Travel Diary: Secretary Clinton in Tunisia

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March 17, 2011
Secretary Clinton With Tunisian Foreign Minister Mouldi Kefi

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton visited Egypt and Tunisia from March 15-17. Today, Secretary Clinton visited the Tunisian Red Crescent Training Center in Tunis, where she said: "...the world is [impressed] by Tunisia's remarkable humanitarian response to the crisis on your border, and that the United States is very proud to be your partner, to help with this center, to help with the ambulance and the training for the Red Crescent."

Secretary Clinton also met with Tunisian Foreign Minister Mouldi Kefi. Secretary Clinton said, "The Tunisian people have made history once again. You have shown the world that peaceful change is possible. The United States stood with Tunisia during your independence, and now we will stand with you as you make the transition to democracy and prosperity and a better future.

"The foreign minister and I have had a very productive meeting and discussed many of the plans that are being undertaken on behalf of Tunisia's future. The first step will be the election in July for the constituent assembly to draft a new constitution. We know that there will be much work that has to be done for both political and economic reform, and we discussed today a number of ways that the United States will help.

"We will support a new partnership between Tunisian civil society groups and technology companies in order to get more information, communications capacity available broadly throughout society. Microsoft Corporation has agreed to support groups that are advocating for human rights, democracy, civic education, and other important matters to society, providing computers, software, and training and other technical assistance.

"We will also work to create new jobs for Tunisians. The United States Overseas Private Investment Corporation, known as OPIC, will offer financial support in the form of direct loans, guarantees, and political risk insurance. OPIC is already supporting two Tunisian private equity firms that are focused on small and medium-size businesses and will support investor visits by American businesses to Tunisia."

Secretary Clinton continued, "Finally, let me say a word about the horrible violence going on in Libya. Mr. Kefi and I discussed the latest events and the international efforts to protect civilians and to pressure Qadhafi. I also thanked the minister for Tunisia's impressive humanitarian response to this crisis. During a difficult time for your own country, the Tunisian people have shown great generosity in helping to ease the suffering on your own borders. The United States has been very proud to support your efforts, and we understand very well the importance of bringing an end to the violence in Libya not only for the innocent Libyan people but also for Tunisia.

"We know there is a lot of work to be done, but we are very confident about the potential for democracy and economic opportunity in Tunisia, and the United States will be ready to assist in any way."

You can read Secretary Clinton's full remarks here and learn more about her travel to Egypt and Tunisia here.



Muhsin n.
United Kingdom
March 18, 2011

Muhsin in the United Kingdom writes:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for all your efforts in order to help our countries and the new democracies in our Arab world.

But, I have something different I want to write it here. I'd like to tell you about what is happening now in Bahrain.

We were seeing your reaction in the last time in some countries especially in Arab world .

We had seen that America has condemned the crackdown which practised by the regimes in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya ,which was a clear role to put pressure on the Arab regimes that has a strong relationship with America or America allies, we say we have not seen any role taken by America to stop the crackdown and the brutal killing practiced by the America's ally in Bahrain. The government there exceeded all international standards and crossed all red lines. They have arrested six leaders of the opposition and they have attacked the medical staff including men, women doctors and nurses and they took them to unknown places, the soldiers occupied the hospitals and prevented the doctors not to treating the wounded people which mean it is a plan to kill them .

People currently started to treat the wounded in homes and mosques and they are suffering from lack of medicines and equipments and the medical staff

Now, it seemed that the Saudi military started a campaign to storm the houses everywhere in Manama and other cities .They are arresting men from their homes. We would like to say,we did not see any real reaction from the American , whether to stop the repression, asking the Saudi Army to pull out from Bahrain or to help in resolving the crisis there through put pressure on the Bahraini government in responding to the demands of the Bahraini opposition.

As observers for the situation in Bahrain, we believe that the United States can play a very positive role to stop the government not to kill it's local people there. we also thinks that your silence will encourage the regime there to commit a genocide against his people amid a deliberate silence from the United States and the international community all .Bahrain's people thinks that the regime started killing them after the Us defence minister visited Bahrain( which two day before the crisis)and they say he gave the Government in Bahrain the green light to kill us .Please we want to see a postive reaction from you .we don't need to hear just phrases of condemnation which won't help stop the bleeding of Bahraini bloods .

Many thanks.

Muhsin al N.
Journalist, UK

March 18, 2011

W.W. writes:

Hi, glad to c u in Tunisia...

Unfortunally if an attack in libya is considered it has also to be considered an attack on ISLAM and it is mandatory to distribute to europeans weapon in order to leave em the right of defense against ISLAMIC ACTIVIST currently present in on the old continent..


March 20, 2011

Adam in Poland writes:

Arabia countries should build own democracy far off from American to avoid the destruction of old culture of east.


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