USAID Staff Exchange Program Deepens Relationship Between U.S., Brazil

Posted by Mark Lopes
February 11, 2011
U.S. and Brazilian Officials Sign MOU To Create Professional Exchange Program on Development

About the Author: Mark Lopes serves as Deputy Assistant Administrator for the USAID Latin America and Caribbean Bureau.

The United States and Brazil took another step yesterday toward deepening our joint efforts in developing countries, with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to formalize a staff exchange program between USAID and the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC). Starting in April 2011, USAID will have a staff member working in ABC's offices and vice versa. The program will facilitate peer-to-peer learning and create more opportunities to jointly leverage U.S. and Brazilian assistance in third countries.

The USG's trilateral arrangements with Brazil are a reflection of that country's emergence as a global economic and diplomatic force and a net donor to development.

For the United States, the more donors with whom we can collaborate to address the some of the world's most intractable problems, the more we advance our national interests and provide paths out of poverty. In Brazil, we have a partner who shares our commitment to advancing global development; and who has come up with effective and innovative approaches to tackling some of the very same challenges facing developing countries in Latin America and the Caribbean and Africa.

Through the staff exchange program, we are continuing to put into practice President Obama's commitment to an equal partnership with the countries of this hemisphere, based on mutual respect, common interests and shared values.

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rafael c.
February 14, 2011

Rafael C. in Brazil writes:

I don't understand, what is 'USG's trilateral'?

Are Brazil, US and ...?

Thank you

chinweuba c.
February 16, 2011

Chinweuba C. in Nigeria writes:

Is very nice.


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