Exchange Alumni Build Stronger Ties With the U.S., Advance Volunteerism in Pakistan

May 29, 2011
Woman Teaches a Voluntary Math Lesson in Pakistan

More than 200 alumni of U.S. academic and professional development exchange programs gathered on Thursday, May 26 at the Islamabad Club to celebrate the first anniversary of the Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network's Islamabad Chapter.

"I am heartened that your good experiences in our country -- whether decades ago or only last year -- bring you together as a community, as a group motivated to do good in Pakistan. We admire you and your work," said Ambassador Richard Hoagland, Deputy Chief of the United States Mission to Pakistan.

The Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network, established in 2010, has chapters in every province in Pakistan, including AJK and Gilgit-Baltistan. Inspired by their experiences in the United States, the alumni help make their communities a better place and bring the people of the United States and Pakistan closer together. Alumni have organized leadership workshops for youth, developed children's theater festivals, helped train women entrepreneurs, and created environmental awareness programs for schools, among other projects.

The U.S. Embassy in Pakistan administers the largest educational and cultural program of any U.S. Embassy in the world. More than 8,000 Pakistanis have participated in fully-funded academic or professional development programs in the United States. Five thousand Pakistani young people are currently enrolled in U.S. government-funded English language programs in Pakistan These programs manifest the sincere interest of the United States to build partnership with and a bright future for the people of Pakistan.



Buket E.
June 1, 2011

Buket E. in Turkey writes:

Greetings from Turkey,

I am very proud of being a member of STATE ALUMNI.I participated in a Youth Leadership Program in 2009 and I can honestly say that this golden opportunity has had a great impact on my life and teaching career.I have been reading searching and sharing exchange articles and news since I returned back from my program.I appreciate the success stories of Pakistan.I have been collaborating with my Pakistani colleagues in many iEARN projects and my students have been enjoying doing projects with their peers.We owe lots of thanks to the US Embassy in Ankara and our kind,helpful and very informative friends in the Embassy.In my school we have been collaborating with the US Embassy Ankara and holding seminars,conferences related with Cultural Diplomacy and Education in the USA and Turkey.

My students and I have become globally aware with the help of these programs and from my school I encouraged 14 students to participate in exchange programs.Most of my students are financially deprived students but they are all very smart and dedicated ones.I think we have helped them create a value in their lives and in their future careers.I have kept lots of photos,videos and articles about our collaborative projects with US Embassy and iEARN.

Kind regards,
Buket E.

Musarrat S.
June 29, 2011

Musarrat in Pakistan writes:

It is very positive step to empower youth. For mutual understanding among different cultures and nations such kind of steps play vital role and by that way such kind of organization can produce more healthy minds.


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