Travel Diary: Secretary Clinton in Haiti

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January 31, 2011
Secretary Clinton Is Greeted By Ambassador Merten
Secretary Clinton Thanks Embassy Port-au-Prince Staff
Secretary Clinton Speaks With Staff at a USAID Cholera Treatment Center
Secretary Clinton Visits With Staff at a USAID Cholera Treatment Center
Secretary Clinton Meets With Haitian Presidential Candidate Martelly
Secretary Clinton Meets With Haitian Presidential Candidate Manigat
Secretary Clinton Meets With Haitian Presidential Candidate Celestin
Secretary Clinton Says Goodbye to Haitian President Preval

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled to Haiti on January 30, slightly one year after the devastating earthquake, to consult with members of civil society, political actors, Haiti's president, and international partners on the ongoing electoral situation, as well as reconstruction efforts.

En Route to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Secretary Clinton said, "We have a deep commitment to the Haitian people. And that goes to humanitarian aid, it goes to governance and democracy programs."

She continued, "...[W]e are focused on helping the Haitian people. And one of the ways we want to help them is by making sure that their political choices are respected."

In addition to meeting with Haitian President Rene Preval, Secretary Clinton met with leaders of civil society, electoral candidates, and the Special Representative of the United Nations. The Secretary also visited a health cholera treatment center, where she said, "...The United States Government is very committed to continuing our support for the work that is being done here. We have many ways of doing that, and certainly directly through our Embassy, USAID, PEPFAR, CDC, so many other American Government entities, and then also through our support for the Haitian Government and NGOs like Partners in Health.

"But I am very impressed by what has been accomplished in a short period of time, and I want to reassure and reaffirm the U.S. commitment to the needs of the Haitian people, the health needs and other needs that are present and in many ways exacerbated by the continuing efforts at reconstruction and redevelopment following the earthquake.

"But I wanted to come and see for myself. It's a good news story to the extent that the numbers are diminishing, but it's by no means over. They are still admitting patients, as they did today. They are still treating people. And thankfully, we are better equipped to be able to save lives and limit the fatalities. But we have a long way to go, just as we have a long way to go in our ongoing work with Haiti."

To learn more about the Secretary's trip to Haiti, you can read her interviews with Rothchild Francois Jr., of RFM, Gerin Alexandre of Caraibes FM, and Wendell Theodore of Radio Metropole.



West Virginia, USA
January 31, 2011

Dr. G. in West Virginia writes:

Hard to think about Haiti now with Egypt's problems

West Virginia, USA
January 31, 2011

Pamela G. in West Virginia writes:

Great to hear how good Haiti is progressing: need to keep pressure on government corruption.

Texas, USA
January 31, 2011

Morgab in Texas writes:

98% of the country looks like it did the day after the earthquake. That is not progress.

Jean C.
Florida, USA
January 31, 2011

Jean F.C. in Florida writes:

Haiti is like an onion as you peel it, it makes you cry! Truly, is Haiti an independent nation or a black ghetto in the Americas? Where would President Obama take a slave ship lost at sea for 200 years? Haitians alone, with their limited resources, can not achieve the required equilibrium in their civil society and economic infrastructure in order to create a free and democratic nation.

The international community and specially African Americans, on a permanent basis, and as co-owners and beneficiaries of the Haitian Revolution have a major role to play in bringing Affirmative Actions to Haiti so we may change the equation and build a new nation within the frame work or model of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission where we can all benefit from extraordinary leadership both national and international. Together, we shall overcome!

beatrice h.
Michigan, USA
April 14, 2011

Beatrice H. in Michigan writes:

Please work toward the removal of the UN from Haiti. Haitians need to rebuild it's country without interferance of foreign powers. Hire Haitians,they are capable to do their own work.


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