G-8 Summit in Deauville, France

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May 28, 2011
G8 Roundtable in Deauville, France

President Barack Obama joined other heads of state and government from France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Italy, Canada, Russia, and the European Union at the annual G-8 Leaders' Summit in Deauville, France, on May 26-27. The President and his G-8 counterparts pledged solidarity with the people of Japan in the aftermath of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami and offered continued assistance as needed to ensure a speedy and lasting recovery. During the two-day Summit, the leaders agreed to closely cooperate on a wide range of key global priorities. You can read more about the Summit here. The United States will host the G-8 Summit in 2012.



May 29, 2011

W.W. writes:

Wake up something is happening in Sirya ..


time to decide

May 30, 2011

W.W. writes:

No attack On Syria ----attack in Herat Coonection among terroristic groups everywhere in the region.

How they do communicate? with the past ?or with social media broadcasting system based on events they provoke?


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