"Conversations on Diplomacy"

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April 21, 2011

On April 20, 2011, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and former Secretary of State Dr. Henry A. Kissinger participated in the first of a series called "Conversations on Diplomacy," moderated by Charlie Rose. You can read a complete transcript of the event here.

The Secretaries discussed the issues of the day and reflected on their experiences as America's top diplomat. Emmy award-winning journalist Charlie Rose is the host of "Charlie Rose," the nightly PBS program that engages the world's best thinkers, writers, politicians, business leaders, scientists and other newsmakers. “Charlie Rose” also airs on Bloomberg TV globally.

The event and the ensuing series of conversations is part of the 50th Anniversary Patrons of Diplomacy Initiative for the Diplomatic Reception Rooms at the Department of State. For 50 years, the art of diplomacy has thrived in the State Department's Diplomatic Reception Rooms against a stunning backdrop of American art and architecture from the time of our country's founding and its formative years. The historic suite of forty-two rooms contains a museum-caliber collection of American fine and decorative art, including 5,000 objects from the period of 1750-1825. In these rooms, the United States has signed treaties and conducted summit negotiations, hosted peace talks and facilitated trade agreements. The Patrons of Diplomacy Initiative will ensure that the Rooms and collection continue to provide an extraordinary backdrop for American diplomacy.



New Mexico, USA
April 25, 2011

Eric in New Mexico writes:

I think this forum offers the global audience a path to understanding why America does what it does, and says what it says, and why these things generally don't change all that much,-accepting the inevitable-, for it being occasionally gift-wrapped in intellectual curiosity.

Because it was there to do...at the speed of thought.

Change that is,...a bubblin' crude.

A generational challenge to evolve...the old giving way to new minds and precepts, as the strength of principal lies not in its rigidity of process, but in its flexibility to circumstance by which it manifests as ethical policy.

Perhaps I digress, but I always thought that the "art of diplomacy" was getting folks to do what they may not otherwise be willing or inclined to do, and furthermore enabling them to convince themselves it was their idea from the start.

I suppose if I'm wrong on this, I've been blogging here in vain all this time...(chuckle).

But I'm not all that diplomatic anyway so what do I know about that... that I could possibly lend some useful perspective on to these two distinguished Secretaries of State?

Want a leveraged realization to take place in the world?...take a block of logic and the long stick of humor and park that block as close to the heart of the issue (any issue) as humanly possible and lean on it...with the full weight of policy behind it.

Trust me on this, the status quo will be moved off its backside on to the flip side.

And remember, where it concerns change, fear of change is the mind killer and saps motivation to get in the face of those who would repress populations in their natural social evolution.

It is thus our place to relieve them of their burden of excuses.

As well to enable the bold looking to be free the burden of their excuse for a government in some cases.

And that is the way of things when what really defines being American is an attitude common to all who left home to build a life here, this nation of global immigrants.

We have become the world demographicly, and our policy reflects our nature in this respect when what works for us works for the common good of all nations who seek to live in peace, prosperity and able to get the kids to school on time to build a future for themselves.

to be cont....



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