Afghan Partnership Opens Modern Carpet Processing Facility

Posted by Robert Sauers
January 13, 2011
Carpet Seller and Pedestrians in Kabul

About the Author: Robert Sauers serves with the U.S. Agency for International Development in Afghanistan.

The Paiman Atlas Group celebrated the opening of its new modernized carpet processing facility yesterday in Dasht-e Barchi, Kabul. Supported by a public-private partnership facilitated by USAID's Afghanistan Small and Medium Enterprise Development (ASMED) project, Paiman can now produce up to 100 square meters of carpet per day, a 120 percent increase from its previous capacity.

With revenues of more than $150 million in 2009, carpets are Afghanistan's leading export. However, the current lack of large-scale processing facilities in Afghanistan results in more than 80 percent of Afghan carpets being shipped to Pakistan for finishing. These carpets are then exported with "Made in Pakistan" labels, resulting in a loss of opportunity for Afghans to capture the full value of their products. With the new machinery, Paiman's processing complex will enable Afghan carpet producers and traders to export their products directly under the "Made in Afghanistan" label.

Paiman is a partnership of six Afghan carpet producers and exporters whose vision is to create domestic processing and finishing services for Afghan carpets. The new carpet finishing complex will help Paiman export Afghan carpets directly through Turkey to U.S. and European Union customers and will encourage other Afghan producers and exporters to explore direct export opportunities.

Speaking at the event, Deputy Minister of Commerce Ailaqi remarked that Afghanistan's "carpet industry is the outcome of hard work, creativity and art of Afghans with endless dedication and a rich history that creates jobs for more than two million men and women. It is a great source of income for people and for the country." Paiman Chief Executive Officer Hasmatullah Haidar, and representatives from the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency, Export Promotion Agency of Afghanistan, Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Afghan Carpet Exports Guild also attended the opening celebration.

Through its ASMED project, USAID seeks to improve private sector productivity and increase employment opportunities in Afghanistan. The project encourages the development of Afghan businesses through support for capacity building, technology transfer, and investment, including public-private partnerships.



mohammad t.
January 13, 2011

Mohammad T. in Germany writes:

I am really happy reading this news, In Hamburg city of Germany there is a big carpet market and there are many Afghan carpets which are labeled "Made in Pakistan" although many of people who are in carpet business know about that but the main source(people) does not know that fact, the credit should go to its nativeland Afghanistan....peace up

January 15, 2011

M.J. in Afghanistan writes:

MJ: Did you see this on DipNote? WR, Tim R.

Arshad K.
Illinois, USA
January 18, 2011

Arshad K. in Illinois writes:

i just feel so unfortunate that i was born in Pakistan even though im an American citizen now but family is still stuck in Pakistan thanks to US Embassy that there have interviewed them for immigrant visa and been holding my whole family's passports for last over 4 years every time try to get status update i get the response saying the case is under administrative process my mom just passed away 5 months ago don't know how to get help and from whom,i hope the Secretary of state get this and she take an immediate action to help me ,


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