Deteriorating Human Rights Situation in Iran

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February 23, 2011
Pro-Government Rally in Iran

Today, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton released a statement on the human rights situation in Iran. The Secretary said:

"The United States remains deeply concerned by the persecution of Iranian citizens at the hand of their government. Over the past ten days, we have witnessed the bravery of thousands of Iranians who once again took to the streets to exercise their fundamental rights to peaceful assembly and expression. It has been made clear to the world that Iran denies its citizens the same fundamental rights it continues to applaud elsewhere in the Middle East.

"Security forces have beaten, detained, and -- in at least three cases -- killed peaceful protesters. Off the streets, the regime's leaders have targeted human rights defenders and political activists, and authorities have recently rounded-up ex-government officials and their families; former members of parliament; clerics and their children; student leaders and their professors; as well as journalists and bloggers. They also continue to deny their citizens access to information by jamming satellite transmissions and blocking internet sites.

"Iran's leaders also continue to persecute ethnic and religious minorities. We are troubled by reports that, of the dozens of prisoners executed in 2011, most are ethnic minorities. At the same time, Baha'is and other religious minorities continue to be subjected to arbitrary arrests and prosecutions, harsh sentences, and unsafe prison conditions. We call on Iran to free all political prisoners and persecuted minorities.

"The steady deterioration in human rights conditions in Iran has obliged the international community to speak out time and again. Today, the United States sanctions two Iranian officials -- in addition to the eight sanctioned by the President last fall -- for perpetrating these abuses. The world will continue to watch and will hold accountable those responsible for these actions. The United States joins the international community in affirming the universal rights to which all men and women -- in Iran and around the world -- are entitled."Related Content:Departments of the Treasury and State Announce Designations for Human Rights Abuses in Iran



United States
February 24, 2011

Jet in the U.S.A. writes:

Would love to see Iran get a democracy but I don't think Mousavi is the answer. They are now trying to bait Isreal Thinking trouble with Isreal would unite their people

South Korea
February 24, 2011

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Libya's army, where are they? Unlike in Egypt, protests may be conducted in a completely different direction, worried about the stupid ..

The meeting of Iran and North Korea, personally, think a little comic to perceive. You like me and ten million people by the efforts of supporters of Iran's problems, unlike expected, are easily solved, the effort is successful, a little thought. Iran's unilateral approach the United States forces to deter North Korea (in China) to participate in trying to achieve balance, which is a joke, rather than the expected risk. Just that. However, Libya, the most unfortunate part, to Libya in the past when Koreans arrested on suspicion of espionage, politicians in South Korea, Sang-Duk, Lee-""-president of the type is.

(Singapore, Libya .....)

Many tried, without significant performance ended, then I was in Pohang, South Korea and politicians abandon their supporters I've been harassing me a lot, my decision to include talks with Gadhafi, the United States hoped desperately to think. Was a good opportunity, Iran, and raised the possibility that similar results can be desired for.

Are you now trying to focus attention, is not easy ... 50% I still think there is a risk factor. Demonstrators supporting the troops, nor completely, internally force Gadhafi to be divided into the forces and demonstrators supporting the effort to eliminate the danger of the possibility for hope, to satisfy the two groups who are likely to want to know.

PS No money, living in Pohang, which keeps teasing, in exchange for labor did not pay too well, mad I can not stand. When access to Libya, no comment.

M. T.
February 24, 2011

Owais T. in Germany writes:

This is the full right of the people of Iran to claim for democracy and freedom like other nations of the world... please and please everybody lets stand beside of the Iranians to give them their rights and fight against the terrorist regime of Iran which is making to suffer all Iranians and the neighbors of Iran and the region and the world...

This is a good opportunity to use this time and help the people of Iran internationally to stand against their polluted regime of Islamic Fundamentalists. they have suffered more than enough. this regime is slaughtering the people in mass killings like sheep...

Once i was in Iran in the year 2005 and i was setting in a waiting room to visit the doctor in the clinic, and there was setting a meddle aged lady next to me and after that she found that i am from Afghanistan she started pleading me to give her message to the American soldiers wen i go back home in that side of the border, she was saying that: dear Americans we are waiting for you to welcome in our country to give us rid of this regime and bring us freedom which we are loving so much, we hate this regime and Islamic Fundamentalists please and please come on we are waiting for you and we will be with you just help us for god sake....

America the people are counting on you and im sure that you are not gonna make them disappointed. you are a very powerful country which is claiming to fight for the humanity and give all the people in this world their rights so this is it please stand for it.

The destruction of the Iranian regime will bring peace in the region Iraq and Afghanistan and the war will be in your side, because you know that this is Iran and Pakistan who are funding for the terrorists in the area...

United States
February 24, 2011

Sanam in the U.S.A. writes:

This is so encouraging for so many Iranians inside and so many political refugees. Please stop negotiating with these people. The path to a nuclear free Iran is through a democratic Iran. If you take care of the big problem....the people will take care of the nuclear problem.

And talk to everyone in the opposition--not just your favorites. Why is it that some opposition leaders have never darkened the door of the State Department -- again making up your mind (like you did with Khomenii) without talking to everyone.

Thank you again. We are grateful.

Saeed N.
United States
February 24, 2011

Saeed N. in the U.S.A. writes:

The only solution is to put stop to in flow of Oil $s to Mullahs of Iran. If United States could provide China W/alternate source of Oil other than Iran! Mullahs posses enough Cash to fund their agenda and our Words means nothing to them!Stop the $ and they will listen.

Nancy I.
February 25, 2011

Nancy I. in Iran writes:

It is not fair that the Free world can do things as simple as walking the streets hand in hand with their loved ones whilst in Iran you will get arrested, tortured and raped for such simple acts!

They are now arresting women if not dressed what they call the proper way, beating them once again and get raped for it! When is this going to STOP!! I rally appreciated if you pay attention and care about basic human rights in Iran. We are not free and they treat us like salves. No body is happy in Iran except who are feed financially by this brutal regime.

Stephen H.
District Of Columbia, USA
February 25, 2011

Stephen H. in Washington writes:

The Genocidal purges of the Islamic Republic of Iran, where tens of thousands of Iranians have been butchered, continuously since the IRI’s beginning in 1979. The IRI ,one the most heinous systems of judicial government, where women are raped before execution, where women are stoned, where women are whipped. Where unabated and unrestrained religious totalitarianism, where the people’s right to vote is subjugated under executions and fraudulent elections. The IRI, this leading sponsor of International Terrorism, they are the birth place and pandemic center of the Islamic belief in suicidal bombing. The IRI which has caused a tidal wave of death and destruction, for decades . Where has the U.S. Department of State / Washington been on these matters?

Stephen E H. , author of Tehran’s Wars of Terror and its Nuclear Delivery Capability, Trafford Publishing 2007

California, USA
February 25, 2011

Alex in California writes:

The Human Rights in IRAN has not deteriorated - you don't know what the conditions are like until you see the photos I have seen today. Two men brutally raped, beaten and sexually mutilated!!!! both soaked in blood and still alive. You want to know what violation is until you see raw footage of recent events in Iran. My people under tyranny of Evil


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