Development Assistance Is Critical To Advancing U.S. Interests, Solving Global Challenges

Posted by Rajiv Shah
April 6, 2011
President Kennedy Signs Legislation

Fifty years ago, John F. Kennedy wrote a letter to congress that called for the creation of the agency I am now privileged to lead -- USAID, the United States Agency for International Development.

Having witnessed the devastation the Second World War caused in Europe -- and the success the Marshall Plan had in rebuilding it -- President Kennedy argued that advancing opportunity and freedom to all people was central to America's domestic security, comparative prosperity and national conscience.

I wanted to commemorate President Kennedy's letter by writing one of my own, describing our agency's work to the millions of Americans who care deeply about overcoming global poverty, hunger, illness and injustice.

I also wanted Americans to know that by doing good, we do well. Our assistance depends on generosity from the American people. But it also derives benefits for the American people: it keeps our country safe and strengthens our economy. As Secretary Clinton has said, development is "as central to advancing American interests and solving global problems as diplomacy and defense."

And because development assistance is so crucial, I wanted to stress our need to deliver it more effectively than ever before, getting results faster, more sustainably, and at a lower cost so more people can benefit. I hope this letter makes those points clear, sheds light on our agency's future trajectory and establishes a lasting tradition that builds on President Obama's strong commitment to transparency."Editor's Note: This entry appeared first on the USAID IMPACTblog .



April 7, 2011

John in North America writes:

We are past the point of no return – Look at New Zealand, about to bailout the largest Insurance Company that can’t pay out on the damages of 2 earthquakes. (In an earth quake prone area)

After how many years of collecting premiums; they can’t pay.

Watch Japan – If you thought the banking crisis bad – hold on to your pants we are in for a ride –

We don’t have the time or the leadership with brass to get things done. Nor is there any vision.

Mr. Obama, I like you (I view you as an accidental president), but I don’t think you want to win the next election. Let the upcoming storm come down on the heads of the republicans that aren’t TRUE republicans.

The republicans are even more clueless than the democrats.

Many paths are on a collision course and no country will be able to stop it.

The windows and doors that once were open are closed.

A reckoning is coming that was and is foreseeable, if so many were not blind.

Bought and paid for; with only ourselves to blame globally.

America does not have aid to help its own people, never mind the world.

Sad - I would wish you luck but it makes no difference.

While the world won’t end, lives will be changed and futures lost.

Revelation - 11


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