DipNote: The Week in Review

March 28, 2011
Men Watch President Obama Deliver a Speech in Rio de Janeiro

Today, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates appeared on the Sunday morning news shows, including ABC's This Week, CBS's Face the Nation, and NBC's Meet the Press.

Secretary Clinton said, "What we have said is what we've said throughout this extraordinary period of transformation in North Africa and the Middle East. We want to see no violence, we want to see peaceful protest that enables people to express their universal human rights, and we want to see economic and political reform."

Earlier this week, President Barack Obama, Secretary Clinton, and Ambassador Cretz provided an update on the international community's efforts to implement UN Security Council Resolutions 1970 and 1973, and protect the civilians of Libya. The Secretary also expressed gratitude to Moroccan Foreign Minister Fassi Fihri for Morocco's leadership at the summit in Paris and for Morocco's important role in the Arab League's decision to call for the protection of Libyan civilians.

Also this week, President Obama concluded his five-day trip to Latin America, where he visited Brazil, Chile, and El Salvador. The President said Latin America is "a region on the move, proud of its progress, and ready to assume a greater role in world affairs. And for all these reasons, I believe that Latin America is more important to the prosperity and security of the United States than ever before.”

At the Japanese Embassy in Washington and at a disaster relief shelter in Ishinomaki, Japan, Secretary Clinton and Ambassador Roos, respectively, paid their respects to the people of Japan and pledged U.S. support to help the people of Japan recover and rebuild in the months ahead.

On Tuesday and throughout the week, World Water Day celebrations took place across the globe. In Washington, the Secretary signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the World Bank to strengthen support to developing countries seeking a water secure future, and Under Secretary Otero held a conversation with Harriet Babbitt, Co-Chair of Global Water Challenge, on global water issues. Meanwhile, Embassies Afghanistan, Singapore, India, Ethiopia, and Uzbekistan; and Consulates Shanghai and Guangzhou, held events to honor the day that Foreign Service Officer Daniel Garrett said is a day, where everyone can participate.

Also this week, Secretary Clinton and Ambassador Goosby recognized World Tuberculosis (TB) Day. Secretary Clinton said, "On this World Tuberculosis Day, the United States reaffirms its commitment to fighting this deadly disease. We are supporting programs that are saving lives and fostering a more secure world."

Special Representative Barbara Shailor commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire and highlighted how championing core labor rights internationally serves both our values and our interests.

In Geneva, the United States joined 85 countries in supporting a Joint Statement entitled "Ending Acts of Violence and Related Human Rights Violations Based On Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity," and Special Representative Pandith and Special Envoy Rosenthal took the 2011 Hours Against Hate campaign to Cordoba, Spain.

Under Secretary Judith McHale participated in a panel discussion on the importance of radio to education, grassroots empowerment, and countering extremist voices.

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Kurt Amend led the U.S. delegation at a meeting of the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia at the UN in New York, and Ambassador Dane Smith completed his five-day trip to Darfur.

On the passing of Geraldine Ferraro, Secretary Clinton said, "Gerry Ferraro was one of a kind -- tough, brilliant, and never afraid to speak her mind or stand up for what she believed in -- a New York icon and a true American original."

We appreciate your feedback and comments, and we look forward to hearing you from you in the week ahead.



West Virginia, USA
March 28, 2011

Dr. G. in West Virginia writes:

As always the Week in Review is concise and informative. Excellent.

Virginia, USA
March 28, 2011

Jen in Virginia writes:

I agree with Dr. G in WV - the week in review is a great way to keep informed on the work of the State Department. Kudos to President Obama for his Latin America trip, and to Sec Clinton for her attention to Japan and World Water Day.

New Mexico, USA
March 28, 2011

Eric in New Mexico writes:

@ Sarah Goldfarb,

Hi Sarah, hope you had a great weekend, there's lot's on the plate for the week ahead, so I might as well start this one off with a question just for grins and giggles, to whatever senior official @ State who might be inclined to ponder the implementation.

(let's see if this one makes it into the daily briefing....)

So then, we had this "Cash for Clunker" program and I was just wondering whether my government would consider it to be in our national interests to institute another kind of cash for clunker program offered to all who want to trade in their smoking dictator running on three cylinders for a shiny new democracy that gets good mileage?

Works like this in theory; We sieze the dictator's world-wide assets then give the cash back to the people when they hand him over to ICC as scrap to add to the dustbin of history.

We're already encoraging folks in Lybia, so I figured while this isn't exactly a cookie cutter aproach, "cash for tyrants" may stand as being a strong generalized incentive for all those seeking liberty, wherever they are.

All done in the name of mental climate change and a sustainable global environment, of course.

West Virginia, USA
March 28, 2011

Pam in West Virginia writes:

The world is incredible crises. We thank the cool heads of the statedept to keep peace in the world. We thank you.

Tennessee, USA
March 29, 2011

Angela in Tennessee writes:

Our Constitution grants Freedom Of Speech to all Americans, and I am very concerned to see your department only grant interviews on the war in Libya to specific media channels, excluding Fox News. Not only do they have a larger viewing audience than the others you choose to appear on, they represent a very large portion of the americans you swore to uphold and protect when you took your office in this administration. My children serve in the US military and they/I make a personal sacrifice in doing so. The least your office can do is report on military actions in a fair and all encompassing manner.

I have to ask myself, do you really want to stir up the American people as the current administration has been doing with your Liberal Media vs. Conservative Media, Union vs. Non Union, Black vs White, Muslims vs. Christians, "Global""NWO" and now "OIC" muslim hate speech ='s no speech propaganda? If chaos and destruction of our goverment in the US is what you seek than I pity you. How did you get so far off track. When did you 1st sell out to anti american pushers? Please don't deny it, you have always wanted to change America, we were never good enough for you. There are many like you, who complain about the very freedom under which you personally flourish...it is sad really. Those of us who foolishly thought our goverment was upholding and protecting our US Constitution as they swore to do, we have quietly been working at our jobs and raising our children.

Well we are waking up now, and not only will we not allow our Constitutional rights to be trampled on any further, we will not trade A Free Republic for Goverment Control, we will not trade Freedom of Speech for State Run Television/Media, we will not trade Capitalism for Socialism, we will not give up our right to bear arms for a goverment police state. I thank GOD your days in office are numbered, my nightmares are made up of what you and your administration will try to accomplish in furthering the "Global" community in the remaining time. While I have always respected your intellect and determination, I have often wished you would have used your talents for the good of this great nation and not to the demise. Did you really mean to deliver war to the very door of my home? You most assuredly have, to everyone of us who lives in this country.

New Mexico, USA
March 29, 2011

Eric in New Mexico writes:

@ Angela in Tenn.,

Do you think the Sec. of State would have said anything differently to Fox News than she did to ABC or any other media doing interviews lately?

Hey, Bill O'Rielly doesn't let his guests get a word in edgewise around his pompous nature anyway, so I think you have a ways to go before you convince me that the world will be made right if only this Admin. used the properly politically incorrect media outlet to deliver their thoughts on foreign policy.

I personally don't care who they choose to do an interview with as long as folks ask good questions during it, and we get strait answers.

Finally, "Did you really mean to deliver war to the very door of my home?" is probably best asked of Ghaddafi, bin Laden and associates, Saddam Husein, Aminutijob and the grand poobah of Iran, al shebab, and last but not least, 'Lil Kim in North Korea. I've probably forgotten to add a few idiots to this list, but I think you can grasp the concept.

I can tell you that a lot of Lybians might opine that Ghaddafi certainly did, and that we stopped him in his tracks before they were killed.

And now that America and our Allies look like heros to a whole lot of folks, you're complaining about what media outlet this Admin. chooses to grant interview with?

OK fine, be that way....

As a faily conservative , arms bearing kind of guy, can I repectfully ask you to get a grip and stop with the partsian whine already?

I get my fill from the media as it is.



New Mexico, USA
March 30, 2011

Eric in New Mexico writes:

News Item;


"Predicting who will one day run our lives might not be an easy task, but a little-known scheme run by the US State Department has demonstrated an uncanny capacity to pinpoint these leaders-in-waiting.

It has received little attention during its history, but since 1940 the International Visitor Leader Program (IVLP) has proved remarkably prescient when it comes to guessing who might one day govern the planet."


Couldn't find a relevant open topic so I guess it gets filed in this week in review...

Seems 11 members of UK's Parliment are graduates of this program.

Now one might ponder...Is my government pre-emptively trying to influence other governments by inticing impressionable youth that have potential as future world leaders?

Jon Kelly's article goes on to state;

"Former prime ministers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Margaret Thatcher and Edward Heath were all participants early in their careers.

Nor are British heads of government the only ones to have been talent-spotted. French President Nicolas Sarkozy, his Afghan counterpart Hamid Karzai, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Zimbabwean premier Morgan Tsvangirai are among serving leaders who have passed through the project's ranks.


Philip Breeden, press counsellor at the US embassy in London, insists such concerns are misplaced. He says the scheme works to the advantage of both his country and those of the programme's alumni.

"There's an obvious benefit to have people in public life understanding each other better across national boundaries," he says. "This is people-to-people diplomacy, not country-to-country diplomacy.

"What we're looking for is people who are making a contribution to their community, who we think will advance in their chosen career path, who will serve as a good link between our two countries."


Well I sure don't see any wannabe dictators in the above list, so whatever influence we are having must be ok...(chuckle) and it's probably money well spent given the support for US foreign policy that these leaders have voiced on many occasion, and matched them with deeds.

So perhaps this would be a good topic to add in the near future if the Dipnote Staff wishes to invite folks involved in this program to "tell all" about it, and how and why it was concieved originally decades ago during the cold war.

Anyway, this is one of those "good news" stories that I didn't feel should be lost in the daily grind of global crisis, and my guess is that at least the Brits are fairly impressed with the track record established as the author concludes;

"Whatever your view of the scheme, one truth remains unquestionable: our future elite are still out there. And if anyone can find them, the Americans know how to do it.""http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-12880901"


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