Travel Diary: Secretary Clinton Travels to Berlin, Seoul, and Tokyo

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April 14, 2011
Secretary Clinton Waves While Boarding Airplane

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Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is traveling to Berlin, Seoul, and Tokyo, from April 13-17, 2011. In Berlin, Secretary Clinton will join foreign ministers from NATO and partner countries for an informal NATO Foreign Ministerial meeting. The Secretary will also meet with Operation Unified Protector and International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) to discuss Libya and Afghanistan, as well as counterparts in the NATO-Georgia Commission, the NATO-Ukraine Commission, and the NATO-Russia Council. In addition, she will attend a memorial service for Ambassador Richard C. Holbrooke at the American Academy in Berlin and receive the Walther Rathenau Prize for outstanding contributions to international understanding and cooperation.

From April 16 to 17, Secretary Clinton will continue to Seoul, where she will meet with President Lee Myung-bak and Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan as part of our ongoing efforts to strengthen the alliance and to discuss cooperation on regional issues, including our solidarity and support for Japan in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami. While there, the Secretary will also discuss bilateral issues related to trade and underscore the Administration's support for the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement.

Secretary Clinton will then travel to Japan to demonstrate the United States' support for the people of Japan and to highlight our long-standing commitment to the alliance. She will meet with Prime Minister Naoto Kan, Foreign Minister Takeaki Matsumoto, and other Japanese senior officials, as well as with Embassy Tokyo staff to express her gratitude for their services and support during this crisis.

You can learn more about her trip here.



South Korea
April 14, 2011

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Now an official visit to Korea? Welcome.


I lack the ability, nothing can be prepared.

By any chance,

If there is a formal event, participation is possible
Any congratulatory telegrams ('s a shame ...)


If you have spare time, opposition parties and progressive forces to provide an opportunity to meet anyone Why do not you? (I of the forces, by rejecting me, they are difficult to approach, though, provides little help to ordinary people during times of people turns. Many think that as a profession and try to maintain good relations with the ruling camp in moderation, but

And, MB, and I am enemy.)

DEBT, now....

Difficult thing for anyone but the debt (debt of the Prime Minister ?...)

The Bush administration's debt

Wall street Wealth `s cartel to have two people to monopolize the benefits of economic development has occurred (almost jistory) an invisible hand to punish the corrupt economy, I think. Does it take a sick economy, security, even collapsed, September 11 attacks is thought to have occurred.

Now the administration of the debt

Past attempts to reform to redress the wrong, but according to the positive way to think hyuyujeungyirago. Wall to Wall hit a reform, rather than anything right now, is trying to become commonplace. Should not need to have a chance?

The appearance from the Bush administration, but I think the content is quite different.

South Korea
April 15, 2011

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Debt-once more

Bubble`s thoery is danger, look around, so many says inflation...inflation? need new theory. need new countries...i think

The Bush administration also think that the national debt is so difficult. But, to repeat the same folly, folly to think. Why is it that the administration about the debt, I would try to defend the story?

Is straightforward.

The Bush administration's debt

Wall street and the cartel of large corporations, for the benefit of the rich, the people deserve the benefits they take almost ppaetdeutyi, few people have all the money divide, the government lost control of the corporate world and from within while corruption and security even think you were lost to the September 11 attacks. The criticism is not only a former president. We do not know, but there is a criticism of them, the wrong distribution of wealth that hurt the country that would like to talk a good case. Budget would come from the minority, not the whole nation comes from geotinde ..

Obama's debt,

Operating policies prior to 2009 collapsed in the wrong country, the middle class back together again, and to provide jobs for people, distorted, Wall street and the health sector reform for achieving the reform, the politicians involved in the cartel, the rich To protect the interests of reform, the blocking has occurred, bityirago think. Well as the ability to suck, Washington DC wrote a friend, and tries to bad practices of the past so that I could think bityirago occurred.

Congress rejected the reforms being made difficult seeing that, rather than hope, not only to women with a thick glass wall, to the people for the people working there knew that.

Moment, to stop the fight, cause analysis, you'll know why you think that debt will keep increasing.

We acknowledge the mistake and again I think we should provide the opportunity. Now, here is the story of the wrong people, bubble economies are the ones who think of the benefits. ,,,,, Crisis, but their economic policies were good then, but now I think that is wrong. The great thing about their policy, wait for people to remember past glory and the dream would be to create the immersive feel. Is waking up from a dream. Yet the crisis is completely over, I do not think.

To talk a while ago to go to work. That's difficult to organize. Tell me what to think of.

Thank You.

PS Seoul? Welcome...and if can reply to

United States
April 15, 2011

Zharkov in the U.S.A. writes:

When did NATO become a sovereign government that has "foreign ministers"?

It's a bit confusing - is Secretary Clinton working for NATO, or is she still working for the U.S. State Department?

Why was SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization) abolished yet we are still stuck paying bills for NATO?

Can't the European Union protect itself without NATO meddling?

Considering that we are mired in three useless wars now, why should NATO "foreign ministers" want to listen to anything our government has to say? It wasn't the EU that started these wars, was it?


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