Next Steps in Egypt

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February 15, 2011
Egyptians Celebrate in Tahrir Square

Today, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton discussed next steps in Egypt during interviews with Al Jazeera, Al Hurra, and Al Arabiya. In her interview with Al Jazeera, Secretary Clinton said, "...Three weeks ago, no one would have guessed that so much could have happened that would have been so responsive to the needs and aspirations that we heard coming from Tahrir Square. And now, like so many kinds of movements for change, the hard work of actually putting into place the steps that are necessary must be pursued, and it needs to be pursued as expeditiously as possible with as broad and inclusive a group of Egyptians involved. But we're just at the beginning of the transition."

The Secretary continued, "...The role that the army played during the last weeks as a guarantor of the Egyptian state, as a institution that was well-respected by the Egyptian people, was absolutely essential. Contrast what happened in Egypt with what is going on today in Iran where, once again, the Iranian Government is lashing out, using violence against people who are expressing the same desires as we heard from Egypt. So I have a lot of sympathy for what has already occurred in Egypt, but I have a sense of realism about what it's going to take to move forward. So far, what the supreme council has announced is in keeping with what they announced they would be doing, and in response to the desires of the Egyptian people and their demands. But I think everyone has to recognize that this transition where you have to rewrite a constitution, you have to pass new laws, you have to help form political parties -- there's a long to-do list, and everybody needs to be sort of focused on the task at hand. And that's going to take an enormous amount of energy from everybody involved."

During her interview with Al Hurra, Secretary Clinton said, "...Our hope is that everything which has been promised -- the end of the emergency law, the movement for constitutional reform, political parties being allowed, all of the pieces that constitute a real transition to democracy -- will be implemented."

The Secretary added, "...I think it's important that the opposition and civil society come together around a set of demands as to what needs to be done, with a timetable, because clearly, the military has evidenced its desire to move in the right direction. But there needs to be continuing efforts by the opposition to help guide where Egypt is going. So I am hoping that we see out of the very diverse opposition that was present over the last three weeks some unifying that would come, not behind personalities, but behind specific demands that have to be met in order for the transition to succeed."

While speaking with Al Arabiya, Secretary Clinton said, "...This is going to be left to the Egyptian people. We have offered whatever aid and assistance we can provide, any that is appropriate and requested. But this is an ongoing effort and there have been some good steps taken so far. But as you point out, the end of the road is what matters -- where will this lead. And clearly, we hope and we are encouraging that the commitment to move toward a democratic transition with free and fair elections is not wavered from."



February 16, 2011

W.W. writes:

Dear Mrs. Secretary it is always a pleasure unilateraly communicating with you...

Frattini Clinton : Berlusconi Freedom Party
Re: Mid east North Africa

By creating Jobs Europe means to create infrastructure and relative services that this infrastructure will bring to the north african population.

1. Hospital
2. Interstates
3. Post Offices
4. Banks
5. school
6.etc(High speed train)as per Mr. Biuden for America idea ;)

Unfortunally right now moving other countries companies over there is not the right mathematical financial solution to solve deep economic crisis overthere

Illegal Immigration: Europe must create ICE and FBI.

Right now Europe cannot afford to bring clandestine within its soil for several reason and one of them is the elevated risk of terrorism.

What we are watchin is a clear invasion of the european soil in order to try and conquest the european soil made by a teocracy.

Thank you
with love take care

Susan C.
Florida, USA
February 16, 2011

Susan C. in Florida writes:

Next steps for Egypt? The first step must be the return of protection, safety and respect for women. What happened to Lara Logan should NEVER happen to any woman regardless of the circumstances or "culture" of a nation. From what I have read sexual assault and sexual harassment are daily occurrences in Cairo, and other parts of Egypt. That is shameful. If you want human rights then it must be for ALL the citizens. The world is watching. I do not believe there is much sympathy for those who abuse the women of their country. Shameful and disgusting, without excuses.

Linda P.
Missouri, USA
February 18, 2011

Linda P. in Missouri writes:

I am perplexed about the entire Middle East at this present moment and I do realize I only have bits and pieces of what is happening. Nevertheless, what I do see is quite ALARMING according to The Holy Scriptures of The Holy Bible and would feel more at ease to know what to ask Christ & Most High Holy Father for!?! I know the Lord Almighty is wide open for any prayer requests we may have and in UNITY I want to ask for what is best. Isn't there anyway the UN can step in and cease the uprisings at present with the commitment that the peoples voices are being heard and being responded to expediently? Can UN not call for a time of PEACE to halt bloodshed until everything can be worked out? Truly, 1 life is too many and the unrest seems to be only escalating! I shall retire in a few and lay down in prayer til I do sleep. I just find it truly difficult to be watchful and attentive to such great unrest. Can not the UN do something? Phamplets/Announcements of involvement that peoples needs will be met? Something? Peace on earth and goodwill to men, In the Spirit and Love of Christ, Linda K.Parker

District Of Columbia, USA
February 21, 2011

Anna in Washington, DC writes:

@ Susan in Florida -- I was sickened to hear about what happened to Lara Logan. A 2008 survey by the Egyptian Center for Women's Rights found that 83% of Egyptian women and 98% of foreign women in Cairo said they had been harassed, AND 62% of men admitted to harassing. Women must be part of the decisions in Egypt's next steps for real change to take place.

John P.
February 21, 2011

John P. in Greece writes:

@ Anna in Washington, DC

And it’s not only Egypt. It’s a socio-cultural phenomenon with a bigger geo scale, if you understand what I mean.

Sexual harassment is one thing in the “ara-bay area”. You can add trafficking in persons, prostitution etc. Generally, and simple, they don’t respect women.

But, I also have a question:

Why we (westerns) spend our money, for decades, visiting places that we know that our "amore" will have 80-90% chances to get harassed?

Sometimes, we are strange tourists…

Is the desert romantic, or the dessert sweet?


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