Secretary Clinton Meets With EU High Representative Ashton

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July 11, 2011

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton met today with European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton at the Department of State in Washington, D.C. After their meeting, Secretary Clinton said:

"Good afternoon, everyone. And it is, as always, a delight to welcome High Representative Ashton back to the State Department for the continuing consultations that we have been engaged in ever since her appointment. I always look forward to these meetings and working closely with her and her team on the full range of shared challenges that confront the United States and the European Union. I think it goes without saying that this is such a consequential partnership that is rooted in our common values and aspirations as well as serving as a cornerstone for global peace and prosperity and security. Today, once again, we covered a lot of ground. Let me just touch on a few of the issues.

"First, Lady Ashton and I discussed events in Syria. The United States strongly condemns Syria's failure to protect diplomatic facilities in Damascus, including the American and French embassies and our ambassador's residence. As we have expressed directly to the Syrian Government today, we demand that they meet their international responsibilities immediately to protect all diplomats and the property of all countries. The Asad regime will not succeed in deflecting the world's attention from the real story unfolding in Syria. This is not about America or France or any other country; this is about the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people for dignity, universal rights, and the rule of law.

"Despite promising dialogue and promises of change, the Syrian Government has responded to the people's peaceful protests with more violence, more arrests, and more intimidation. These assaults must stop. Neither the Syrian people nor the international community will accept half-measures or lofty speeches. We call on the regime immediately to halt its campaign of violence, pull its security forces back from Hama and other cities, and allow the Syrian people to express their opinions freely so that a genuine transition to democracy can take place.

"Let me also add that if anyone, including President Asad, thinks that the United States is secretly hoping the regime will emerge from this turmoil to continue its brutality and repression, they are wrong. President Asad is not indispensible, and we have absolutely nothing invested in him remaining in power. Our goal is to see that the will of the Syrian people for a democratic transformation occurs.

"Let me turn now to Libya, which again, Lady Ashton and I discussed in preparation for the upcoming Contact Group meeting in Istanbul. We will be joined there by a growing number of international partners reflecting deep and widespread concern about the safety of Libyan civilians and the clear need for Colonel Qadhafi to leave power. As momentum continues to build in Libya, the people are not waiting to plan their new post-Qadhafi future. They are laying the foundation, organizing the institutions, and preparing the infrastructure, and the international community will support these efforts. So the United States welcomes the EU's announcement that it is opening an office in Benghazi. Together, we will work with the UN and other partners to coordinate post-conflict assistance and help a free Libya emerge from the dictator's shadow.

"We also discussed our shared commitment to support the democratic transitions underway in Egypt and Tunisia. As I said at the Community of Democracies in Lithuania, established democracies have a responsibility to help those emerging find their footing. So we are working together to help Egyptians and Tunisians begin the slow, hard work of building sustainable democracies rooted in guaranteed human rights, accountable institutions, and the rule of law.

"And finally, although we talked about many other issues, let me just mention our shared desire to support the countries of the Western Balkans as they continue to build prosperous, peaceful, and democratic societies and move toward their rightful places as full members of the European and Euro-Atlantic community. The recent agreements between Kosovo and Serbia in the EU-facilitated dialogue are a positive and mutually beneficial step. But this is only the beginning. Now the agreements need to be implemented, and we need to see more progress, particularly in the north of Kosovo. We expect both sides to continue their hard work and come to practical agreements to improve the daily lives of all people, normalize relations, and bring both countries closer to achieving their EU aspirations.

"So as you can see, we had, as we always do, a lot to talk about, and of all these critical challenges, it is especially gratifying that the United States and the European Union are working hand in hand. And so again, let me thank the high representative, my friend and colleague, for her partnership and for the work that we will be doing in the future."

You can read the full transcript here.



South Korea
July 12, 2011

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Democracy and capitalism in Syria believe that they need to propagate the preacher. Network and the weapons, drugs, pastor of taking food.

However, in Europe than in Syria to Italy, to solve the problem even more urgent to think. Particular alternative to suggest, rather than Italian Prime Minister and Cabinet's resignation over - again trust a way to so-strong shock the IMF and the EU, while their investment and restore confidence how to find the good way to think is. Tuesday evening is now South Korea, the United States include Eastern Standard Time, Tuesday morning to think. From now on, Friday evening, the New York Stock Exchange until the end, give Italy the impact of the crisis, former gang members were killed by a gun harness those days the situation even more difficult than expected.

As soon as possible, while the resignation, to accept the advice of outside think that the system should provide. Underway this Thursday, only to shock, Friday to pray that the stock market stabilizes. Origin.

Double-Dip, the United States and Europe is falling into crisis at the same time, really, Double-Dip is considered.

\the meaning of the contract - insurance against risk in the future to create a think. And the current situation and the socio-economic status is strong for a while decisive[drastic] measures, very effective to betrayal based on the matter.

If someone is going to include if want a contract?


New Mexico, USA
July 12, 2011

Eric in New Mexico writes:

In follow-up to everthing I've said here about "accounts recievable" lately, (and hopefully being an adequate answer to Palgye's question);
"\the meaning of the contract - insurance against risk in the future to create a think. And the current situation and the socio-economic status is strong for a while decisive[drastic] measures, very effective to betrayal based on the matter.

If someone is going to include if want a contract?"

I wonder how the Russian Federation feels about Assad's use of the tanks and weapons they sold that regime now being used to make war upon the Syrian people; and whether the answer to Palgye's question is Russia stepping in to repo them for being in "breach of contract"?

Been doing a little number chrunching lately on just what we might bill state sponsors of terror for the cost incurred to this nation over the years (having previosly stated Iran would get the biggest bill of all); And not being a bean-counter by nature, I favor round numbers and ball-park estimates, so I'll leave this to my government to determine for themselves what is reasonable.

We are going to bill the Syrian government anyway for the damage caused to our Embassy there over the weekend.

Now if a trillion per year for every year the Ayatollah has been leading chants of "death to America" at Friday prayers seems reasonable, do we bill Syria in equal measure as their partner? Or somewhat less than that 32 trillion?

And if folks in this gov. feel a trillion per year doesn't feel right to them, I would encourage them to double that, and start dipping into the frozen assets to pay down on the 5 trillion and change we owe ourselves out of the 14 trillion and change we currently consider to be our "deficit".

As Russia helped in the arming of both, I surely don't want to hear Mr. Lavrov whining about it when we have to repo Iran from the Ayatollah's grip to collect and give it back to the Iranian people; because they should do so as well at the same time and make that a joint effort; to avoid any billing we may feel obliged to send them for what their arming of these sponsors of terror might cost us in blood and treasure to do so on our own.

That would be I think a properly insured fiscal risk managemment approach to it on Russia's part.

That way we don't have to do an accounting going all the way back to the point Stalin bit the hand that fed him lend-lease aid to save mother Russia's bacon in WW2; should Iran become a nuclear armed sponsor of terror and start doing what 'lil Kim has done in his treats to wage nuclear war.

All this being done of course in the name of an "Open Government Partnership" and "best practices" in terms of achieving accountability among nations.

As the President has said, "there's more than one way to skin a cat", and folks "need to eat their peas."

I'm sure he'll probably appreciate how I've interpreted these words...(chuckle).

Being that folks are stuck in the gridlock of "Debtmaggeddon" I hope folks take the alternate rout to the destination we're trying to reach on all levels of policy approach.

Because folks, I can only state this bluntly, 14 trillion and change is CHUMP CHANGE, compared with the vast accounts recievable no one in Congress has bothered to consider till now.

Everything I've said here is intended to back this man's words fully to the hilt:

SEC. PANETTA: "You know, I think -- I think it's very important to let them know that, you know, we do not appreciate their support for terrorism, here or anyplace else in the world. And they've been in engaging in basically not only equipping terrorists but supporting them.

And you know, that's not just a responsibility that we have; I think it's a responsibility that the world has to send the signal to Iran that we're not going to tolerate that -- they can't just go around supporting terrorism in the world. The world is going to respond to that kind of behavior. If they want to be a member of the family of nations, they've got to act like it."""


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