Secretary Clinton Meets With Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio de Aguiar Patriota

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June 1, 2011

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton met with Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio de Aguiar Patriota at the Department of State on June 1, 2011. The Secretary and her counterpart discussed a wide range of bilateral, regional, and global issues.

Secretary Clinton said, "We've worked hard to build societies that respect the rights of minorities that believe in free and fair elections, human rights, the rule of law, social inclusion; and the entire hemisphere, indeed the entire world is inspired by Brazil's incredible rise from an illegitimate military government to a thriving, prosperous democracy. And we look to Brazil as a model for what is possible, not just throughout our hemisphere but indeed globally.

"We meet as partners as the western hemisphere's two largest democracies and its two largest economies, and we discussed a full range of bilateral and multilateral issues. Our Global Partnership Dialogue, which our two presidents endorsed during President Obama's very successful visit to Brazil, provides a framework to bring together many existing dialogues and initiatives and adding new ones that are responsive to the needs and aspirations of us both. And we have seen progress already. We are addressing through our Economic Partnership Dialogue issues for collaboration like energy, food security, development assistance in third countries. Brazil is now a global donor to many of the important funds and efforts that are aimed at alleviating poverty, hunger, and suffering.

"We work together on biofuels and the launch of our initiative on aviation biofuels in Brazil in March was a significant step, and we will continue to discuss how what Brazil has pioneered can make a difference to so many others. As we expand our relationships, we're focused particularly on our people-to-people exchanges and commitments. We know that President Rousseff's wonderful commitment to lifting up the educational attainment of the Brazilian youth is one that we're strongly in support of, and increasing the number of students and educators who go back and forth between our two countries is one of our highest priorities.

In conclusion, Secretary Clinton said, "...[W]e are looking on every front for work that we can do, and we partner not only bilaterally but in the hemisphere and increasingly through the G-20, through the Security Council, on so many important issues."

You can read the Secretary's complete remarks here.



Virginia, USA
June 1, 2011

Jen in Virginia writes:

Obrigada to Secretary Clinton and the Obama Administration for their commitment to Brazil. Keep up the great work!

South Korea
June 22, 2011

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Dear to,
Secretary of State, in Brazil, a deep love and concern has always been very impressed. However, the economic crisis in southern Europe have a leading role in Italy, while Germany, Britain and France to participate in the way why do not? For local jurisdictions to express concern and love for each other, how to recognize the difference, WIN-WIN's strategy will be needed. You do not like is not required.
However, the attitude of Secretary of Defense for Yemen, a small inconvenience for me to think that a gift. As U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Korea feel regret ...

and South-Korea`s National Aeesmbly man`s cricis?

Member of Parliament in South Korea Ji-Won, Park ( in the past, allegations of getting media attention I think. Yesterday a letter was sent to a mobile phone, but, perhaps, be able to see his work and think to raise it back to writing. Of course, he and all the other places I've been living with another idea to think. Conclusions are not related at all, But the courage he showed in a year ago, I think he gave me a lot of inspiration. Alleviate his difficulties to give a little thing left to do is to request you all to help them think. To claim his innocence, but a politician from the Republic of Korea politics are impossible without it I'd like an excuse. So that I could cause some problems for other reasons, I think is trying to bury him. Times change, to change politics, but how and how much of a problem in the talks. Him to be acquitted by the law is not asking me. To him, the upcoming media bitkyeogage little arrows in it for me, I feel him, the debt of the heart to think she'll feel a little less. Found not guilty, but good, but at least this way, the wrong claims.
And officials with the Republic of Korea 은진수(Eun,jin-su?) deald the list when you
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I would like to visit North Korea.

Thank You.

I sent a letter to by phones, have seen?

José A.
June 2, 2011

Jose in Brazil writes:

( BR and USA) - (USA and BR ) .

1* - Corruption in Public and Private Sectors .

2*- Public safety and partnerships across the intelligences in the area of national security .
( Support and Technology Exchange ) .

3* - Tax breaks and incentives in the development of micro, medium and macro enterprises .

4* - Partnerships and exchanges of technology in all sectors. (Social and Military).

5* - Cultural exchanges for children and youth in public schools (Poor Students) . ( Funded by both Governments ) .

6* - Exchange for university students. ( Funded by both Governments ) .

7* - Incentives to inventors, support, legal assistance, intellectual property protection, development and customer acquisition .

8* - North American Citizens and Brazilian Citizens with the same immigration status, following the standards of the Brazilian Government and the Portuguese Government .

9* - Promotion of social forums with Discussions . Various topics between Brazilians and North Americans, with Debates, Media,Social Meetings, Political, and Religious .

10* - Support for mentally and physically disabled with technology.

11* - Support in the health areas, vaccines, equipment and investments .

12* - Support and technology exchange to Military, Police and Fire Department .

God bless the Federative Republic of Brazil and the United States of America.
Thank you for the opportunity to express my social policy views between the Americas,
Guto Assad ...
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil .

Igor P.
New York, USA
June 2, 2011

Igor P. in New York writes:

It is positive to see the United States engaging Brazil on various multilateral issues that benefit both countries. The United States and Brazil both have a lot to offer to each other. Brazil is already the 7th largest economy (also one of the fastest growing major economies) and is expected to continue seeing its influence on the world stage continue to grow.


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