UN Security Council Passes Resolution 1973

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March 18, 2011
United Nations Security Council Meeting

On March 17, the UN Security Council voted to pass UN Security Council Resolution 1973. Ambassador Susan Rice, the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, discussed the passage of the resolution, which she said, was designed to protect civilians and strengthen the pressure on the Qadhafi regime.

Ambassador Rice said, “[T]he U.S. is very pleased with today's vote and with the strong provisions of Resolution 1973. This resolution should send a strong message to Colonel Qadhafi and his regime that the violence must stop, the killing must stop, and the people of Libya must be protected and have the opportunity to express themselves freely.

"This resolution was designed to do two important things: protect civilians as well as strengthen the pressure on the Qadhafi regime through a substantial tightening of sanctions. Provisions for enforcement of the arms embargo, a ban on flights in and out of Libya with, in particular, a focus on those that may be carrying mercenaries, the designation of additional individuals and core Libyan-owned government companies for asset freezes, and a range of other very important measures. Taken together, the elements of Resolution 1973 are powerful and they ought to be heeded by the Qadhafi regime."

In response to a question from a reporter, Ambassador Rice said, “We think that today's resolution is a strong message that reemphasizes what was already in 1970. As many of our colleagues you heard today on the Council said, and as the United States has said repeatedly, Qadhafi has lost his legitimacy. There is no justification for his continued leadership now that he has perpetrated violence against his own people. We have had the opportunity, as you acknowledged, to meet with the opposition, and we are actively looking at what options might follow."

You can read Ambassador Rice's complete remarks here.



March 18, 2011

W.W. writes:

LIBYA SETTLING DOWN TO CIVIL WAR The regimes recently overthrown in Tunisia and Egypt were oligarchies under autocratic leaders, but these countries had had regular elections, although the latter were systematically criticized by international observers. Libya has been an autocracy under Moamar Qaddafi for several decades and there has been no pretension of holding open elections, running a democratic system or enforcing laws that apply to all citizens. In short, the idea of "corruption" or "illegal action" does not apply in Libya: you are either with the system and Qaddafi or against them. According to the BBC (0223 BBC, Libya - Who is propping up Gaddafi): "Unlike in Egypt or Tunisia, it is not the conventional military that holds the balance of power in Libya. Instead, it is a murky network of paramilitary brigades, 'revolutionary committees'." Reportedly many European mercenaries have been recruited recently by the regime (0227 Renseignor/Medi-1): "Mercenary Serb and Ukrainian pilots for combat aircraft in Libya" and Polisario ground troops paid by Gaddafi. Therefore, overthrowing the Qaddafi regime cannot be done in the name of respecting national institutions or making them work as they are supposed to work; it can only be done by replacing or destroying the existing regime, which is an open invitation to coup d'etat politics or civil war. Qaddafi came to power by a coup d'etat and has managed to prevent one against his regime. This leaves civil war as more-or-less the only solution for getting rid of Qaddafi and his regime, and that's were developments are at present.

March 18, 2011

John in Canada writes:

Good news and great job. Keep an eye on Iran, they are clever and if what I read is correct. Well they are playing not just a PR game – they are playing an intense ideological game. I can’t help but think this is how we fall down in the region and it is precisely here that we need to pick up our game. It will pay dividends and save lives not just American. Handled right and Americas fortunes in many ways both at home and abroad will improve. America deserves as much peace as any other country. May God light your way to that future.

Performance S.
United States
March 25, 2011

P.J. in the U.S.A. writes:

I support this resolution 1973. All civilians really need protection, especially during war.

United Kingdom
March 30, 2011

O.K. in the United Kingdom writes:

You only have to look back to October/November 2010 and you can now see the path of a very bitter man being constructed. Gaddafi had approached the EU for over $6 billion to help him fight immigration issues - and if they didnt help that; "Europe would be flooded with Muslims" within months.

This is definately not the words of a leader who is or would be thinking of using the money to top up arms for his Military, do you think?


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