U.S. Helps Farmers Increase Agricultural Productivity in Afghanistan

Posted by Adisa Busuladzic
February 8, 2011
Ambassador Eikenberry, Minister Rahimi Launch Farm Mechanization Program in Afghanistan

About the Author: Adisa Busuladzic serves with USAID in Afghanistan.

U.S. Ambassador Karl W. Eikenberry and the Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Mohammad Asif Rahimi, inaugurated a Farm Mechanization Program for mid-size farmers in a ceremony at Badam Bagh farm on February 6, 2011. In the presence of fellow farmers and Afghan and U.S. officials, 40 farmers from the surrounding area purchased two-wheeled tractors and attachments at a subsidized price.

"These tractors are a small but important link in a chain that strengthens Afghan agriculture," Minister Rahimi said. "Other links in the chain include building better roads, new agribusiness, new jobs and bigger markets in Afghanistan and abroad," he added.

Addressing the farmers, Ambassador Eikenberry said, “The inauguration of this Farm Mechanization Program today is just one part of a larger vision for agricultural production. I travelled to all 34 provinces of Afghanistan and what stands out on all those travels is that agriculture is a backbone of the Afghan economy and society. What also stands out is how industrious, creative and hardworking are the farmers of Afghanistan.”

The Farm Mechanization Program is aimed at mid-sized farmers growing crops for the market from 18 provinces: Herat, Farah, Ghor, Badghis, Balkh, Faryab, Samangan, Sar-e-Pul, Jawzjan, Kunduz, Badakhshan, Baghlan, Takhar, Kabul, Bamiyan, Kapisa, Panjshir and Parwan. Farmers apply for the program through the Provincial Departments of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock and, if accepted, receive a week-long hands-on training course on the operation and maintenance of the DF-15 two-wheeled tractor, seed drill, roto-cultivator, reaper and trailer. The project has also trained 250 mechanics specialized in the repair and maintenance of the tractors and attachments, with access to a wide range of spare parts and supplies. When the farmer has completed the training course he or she takes the voucher to the designated dealer and pays the subsidized price of about $1,400 to complete the purchase of the tractor and attachments.

The program highlighted today is one of a number of programs the U.S. government supports in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) aimed at increasing agricultural productivity in Afghanistan. For more information about our programs, please visit afghanistan.usaid.gov.



February 8, 2011

Ibrahiem in Lebanon writes:

Sir, I would like to thank you for your message and I am a man I have suffered from injustice, deprivation, and I'm tired of instability and the search for safety and opportunities to live free and dignified life and I know that America is a country of dreams and opportunities and I'm here in Lebanon, hoping that achieved my dream You are a U.S. citizen can not afford to Help me, but you may know who can Note I went to the embassy several times but to no avail I did not find one help me.

M. T.
February 14, 2011

Owais T. in Germany writes:

Whenever i see Mr. Eikenberry the ambassador of the US in Afghanistan, on the TV screen i put the volume up to hear of his new development activities in Afghanistan and i feel very good to hear such kind of news....

America we Afghans are with you and will stay with you forever as brothers, in the area Afghanistan is the power and true partner of the united states and it will be forever.

In your friendship with Pakistan you get nothing except loosing of money and gaining nothing... Pakistan is taking your money every time and promises to fight against the terrorism in Pakistan, but actually they fund from the money of the US to Taliban and alqaida to go and fight against the US soldiers in Afghanistan and destroy the cities and the security of Afghanistan...

You do not need for Pakistan`s role in the war against the terror in Afghanistan, just you need to make Afghans yours and they will remain with you always...

In 1960s Afghan king wanted to make close friendship with the United States but unfortunately the US government made a wrong decision by taking the side of Pakistan and choosing a wrong country for their influence in the region... and Afghan diplomats were not welcomed in USA, because US wanted to be with Afghanistan and the situation of Afghanistan was in a critical status where was the need of the support from one of the world powers, when Afghans saw no interest from the US side then they went with less interests to ask for support from Russian soviets... and now i kindly requesting you to between these two choose Afghanistan for your friendship and brotherhood, because you will benefit of it more than Pakistan, one is the strategical location of Afghanistan and the second is the wealth of Afghanistan the virgin and untapped MINES of Afghanistan which values more than one trillion US dollars which you can share with Afghans and benefit of it, after spending of this much money and sacrifices of the lives of your soldiers in Afghanistan, you have to make this country yours like one of your states...

Many thanks for helping Afghanistan and being with Afghans and we want you to continue supporting of Afghanistan and training the national army of Afghanistan to take the control of the responsibilities of the security of Afghanistan and to fight against the Taliban and Alqaida and to bring one more time after three decades a peace in Afghanistan...

Long live Afghanistan and America...

Ahmad J.
March 2, 2011

Ahmad J. in Afghanistan writes:

Dear Mr. Ambassdor,

I am honestly appreciating from you and your country co-operation in Afghanistan. We are Afghan and We have different tradition than others in Southeastern Asia. But our Characteristics are different, and We respect those, who think about the bright future of Afghanistan. However, let me to tell you about the fact, which is hidden from your eyes.If you put it as note on your daily notepad, if you don't mind it.

We want you and your country to support our country trough a sustainable program, means long term educational exchanging in field, which you think that our country needed for.


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