#CulturalDiplomacy @ Work: Association of Performing Arts Presenters

Posted by Ann Stock
January 7, 2011
Riccardo Muti Leads the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

About the Author: Ann Stock is the Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

Earlier today in New York City, I had the honor of addressing the Association of Performing Arts Presenter's (APAP) annual conference on the critical role cultural diplomacy plays in achieving the State Department's foreign policy objectives around the globe. This event also marked the first time APAP live-streamed an event around the world. Each year, APAP brings together almost 4,000 emerging and established leaders in performing arts from 49 U.S. states and 30 countries to discuss the issues, opportunities, and the performing arts industry's future.

This year's conference theme, "Vision 2021," challenges participants to consider the role of culture and arts in society ten years into the future. For the past fifty years, ECA's programs have demonstrated how cultural diplomacy can open up new avenues of dialogue to dispel stereotypes and discover commonalities between us. Looking ahead, we are challenging ourselves at the State Department to ensure that the United States continues to honor the arts, to encourage freedom of expression and to find new ways to create an open dialogue between citizens and nations.

I welcome your comments on cultural diplomacy. Join the conversation on Twitter, @AnnAtState, using the hashtag #culturaldiplomacy. Click this link for video from my APAP panel earlier today, and stay connected on #culturaldiplomacy through our ExchangesConnect social network!



January 9, 2011

Wilson K. in Kenya writes:

I am a Kenyan youth thinking on how we can empower our self,I know you have have been trying to empower youths in various countries ,now i am asking you whether we can be accommodated in such programs .we want to talk a bout youth empowerment in Kenya and Africa in general,we would like to have ,a weekly or monthly magazine where we will talk about challenges facing the youths in Kenya/Africa.We have challenges like unemployment,HIV pandemic ,how to engage in politics,how to stop conflicts fueled by natural resources ,drugs abuse,global warming ,impunity and corruption in public offices ,food security,and democracy.That what we want to talk about because our fore and present leaders have shown no or little efforts to empower us all they want from us is just our votes during election period and then we are forgotten again,we are looking foward for your help pleas.God bless you bye and i am waiting to hear from you soon.


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