U.S. Citizens Urged To Depart Yemen

Posted by DipNote Bloggers
May 27, 2011

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Because of ongoing civil unrest and large-scale protests in Yemen, Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs Janice Jacobs urges U.S. citizens to depart Yemen while commercial transportation is available. U.S. citizens can find the latest information about the situation in Yemen on travel.state.gov.



June 22, 2011

Angie in Japan writes:

My son Claude is very persiseant about going to Japan.He has met a GIRL AND IS DETERMINED to go there to visit.My concerns are high about his safety.He is disabled and consider ms and I dont think he fully understands the situration that hes getting hiself into,but he is age 33 and my hands are tied.How concerned do I need to be with his life. I can honestly say I cant trust his friend over there.Very concerned,PLEASE reply ASAP Thank You,Angie


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