Pacific Partnership Makes a "Homecoming" to Papua New Guinea

Posted by Thomas E. Weinz
June 2, 2011
Crowd Listens to Navy Band Perform in Papua New Guinea

Pacific Partnership and I have both come "home" to Papua New Guinea (PNG). I was assigned to the American Embassy in Port Moresby from 2005 until 2008, and remain fascinated by this country. Last week, we arrived to the port city of Lae, which makes PNG our most-visited Pacific Partnership country, having been part of four missions (2007, 2008, 2010, 2011). New Guinea is the second largest island in the world, divided between the Indonesian province of West Papua and the independent country of Papua New Guinea. In area and population (over 6 million), PNG dwarfs the other Pacific Island countries. It possesses natural gas and minerals which could transform the economy of the country and provide critically needed jobs, infrastructure, educational support, and health benefits.

Morobe Province Governor Luther Wenge spoke at a welcoming ceremony last week in Lae, again reminding us of the strong ties between the United States and Papua New Guinea, forged in the crucible of World War II. Governore Wenge thanked us for continuing to keep PNG at the forefront of Pacific Partnership planning, and for our emphasis on personal outreach, especially to young people and students. In alignment with local needs and local government wishes, Pacific Partnership 2011 (PP2011) Commodore Jesse Wilson and American Ambassador to PNG, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands Teddy Taylor visited several secondary schools and the Lae Poly Tech University, the country's sole technical university. The reception by students, faculty and families of the students has been uniformly gracious and enthusiastic -- at times, overwhelming so.

On May 28, I joined Ambassador Taylor and Commodore Wilson to visit two of our PP11 medical clinics near Lae. At one of them, in a settlement known as Tent City, we encountered a local man who claimed to be one hundred years old. When asked the secret of his longevity, he said he was a Lutheran and tried to live a good life. I told him I grew up in a Lutheran congregation in Seattle, and that we supported a missionary in Papua New Guinea after the war, so we already had a link from half way around the world when I was only ten years old. Life has a way of doubling back, reminding us of our interconnectedness.

We also attended a Navy band performance at Lae's outdoor Kilege stadium, an impressive venue attended by several thousand people, mostly families enjoying a beautiful Saturday afternoon listening to this high-octane band that had floated into town on the USS Cleveland. Two local bands took over the Navy band's instruments for a set, which the audience applauded wildly. As always, the time seemed to pass too quickly, but we departed with a commitment to do this again. We don't want to lose this connection.



Virginia, USA
June 5, 2011

Denise B. in Virginia writes:

Tom - how wonderful that you got to support PP11 and there visit to PNG - again! PNG is an incredibly tenacious nation whose people are endearing. Thanks for what you do for the United States of America developing relationships with as great of a nation as PNG!

HMCM Denise B.

South Korea
June 22, 2011

Palgye in South Korea writes:

China and Southeast Asia in the construction of high speed railway system.

China and Southeast Asia in the construction of high speed railway connecting the basic conditions
for growth in Asia continues to believe that this promise be, I think that possibility is enough.
Low wages and abundant natural resources (spliced ​​climatic conditions for food production) and
labor and the development of purchasing power that comes - at least only tries to prevent soaring
prices of residential real estate quite attractive I think. Asians for their land, their lives almost
as obsessed with treasure here think. Expansion of permanent housing is a strong claim to demand .
- which means a fast moving, moving by ship and air traffic is still limited in many developing countries,
far before they were going to be an attractive means of transport is predicted. In the current situation,
consider the theory of psycho, but the development of India and baljeonsikilgeogo Indochina,
Mongolia and Siberia to Russia's development will know that you will be stimulated. Europe, Eastern Europe,
the marketability of the inevitable while ignoring the development of their appointment is not going to thought.
Although the surrounding environment, the question is who and how, astronomical
investment of money and time to convince the business to join the (fraud) to,
the crossroads of success and failure is thought to be divided. (The one doing the long arm of Lynch. ..?)
Moreover, the large civil works for a while, providing jobs for many workers, the lower, backward areas almost
60% of the purchasing power to ignore the possibility of pulling, I think the important point that is hard to
promote business .- I think.

Theoretically, the more difficult and likely to fail duget weight, but many residents of the Indochina Peninsula,
the expansion of transportation do to enrich their lives and believed that China's access to the saturation state
of the simple manufacturing of the product do consume can easily obtain a very attractive market,
abundant capital and easy access to potential investors in the area, likely to exert considerable control over thought
I'd be attracted to. Political, military, including scalability, though,
stems from the experience of the countries colonized pyosihalgeogo strong objections,
the advanced economies also provide many of the obstacles to the expansion of China, but

China industrial stagnation and jobs loss is simple in manufacturing high industry by moving
an issue to address new consumer markets, finding difficulties, production of the consumption
of properly not solve but the most likely causes, and (of salary due to the rise,
production costs rise even to ignore the difficult, but an excessive real estate

prices when properly organized, a few days after the expected workers' wages, a record
rise slightly weaken expect to get. a small part, but in China the price for external
factors Once dominated by manufacturing with 50% of the appeal is expected to disappear.
to think too fast. attractive point ...), disappearing fast growth of corruption and black market
for failing to properly control I think. In conclusion, the consumption market by discovering,
I think solve the problem yourself. Southeast Asia in order to develop a secure overland transportation is
the first step to agree that. You will fail all expected, but unless you're beginning to think the bigger problem occurs.
And, China's rate cut plan Train Shinji not want to know. Expensive but, if anyone is available,
薄 多 卖 利 that I think. A lot of demand in China, enough to consider possible theories.
While also providing satisfaction to the people, the middle class by themselves in the
fast train that entered (Multidisciplinary deceptive, but to meet a lot of people will think.)

People feel in their lives, while providing satisfaction and control in a way that simultaneous use of
the transition should be thinking deeply, oblivious of my identity story.

South Korea
June 22, 2011

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Dear to,

South Korea's GS Group, a subsidiary of construction company and a subcontractor on the construction site, which moved to second closer to the date the company to receive a salary sludge, to postpone the date's salary. To you GS Group, Korea's GS Group, which I do not know what it means, but trust me, do not pass at all. Work hard, they piled a good relationship with the other things I was trying, I'll have to work for other companies.
Deceased, longing for my father is even more vivid. My family is starving for a specific date for the staff salaries are life Did ... pay workers on time, companies do not offer, likely to succeed, even in Korea, I do not understand. My father to me, do not owe to others, even others starve to repay the money, talk to me men, at which I tried, but he does not adhere to commitments rather than.
Does not have much money, bestows so late in the same way twice, tried to cheat on me, the two companies, I think someone should move as directed. I think these days it is emotionally tired, but is harder to economic ...

Today's college students for college is expensive, the president gongyaksahangin "half tuition" to have attended a rally calling for the implementation.
For a long time I wanted to like, when I attended a rally now, starve, and you're set, I sleep on the street level, the economically difficult. Is making it difficult. Except for political purposes, if not their claim was wrong, but this part is a little hesitant.

Difficult economic circumstances, the opposition to the representatives of the piece, even getting business cards, trying to get help in dangerous situations, although opposition politicians and business card case a table or piece'm not even ... When you attend a political rally, he meets with them, what's not fun to watch them. But, when I asked them what the money is not different. Just to say no, no way. We just do not like you but ....

Discard all jinbona opposition, and I want to pledge allegiance to the ruling party to go to. But I do not want, and people living in the area hates me a lot.

Difficult and hungry, even a company to pay, but keeps harass, a person who instructed them to go find out, I want to kill, not strength. Would you lend me the strength?

Thank You.


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