Secretary Clinton Delivers Remarks at the President’s Export Council

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March 11, 2011

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton delivered remarks at the President's meeting of the Export Council. Secretary Clinton spoke about her support of the President's goal of expanding U.S. exports.

The Secretary said, "I consider it a critical aspect of my job to help open every market I can find and sell every American product I can sell. And that's caused a few comments by some, but I am absolutely shameless about it. So I not only like to promote our products and services, but our ingenuity, our creativity, and everything else that we stand for."

Secretary Clinton also spoke about U.S. Ambassadors adding "CEO" to their responsibilities. "We are working hard to turn our ambassadors into CEOs. That is very familiar to some, but not to all of them. And we believe that having a CEO model for the chief of mission will help us manage the myriad of U.S. Government assets and activities in every country in the world today. So when I talked to Special Representative Lorraine Hariton or anybody else in our shop, it is about making sure that we help provide the tools that our ambassadors need to be able to do everything possible to promote this mission about expanding our exports."

Lastly in order to achieve the goal of increasing U.S. exports, the Secretary spoke about increasing our trade agreements. She said, "Now we are pursuing free trade agreements. So we need your help to -- both Gary's people who are housed in our embassies around the world working with our Ambassadors and others, plus our people who go out and do <a data-cke-saved-href="<a href=" href="<a href=" http:="""" e="" eeb="" tra="" ata="" index.htm"="">here" title="Open Skies agreements">Open Skies agreements, which are going to create billions of new dollars in economic opportunities and lots of new jobs here in America. We're doing it every day, and we need to do a better job, and we need your help doing it to make the connection between increasing exports and supporting the mission of the State Department and the Commerce Department and USTR."

<a data-cke-saved-href="<a href=" href="<a href=" http:="""" e="" eeb="" tra="" ata="" index.htm"="">To read the full text of these remarks, please visit here.



West Virginia, USA
March 13, 2011

Dr. G. in West Virginia writes:

I appreciate Hillary's aggressive approach to supporting USA products


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