Secretary Clinton Calls Tunisian Foreign Minister

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January 16, 2011
Soldiers Stand Guard in Tunis

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Secretary Clinton called Tunisian Foreign Minister Kamel Morjane today to express support for the people of Tunisia as they and their government go through a period of significant transition. She urged that the Government work to re-establish order in the country in a responsible manner as quickly as possible. She also underscored the importance of addressing popular concerns about the lack of civil liberties and economic opportunities, and the need to move forward with credible democratic elections.

She noted that the United States is encouraged by recent remarks by Prime Minister Ghannouchi and Interim President Mabazza indicating a willingness to work with Tunisians across the political spectrum and within civil society to build a truly representative government. Lastly, the Secretary offered the assistance of the United States in helping Tunisians to meet these challenges, and assured the Foreign Minister that the United States will stand with Tunisia as it moves forward to address them.

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January 18, 2011

Oussama S. in Morocco writes:

Since independence, there are 55 years, our countries of North Africa are under the totalitarian dictatorship, albeit with genocide and crimes (torture, constitution of mafia groups, corruption ...) committed by these dictatorships and criminals powers.

Leaders imposed on our country monopolize all power, exploits the wealth of our country and putting justice on their side. The justice is always at the service of totalitarian regimes and mafia groups formed by these regimes dictatorships: citizens live in fear, anxiety and fear of being arrested by those regimes dictatorships. These Criminal powers are ready to forge false accusations against every citizen who defends his rights, who does not obey the mafia system of these regimes or who dares to speak out and defend human rights.

These totalitarian regimes do not hesitate to use the diversity in our societies (a diversity that really is rich) to sow ethnic divisions, religious divisions and cultural divisions, in order to continue to stand as guarantor of unity National and stability in the region!

The fate of North Africa should no longer be hostage between only those two choices dark:
• Diets dictatorships, totalitarian, criminal and mafia
• the religious fanaticism and fundamentalism fed, actually, by these totalitarian
powers. these dictatorial powers cowards who have an interest in the existence of religious fundamentalism to justify their totalitarian power on the countries of North Africa and their crimes against humanity they commit for continue to reign our country

Surely, there is a third choice of hope for the people of North Africa: this third choice is democracy that is not a privilege. Democracy is a right that our people will get even dictators of our country

On the economic and wealth-sharing, people are suffering tremendously and knows the misery:

99% of the population is excluded and not taking advantage of the wealth of our countries of North Africa while the dictators who rule our countries to benefit themselves and their families, 90% of the wealth of our country and are mafia gangs who exploit the wealth of our country while despising the population. A population deprived of their most basic rights: human rights, right to work, right to share the wealth of the nation ....

We do not want to hear a King representative of the GOD on earth

A king who has all the powers of the state, which operates the country's wealth, which enslaves the people of the country while despising and terrorizing

We do not want to hear President dictator who enslaves the population and a power of rule by mob for life while exploiting the country's wealth

We do not want censorship and contempt: even the internet in our country is under censorship, and this, via telecom operators installed in our country who serve the totalitarian power and the interests of certain foreign individuals hungry for gain money at all costs

While the fate of North African countries that are geographically close to Europe, which have a common history and outstanding relationships with Europe, we require all countries of Europe and North Africa to work for the betterment of the Mediterranean region. But I fear, due to a lack of strategic vision and policy for our region, our countries of North Africa would, one day surely will happen, change course and to challenge such a relationship is exceptional on several levels: economic, cultural, human ... a relationship that should develop for the good of all the Euro-Mediterranean

The realization of genuine democracy in our countries of North Africa, will strengthen these links strategic advantage in the Mediterranean, and represent a better guarantee for stability in the region of North Africa and the Mediterranean

The circumstances of the geopolitical and economic-policy changed: Europe and the Mediterranean are encouraged to accelerate the process of strategic partnership and even unite.

The United States of America, through its strategic and economic issues, was invited to play a major role in the region of North Africa and to promote the launch of a real democratic process in North Africa.

Currently, there is a generation of wise leaders and respectful, in USA, in England, in France, in Germany, in Spain ...

This generation of leaders, committed to human rights, should make a strategic choice and history for the realization of real democracy in North Africa.

January 18, 2011

Oussama S. in Morocco writes:

Before closing, I have a special message to the Honorable Secretary Of State, Mrs. Hillary Clinton:

The United States of America can not escape to play a role in the democratization of North Africa and in initiating a process of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation. A process that can be an extension of the philosophy and objectives of the Strategic Alliance North Atlantic, taking into account the major changes in the economy and international politics: it is the destiny of America to play this role as was the case for Europe after World War II. The sacrifices of the people of North Africa on all levels and for the stability of the free world deserve such a decision and a typical Marshall. The time has come for America to take on this strategic role



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