Photo of the Week: Increasing Farmer Productivity in Haiti

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March 4, 2011
Fish Farming in Haiti

This week's photo of the week, taken by USAID photographer Kendra Helmer, shows USAID Haiti Mission Director Carleene Dei (in black) at a tilapia farming area at an agriculture research and demonstration center in the Plain du Cul de Sac watershed outside of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The tilapia farm is part of the USAID's Watershed Initiative for National Natural Environmental Resources (WINNER) program. The WINNER project is investing $126 million over five years to increase farmer productivity and reduce Haiti's environmental, infrastructural, and economic vulnerability.

Secretary Clinton also referenced farmer productivity this week in her remarks before Congress on the FY2010 budget. Secretary Clinton said, "…we are making targeted investments in human security. We have focused on hunger. And thank you so much, Senator Lugar, for your constant, constant pointing out that this is in America's interests as well as the world's interests. We have invested in preventing and ameliorating the effects of disease, climate change, humanitarian emergencies. These challenges not only threaten the security of individuals, and increasingly in our world, individuals here at home, but they are the seeds of future conflict. If we want to lighten the burden on future generations, we have to make the investments that will make our world more secure.

"Our largest investment is in global health programs, including those launched and led by President George W. Bush. These programs stabilize entire societies that have been devastated by HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, and other diseases. They save the lives of mothers and children and they halt the spread of deadly diseases. Global food prices are approaching an all-time high. Three years ago, this led to protests and riots in dozens of countries. Food security is a cornerstone of global stability. We are helping farmers to grow more food, drive economic growth, and turn aid recipients into trading partners. And I look forward to working closely with the Congress as we try to really sharpen this program."

You can read Secretary Clinton's complete remarks here. You can also learn about how the U.S. Government's Feed the Future initiative helps countries cope with rising food prices here.


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