U.S., Croatia Sign Open Skies Air Services Agreement

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February 3, 2011

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton held a bilateral meeting with Croatian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Gordan Jandrokovic at the Department of State on February 3, 2011. After their meeting, the pair signed the Open Skies Air Services Agreement, which will allow for an open travel corridor between our two countries.

Secretary Clinton highlighted the strong, enduring relationship and friendship between the United States and Croatia. She said, "Croatia has shown great commitment as both a global and regional partner. In our meeting today, I expressed America's appreciation for Croatia's contributions in Afghanistan, especially in their training of Afghan police forces. In the Western Balkans, Croatia continues to be a leader, and it is a leader in reconciliation. Croatia is an example of a country that not so long ago was engaged in war, subject to civil, political, and economic stress and difficulties, and which made a determination by its leadership and its people to choose a different path.

"What Croatia is doing in its efforts toward reconciliation in the region is exemplary. It is engaged in negotiations with Serbia to facilitate the return of refugees and resolve and finalize mutual claims. Croatia is supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina's path to reform and Euro-Atlantic integration. Reconciliation doesn't just build peace for the people of Croatia and the region -- it creates economic opportunities for European and American businesses as well."

The Secretary said the Open Skies Agreement will advance economic opportunity. "...This will allow for an open travel corridor between our two countries, which will go a long way to increasing the flow of tourism to the beautiful country that Croatia is and creating new investment opportunities," she said.

In closing, Secretary Clinton said, "...We look forward to continuing our partnership and we look forward to Croatia's prospective membership in the European Union."

You can find the Secretary's complete remarks here.


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