2-3 years degree), the Russian oil to the beneficiary areas In an economy that relies on, first, on the basis of Russia's outstanding basic science by investing in the heavy and chemical industries, the economy evolves, a combination of income growth and consumer goods industries and the surrounding countries to help them anticipate that the situation was going to be, double- deep (at the same time Europe and the United States entering the phase of recession, economic recession, which means a worldwide panic, there is a word used only by me. copy must think. double-dip of the)

Importantly, Europe and the U.S. economic crisis at the same time, crashed into the valley, who is recovering again, and, dabunhan likely to die in the meantime, the world's population who should be responsible?

Africa and Indochina, Russia, Central Asia, several countries in Asia (including China), South America, Eastern Europe, Europe, North America occur in the following order: I think people will starve.

Russia's economy is ready to invest in and which to some extent, in the past, worry about the military, I think investing is difficult. Now, when Russia reliable assurance - at least 5-10 years, no interest in the war inside - I think investors are likely to hwalbalhaejil. Of course, the Russians and the guarantee of human rights by introducing democracy and a capitalist system, social problems, such as the Mafia would rather remove the factors that threaten investments.

I make one thing, this story is that, the Secretary of State on August 2, never expecting to start to prevent default.

Situation in Russia is the need to import food, why is curious that there are no large-scale food imports. Russian rich people to the table every evening to welcome the idea, is difficult. Russia's food problem entirely, if someone is resolved, Russia has the potential to move people's hearts.

If Italy has a more powerful action, the European crisis, I think there is a little diminish. Greece alone difficult, to Italy, I am resigned to the Italian Ministry of the overall claims. Strong impact, while sikyeoseo heightened sense of crisis, solidarity and cooperation should be to think. Still, the fragmented? Responsible for misconduct asked to think, need attitude.



New Mexico, USA
July 17, 2011

Eric in New Mexico writes:

With regards to all the agreements signed, it proved Russia and the US can work things out to mutual satisfaction, and that is a very positive thing which I thank Mr. Lavrov for playing his part of. Credit due to those who deserve it and all that.

However he needs to clearly understand that any approach to Iran regarding nuclear matters has a stumbling block that doom any Russian thoughts of easing sanctions for cooperation by the government of Iran.

If Mr. Lavrov thinks for a second these issues are separate and not linked to one another (or anyone else in both our governments), then he would do well to consider what his own nation's reaction would be if Iran is caught red-handed arming terrorists in various regions throughout Russia.

I would venture an educated guess the talking would be over and Tehran would become a smoking crater the very next day.

""“We have a very comprehensive understanding of where the rockets are manufactured,” Maj. Gen. Jeffrey S. Buchanan, chief spokesman for the U.S. military in Iraq, said in an interview. “We can identify what factory they were made in by certain markings. We’ve seen markings recently of rockets that were manufactured in Iran in 2010. These are not things that were just buried in old cache sites. They continue to come across the border in very large numbers.”

U.S. officials say three Shiite militia groups — the Promised Day Brigade, Asaib Ahl al-Haq and Kataib Hezbollah — are responsible for the deaths of at least 18 U.S. troops in the past seven weeks. The groups have been trained and supplied by Iranian Revolutionary Guard special forces, who U.S. officials say are crossing the border into Iraq to provide training and materiel.

Singling out the Kataib Hezbollah, Buchanan said: “We get fingerprints off of a certain cache or a certain rocket that we can tie biometrically to an individual who lives in Iran, he’s a top leader of Kataib Hezbollah, he lives in Iran, he is trained by the Quds Force. All of that together is a very compelling set of evidence.”

--end excerpt--

These "divergent" problematic wishy-washy proposals of his do nothing for it is neither a credible, nor responsible approach to solving these issues.

What would be however on their part, should Mr. Lavrov choose to take a stand with us on Iran; Would be when they make no compromise with Iran, and repossess the weapons systems they have sold them, void all contacts and agreements made with Iran, shutter the nuclear plant they built for them, and raise it to the ground. Keeping their money they paid Russia for all of the above.

And laugh in their face when that terrorist regime threaten to sue.

That would definately earn America's thanks and respect, and further our good relationship, as Russia does the same in simmilar manner with Syria to condemn Assad's war on his people.

I do agree with him that any UN sec. council measure taken that does not involve direct chapter 7 action on these matters would be pointless when words used to condemn won't solve these problems when these regimes ignore them.

Other forms of communicating that condemn them are now required at this time if Russia truly seeks a solution and the peace of nations.



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