DipNote: The Week in Review

Posted by Ruth Bennett
December 26, 2010
A Young Man Participates in \Voices of a New Generation\ at the United Nations

About the Author: Ruth Bennett serves as an Editor and Community Manager at DipNote.

This week, Secretary Clinton extended congratulations to Iraq on the formation of their new government, welcomed a UN resolution calling on Iran to respect human rights, and issued a joint statement with the EU's Catherine Ashton calling for the immediate release of presidential candidates and demonstrators taken into custody in Belarus in the aftermath of elections. This was the week that saw the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," as well as Senate approval of New START, the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty between the United States and the Russian Federation.

It was also a week of "voices and views." We told you about 16 ways -- in honor of the recent international "16 Days of Activism" campaign -- in which the U.S. Mission in Pakistan is giving voice to women in that country. And we heard the voices of young people as they set the agenda at the UN Security Council.

Outreach is a way of sharing views and putting voices into dialogue together. This week, we heard about U.S. outreach to journalists in Pakistan, and water service providers in Cambodia. American students took on the role of citizen-diplomats in their outreach through the National Security Language Initiative for Youth, and Assistant Secretary Ann Stock spoke about the second year of Dance Motion USA and the one-on-one connections fostered by the dancers who take part. Atul Keshap, from the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs, shared his views on his recent trip to India, in this four-part series covering education, economics, and, of course, "Tollywood." And Andrea Strano, with the U.S. Mission to NATO, shared a literal view by giving us a glimpse of what the 2010 NATO Summit looked like from "ScooterCam." Speaking of views, remember that it's not too late to share yours with us on the most significant international events of 2010.

'Tis (still) the season for holiday and year-end travel, so be sure to check travel.state.gov for the latest safety information if your plans include international destinations. Regardless of where this week finds you, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe or celebrating with Santa in Bolivia, we wish you all the best as 2010 wraps up, as well as in the year ahead.


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