Building Telecommunications Capacity in Afghanistan

Posted by John W. McIntyre
March 16, 2011
Man Walks Past Telecommunications Tower as Sun Sets in Kabul

U.S. Embassy Kabul, in partnership with the Asia Consultancy Group, has launched a vital $4 million communications infrastructure project for Afghanistan. The U.S. Embassy, through its Public Affairs Section, is supporting the construction of communications towers throughout Bamyan and Ghor provinces. The project will complete a mid-nation microwave connection between Kabul and Herat. These towers are designed to host not only cellular telephone equipment but also other media, including radio and television antennas.

Afghanistan's award winning cellular network and communications market is internationally recognized. The Asia Consultancy Group tower network will further enhance Afghanistan's transition to becoming a regional leader in telecommunications and media.

"The United States is committed to helping to bring communications technology to Afghans, and to working with our Afghan partners to improve Afghanistan's communications infrastructure. With better access to cell phones and media, citizens are more informed and better connected to their communities," said Charge d' Affaires E Anthony Wayne.

The network will provide increased cellular telephone coverage throughout Bamyan and Ghor as well as enhance Afghanistan's cellular network by providing improved connectivity with neighboring countries and the world. The towers will also promote economic development at the local and provincial level. Small business owners and their customers throughout Bamyan and Ghor will be able to more easily conduct business. Families and friends will be better able to communicate not just in these provinces but throughout all of Afghanistan.

In addition to support for communications infrastructure development in Bamyan and Ghor provinces, the embassy will continue to support tower construction throughout Afghanistan. Tower projects are currently planned for Helmand and Kandahar provinces, and additional projects are under consideration.



Washington, USA
March 16, 2011

June in Washington writes:

This is a side note. It looks like the Obama administration has not looked at the option of having the UN be the face or take up responisibility for Gitmo. This would allow the administration to possibly save face on the Gitmo issue (trying detainees and closing Gitmo).

March 16, 2011

Charles writes:

The Obama Adminsitration should definetely look into the matter discussed in the preceding message.

July 3, 2011

Rohini writes:

It was really wonderful blog!


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