2010: What Were the Most Significant International Events?

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December 17, 2010
A Sunset View

The year 2010 saw natural disasters, such as the earthquake in Haiti and flooding in Pakistan, and other tragedies, but also moments of hope, progress and unity. What do you think were the most significant international events of 2010, and why?



New Mexico, USA
December 21, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Geez OC,

I thought you were into law and justice and all, so now your claiming to convict world leaders based upon some supposed leaked cable that can't be confirmed as true or not? Where's that "presumtion of innocence" We all call an "American value" you take pride in promoting?

Which in this particular case by the way, "open source" reporting of alledged involvement in medical hanky-panky with dead bodies existed prior to any leak at all and still as yet there's not even a legal case filed to support these rumors...it doesn't take a genius to figure out that just maybe 'Lil Julian's leaky mind is simply playing to the sensational poised press outlets of the world and making stuff up as he goes along,...which in this case I think is a long stretch simply because a world leader has a pretty good salary and a lot of other kinds of hanky panky to get into if he wants to pet the sweaty stuff rather than what's cold and stiff and hard to explain.

And they've other ways to make a buck more profitably on the side...without the risk.

Ok so here's a guy who claims to be victim of a "smear campaign" obviously involved in an attempt to smear nation's reputations, and don't you think he's capable of being guilty of what he accuses governments of doing to him?

Ahh, but no...many want to believe in the "second coming" right? Little Julian is "truth's messiah" right? What a pathetic little man with an overblown case of the "Me-Me's" ( "Look at me , Look at me , I'm playing God on a stepstool!"), and 'Lil Julian wonders why a leg got kicked out from under? Well someone has to do it, because that's entertainment, sportsfans.

And you wonder why Forest Gump was right?

"Beware False Prophets." especially those that expouse doom and gloom when arrested.

You know, there once was this rally to "Restore Sanity..and/or fear" and personally I think they should hold one every week from now untill doomsday just for grins and giggles...because that would definately have the capacity to create a global renaissance. Now who would you rather see play "messiah" on Steven Colbert's cross? Jon Stewart or the Wikileaks buffoon under "Mansion arrest"?

Can't you just picture that "last supper"?

God knows folks need to invent a big hook to drag the mentally ill off the world stage with.

'Tis the silly season and all...so drink up drink up, from sanity's cup, and let the good times roll...

Jolly up my friends, and be of good cheer...the world hasn't ended yet because of one man's lunacy and paranoia.

"....same as it ever was."

Now about "peace, love, happiness and all that other good $&!t", The most significant event of the year would be if President Obama appointed himself "Special Presidential Envoy (with portfolio speading the love and the rest of the above) to ring in the New Year so's we can groove ever after on the good life for at least a thousand years hense..

Not the afterlife proposed by nuclear or cyber terrorists...(chuckle).

See, I'm all about changing mindsets OC.

One small mind at a time.

And maybe occasionally en mass...(LOL!)

And you were expecting something less than that from me?

"Cmon, who do you think you're dealing with here?...my spirit is irrepressable and waterproof, so don't even bother to rain on this parade, I'm just getting started.

Today is a good day...for a dictator blinked.



Purbo W.
December 21, 2010

Purbo J.W. in Indonesia writes:

It was the Iceland's mount eruption. It affected travels in to and out of Europe

grace t.
December 21, 2010

Grace J.T. in Indonesia writes:

World cup in south africa.. It was proved that as a developing country which has located in africa and it remains us about the history in the past, could held international event succesfully

Russell G.
United States
December 21, 2010

Russell G. in the U.S.A. writes:

The most significant international events of 2010 that I can think of are (in no particular order):

-The successful rescue of the Chilean Miners
-The global response to the Haiti Earthquake
-The Iranian Elections
-Several African National Elections
-The Papal acknowledgement of abuse
-Severe global weather conditions
-The global financial crisis
-And yes, WikiLeaks

I could name a few more but I'd much rather get to my point. My point is that all of the above mentioned events had the world talking. Beit good, bad, or indifferent the world was aware and talking.

I can remember being told by one of my elementary school teachers that "the world is getting smaller." It wasn't until I was a college student that I began to grasp the meaning behind those words.

Thanks to technological advances and events with global implications we, as the human race, must now communicate. The days of U.S. problems being only U.S. problems or European problems being only European problems are quickly fading away. Numerous national decisions must now be weighed on a global scale.

This realization has the potential to raise the world to a level of unity on a scale never before seen. Conversely, it also has the potential to heavily fracture global relations and set us back decades or even centuries in regards to forward progress. I sincerely hope for the sake of the world's future that it is the previous instead of the latter.

"Peace on earth and goodwill to [all]"

Tis the season... right?

United States
December 22, 2010

O.C. in the U.S.A. writes:

This is you.
33 Narco Traffickers trained on an American military base. Eric's reply: "No, It never happened."
UK forces trained Bangladeshi forces in torture. Eric's reply:" No, It never happened."
Russia considered to be a Mafia state. Eric's reply: "No, It never happened."
Eric, what is so scary about the truth? People need to know what their taxes are paying for. The government should just be forthright and honest because all of this higgledy piggledy, topsy turvy, manipulative corruption is destroying our country. I understand that some things need to remain secret but hopefully we will transform ourselves past this war economy. We have many enemies in our country we don't need to look past Washington to find them.

New Mexico, USA
December 22, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

The recovery of the economy hasn't really been made too much mention of here yet, as one of the most significant factors in 2010 being a pretty good year to ring out the decade with, and I got a little housepainter's story to tell about money's worth ( if Scrooge don't mind, and the rich and brain-dead pay no never-mind, as they mostly sit around their kitchen tables complaining about their domestic help.)

It was one of those days you know, painting away on a clear day when such a conversation came about as I was working on thier house, painting an exterior window frame on the second story. Open window below and acoustics...a "bitch-fest" in motion...quite the commotion, aparrently their maid wanted a raise as their young-'un was making a fine mess of his living quarters on a daily basis and threatening her with being fired if she didn't clean up his mess, or some such...juvenile hissy fit.

"Me, I've never cared too much about money, it can't by you love, or happiness, or all that other good $&!t. It's just a tool to buy $&!t with, and you can't take it with you when you're getting gone."...having climbed down a "notch or two" on the extention ladder and leaning over with my head upside down in their window to tell them this with a grin.

"So why are you charging us so much to do that?" the husband said, pinche' cabro'n that he was.

"Because I can, as you know it's worth doing right the first time... and that's why you hired me, because I'm worth it and your house is worth it....and so is she (looking at the maid) and that's what I would suggest you tell your boy so he'll become a man."

As I disappeared from sight from their window I caught a brief glimpse of pure love in that maid's eyes, and there was no more argument on the matter for my ears to have to disregard in order to concentrate on my work.

As I told my friend OC, I'm into changing mindsets, one small mind a time.

And occasionally en mass.

Now I probably introduced a rather controversial hat for President Obama to wear in this silly season, just for grins and giggles and a thousand years of Happy New Years if he sees it fits ( and I see the Senate has finally gotten a grip on itself and a NEW START on sanity too).

And that's pretty darn significant in all of this, because children grow up to become men and women and must have something better than this to inherit if they're to rember all of us fondly who opinined on Dipnote and tried to make a difference by commentary...and all those public servants of the people's house we call America are worth that, for I truly believe they can use all the help they can get, as long as it gets done right the first time...not as Churchill stated once that eventually America gets around to doing that, after trying every other way.

But hey folks, it is "the great experiment" after all, and this citizen isn't complaining what we pay our help...with my taxpayer dollar.

You'all are worth it.

So the most significant international event in my book for the decade is the fine job you'all carreer public servants have done in nation building- in parnership with the rest of the world so's people have hope, a life, and a nation they can call home for many decades to come, whether folks helped clean our beaches from slick disaster to our own help of others building their own nation as the newly formed Iraqi gov. will certainly attest to, along with the Afghans as Karzai has thanked us repeatedly for not being able to do so without our help.

So I'd like to ask the readership here whether folks think that's a setting sun or a rising one in the picture of this topic?

Might be an indicator of where this is all going, as my streaming train of thought wanders off on a tangent....but think about it and decide where humanity is going to or coming from over this next decade. Glass half full or half empty?

Dictators can blink repeatedly and some will whine about their servants repeatedly, but someone's got to clean up their own room eventually and so get an education.

Else live in $&!t. And that's how this debate resolves and how the maid kept her job, without the burdon placed upon her honor.

Hope you'all got you money's worth reading this...(chuckle).


New Mexico, USA
December 23, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:


If the best "retort" you can come up with is to misquote me intentionally, than that's kind of pathertic. It's too easy for me to correct the record you twist with the actual transcript from Dipnote archives.

You want to hear a really good conspiracy theory, made up by your's truly just to confuse you?

As much as I bust myth with a sound perspective, allow me to present one that will rock your's and 'Lil Julian's world view, and it's really quite simple...for those simple explanations are the most inexplicable conspiracies of all on the human level.

So groove on it in the realm of the great "What if?" that maybe, just maybe if my government wanted to tell it like it is because folks felt the public at large had a greater "need to know" than they could take official responsibility for telling openly, they could have leaked the cables themselves, posted a picture of a member of the military that doesn't exist, charge and covict him in military tribunal in "virtual abstensia", imprison that "ghost" for life and set 'Lil Julian up to believing all of it came from an "inside source" and whalah! You did wonder once how millions of cables could be leaked out didn't you?
So having worked hard to convince folks the US gov is a little "upset" by it getting out, the gov telling folks the truth that it's "classified" and won't comment on them, let the chips fall where they may to shake things up in the world that they might not otherwise be able to do on a diplomatic level as strategic planning, and kill two birds with one stone by addressing 'Lil Julian's intent to leak "classified" documents, which Donald in Virginia rightly described in his post as to the extent of such a threat. In theory 'lil Julian only got what folks actually wanted him to know, thus protected the "need to know" on two different levels...the public's right to know, and the gov. right to confidentiality.

Among gov's folks have had a lot of private conversations about the leaks themselves and we arn't privey to those...so if you are starting to grasp the nature of the conspiracy I'm concocting out of the blue here, then the question of why should be obvious, and the how just as obvious.

Any so called "embarrasment" rendered, our government can play it's part in acting that out on the world stage to create "plausable deniability" that their own release of information was "unintentional" and then qualify thier validity in cautioning folks that the info "could be changed after it got out" to those that released them to the public, as they have done in briefing.

Now the anticipated effect 'Lil Julian seeks isn't the same as my government's.

Take the nature of Saudi royalty statements asking the US to attack Iran for instance.

Well we haven't sung a song that goes "Bomb, bomb, Iran" yet have we?

Says a lot about my nation's peaceful intent in the region does it not?

We arn't looking to go to war even when folks are asking us to. That's just one way of interpreting this.

It "confirms" the common interest between Jews and Arabs of the nature of Iran's terrorist policies posing a threat to peace in the region as well.

All of which plays well to the stated public foreign policy of this nation of ours in making sure Iran never aquires an atomic weapon at the same time it makes Iran think about the position it is in with America and others in the region.

Now to be fair to you I'm not suggesting that the US gov. actually did intentionally release all this material and invent a cardboard "cut out" responsible for it.

But frankly you pose stranger conspiracies in describing every public servant of our government as corrupt dear, and let's face it...generalities are generally proven to be the exception to the truth, and there's exceptions to this truism contained in this sentence as well.

So how can you sit at your computer and tell me what I should believe to be credible or not, or acuse me of being in denial of the truth when I just showed you in this post just how hard to dicern it can become if I wanted to really confuse the issue.

It boils down to who you trust to tell it to you doesn't it?

You're just passing on something you've heard or read in the news, but how do you KNOW it is the truth or not, that's the intelligence matter in question most intelligence agencies critically assess, not simply stake their reputations upon.

It all comes out in the wash eventually, and I choose to trust my government's judgement in the matter for the simple fact that the world hasn't blown itself to kingdom come many times over all these years.

Living the "good life" means never having to say you're sorry to all those public servants in uniform and out that you'll never meet to thank them for it.

Ashim C.
December 23, 2010

Ashim K.C. in India writes:

From the view point of Indians the most important was the visit of President Obama to India and signing of a host of strategic agreements including nuclear civil cooperation.
One is inclined to believe that civil nuclear cooperation will give India energy security, which is basic requirement for rapid expansion of India's manufacturing, agriculture and agro-based food processing sectors, which will lead to job-creating inclusive growth, reduction/comlete elimination in oil import bill leaving with sufficient foreign exchange reserves to be able to buy technology and capital goods from all developed countries in a competitive environment.
One thinks that two precautions should be taken. Indian manufacturing sector should not be allowed to become overly export oriented like China has been nor should it become high wage economies as some of the asia-pacific region have become so that Indian goods and services remain competitive against imports.

This would suit developed economies too as their manufacturing and service sector will not be threatened by cheap artificially priced imports from relatively low wage economies.

Certainly, President Obama's visit has elevated Indo-US relations to a new height. The last irritant is the nuclear liaibility bill as passed b Indian parliament. One hopes that given the track record of safety of civil nuclear power generation, countries with nuclear technology would not worry too much about this nuclear liaibility bill and not insist for any change in that. In fact nuclear supplier group members should amend their standard terms and conditions and incorporate such performence guarantees supported by compensation as a token of their own confidence about excellance of their technology. Performence guarantee in any case is an internationally accepted standard condition of any technology transfer and high tech products and services.

The Indo-US relations having reached where it has must now - let it be put bluntly - devote thoughts for benign use and utlisation of their defence hardwares and human resources for peacekeeping in world wherever and whenever necessary. Defence expenditures are innately wasteful but so long as they are unavoidable for geopolitical reasons, some positive - i.e in a revenue generative sense - utilisation of their defence capabilities during idle times is a sensible proposition. One is sure there is a way of approaching this matter in a way which is acceptable to the people of two democracies.

John P.
December 23, 2010

John P. in Greece writes:

@O.C. in U.S.A.

O.C. you are so unlucky sometimes. DEA has bad (GOOD!) news for you (again).
This time in an international level (again).

I don’t know the story about the “33 Narco Traffickers”. Never heard here in Greece. So, I cannot comment on this. But, even if this happened, are you sure that these guys were not “secret service” that would help operations in order U.S.A. to fight global narco trafficking?
[if you understand what I mean: –special agents trained for field work.
I doubt that you understand, though!
And I repeat that I don’t know the subject and I don’t know if this happened and if this happened, why it happened.

And of course, unquestioningly, some things MUST remain secrets. Because simple civilians cannot administrate them as pros can.

Eric wrote something “HUGE” some days ago: If you don’t keep on searching for the truth, sometime you will meet it (in my words).

A couple of days ago, Greek “DEA” arrested 7 members of one of the biggest narco trafficking gangs in Athens/GR. In their telephone contacts there are 150 of the most famous members of the high society (models, journalists, TV persona etc.).
Do you know how this happened?

DEA USA offered all the necessary information to the Greek Police and then the locals acted on field. We couldn’t (Greeks) have made it otherwise.
U.S.A. DEA offered its help, through international collaboration and made my country better! And the world… Because drug gangs act in a global environment. (you wouldn’t like me to start elaborating on these domino parameters).

So, you, as an American, should RESPECT U.S.A. efforts against Drugs.

New Mexico, USA
December 23, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Uh...John, I only have a very small voice in all of this, so I don't know about what's "HUGE" or not...(chuckle)...I guess that's all in the interpreting of what's true or not.

But thanks for the kind words sir, I do appreciate them.

So Greek "high society" took a "face-plant into reality" eh? Well, that's entertainment for the masses I suppose.

@Donald in Virginia,

Welcome back dude, and I hope Santa brings you a new computer for stocking stuffing this year.

I've missed your posts.

@The world of Dipnote at large,

As "Lil Kim's generals once again threaten nuclear war today on the Korean Peninsula, there is a bill to be sent for all of it, and it's about time we did as a nation.

To those who may not know what or who that bill is regading, it is the implications in the sending - in our bilateral relations with China that I'm talking about, and the cost of having maintained the peace to date for the last 57 years being reimbursed by them to erase our national debt in an instant, and a one time offer made to China as well to do the right thing at long last by engaging in regime replacement therapy w/ a "Marshall plan" for North Korea as alternative to reciving from us a follow-up bill that all the yuan in China can't cover to pay the damages incurred from a war started by their North Korean proxi in the region.

No more excuses for inaction in this regard will be acceptable alternative to peace that now must be created from scratch, as there is no stability to be found under a microscope.

The longer folks wait, disaster is China's bedfellow.

I trust someone will send that bill of several trillion dollars to help China get off its duff before it takes a collective face-plant into reality through mistakes made over these last decades supporting North Korea and engaging in political stupidity, appeasment, and supporting what can now only be called a nuclear armed terrorst nation under 'lil Kim's leadership.

I don't know how else to motivate China, given that all diplomacy has been virtually exahausted at this point.

They must understand what this will cost them in no uncertain terms to continue their blind support, diplomaticly and otherwise.

I'd much rather they just accept common sense as their foreign policy and not have to send them such a bill at all, for I don't imagine they'll be too pleased about recieving it, but I don't know any other way to drive home the inevitable concequences to China otherwise in a reasonable and rational manner at this point in time, that will get China to change course, and bring change to North Korea that will bring peace to the region permanently.

I'm trying top give China a way to save face with the American people and be the hero to all the people of the region by removing the threat to their existance oposed by nuclear terrorism before the US must take that action along with its allies.

Russia can stand with us or face huge problems as well, I'm not saying anything Mr. Lavrov doesn't already know.

Folks need to come to grips that this problem isn't nastionalistic in nature, it is in fact the "Sane vs. The Insane" and that the sane better get busy for the sake of one and all, that there are no borders to separate us from the concequences, one way or another.

New Mexico, USA
December 24, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Life is good and then...<;)

MR. CROWLEY: Good afternoon. Thank you. Good afternoon. Welcome to the Department of State. My name is P.J. Crowley. I’m the Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, or as Stephen Colbert described me last night, an unnamed government functionary. (Laughter.)

- intro to the Town Hall on Human Rights Day

Oh my my, The "puppet master of fear"...must be reading Dipnote I guess! Quick! Hide the FSO's!

@ PJ Crowley,

Dude! I feel your pain...

RE: ( from a previous post on this thread )

"You know, there once was this rally to "Restore Sanity..and/or fear" and personally I think they should hold one every week from now untill doomsday just for grins and giggles...because that would definately have the capacity to create a global renaissance. Now who would you rather see play "messiah" on Steven Colbert's cross? Jon Stewart or the Wikileaks buffoon under "Mansion arrest"?"

...and I truly appologize PJ, I had no idea Steve would pick you instead and hang your official capacity on a cross like that.

Scuse me if I get informal (tis the silly season), and suggest that your remarks following this devestating revelation has caused me to reasess my perception of your role within the State Dept. as one of unsung hero at this point in time for all is said and done in support of human rights.

Your predeccessor Sean McCormick concocted this blog for the purposes which applied, let the good times role..."it's only rock and roll...but I like it".

Democracy that is,... golden opportunity...a bubblin' crude.

And loudly too. Jethro Tull playing in the background.

Oh heck...what are dictators to do PJ?

Sitting in a palace,...eyeing "Puppet" nations,...with ill intent.

Spitting up pieces of his broken trust...

" 'Lil Kim-so-ill my friend, you look so white and pasty...could it be you fear us?

Find yourself a lesser evil...to persue.

Or pack your bags while the gettin's good,

In the name of the Four Freedoms."
Freedom from Want = freedom from conflict.

Freedom from Fear = freedom from Tyrany.

Freedom of Religion = freedom from Dogma.

Freedom of Speech = freedom from the above.

Well PJ, I now know how your lawyer feels about the scope of the war on terror, but in the context of the Sane vs. The Insane, it covers a lot more than armed conflict, and I don't need law shool to describe the nature of that, just take a look at the human condition.

This is your blog PJ, having inherited this by appointment; a function of the reach of your official capacity and the sanity sweat-shop you run. Slaves to an ideal.

Well, trying to make sense of it all for the rest of us has got to be some crazy work at times, noting the wee hours a statement is sometimes released and the AP finds room to question the timing of it in a 24/7/365 news cycle context.

I digress.

So have yourself a merry time contemplating a series win for Red Sox nation with a line-up we can bet the farm on.

I'm with you all the way on looking forward to it.

As for those "damned Yankees" well,....may "lil Kim's dugouts respect our human rights too.

Despite dire provocations, and the tyrany of stupidity, the peace must go on and on and on, into the um-teenth inning, and a good time had by all.

Personally, I think you ought to get to throw out the first pitch this year.

"And I would pause here and say you don’t need to have a release of a treasure trove of secret documents to hopefully understand that this is the subject of conversations day in and day out by our diplomats all around the world as we – both as we both promote human rights and as we try to meet the challenge every single day of practicing what we preach."

I'll second that as a "public opinion" offering.

So may you always in your official capacity being; Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Public Affairs, place the ball squarely over the plate.

Happy New Year!


Jeff B.
District Of Columbia, USA
December 24, 2010

Jeff B. in Washington writes:

The most significant international events:
Those which the Progressives DID NOT ACCOMPLISH - Thank God!

Illinois, USA
December 24, 2010

Jim in Illinois writes:

This was a relatively small event: The diplomatic fracas between China and Japan over the Diaoyu (Sendakyu) islands south of Japan. It happened about two months ago.

But, it was resolved peacefully, I believe, and hopefully similar incidents that involve various countries around the world will meet a peaceful fate too.

United States
December 26, 2010

O.C. in the U.S.A. writes:

I'm glad they're working together. There have probably been more arrested since Obama's era than at any time before. There's also two men on Switzerland's most wanted list they need to find too that I'm sure I've seen hanging around Marina Del Rey, playground for organized criminals. What Americans don't like is not solving problems like our porous borders that put Border Patrol lives at stake. No American should lose their life when they could easily pass laws that stop illegal immigration like massive fines for people who hire illegal workers. When my country speaks from both sides of their mouth they put Americans lives at risk by not standing firmly on an issue. Americans have suffered enough from ill conceived policies that protect Big Business over American lives and livelihoods. John, you only know what you hear and see on Dipnote. Americans have suffered for a very long time.

John P.
December 26, 2010

John P. in Greece writes:

@Eric in New Mexico

Sean McCormack is the one who made it!. And he did a GREAT service.
What I mean Bro, is that he is not a cartoon (especially a comic one)

So, I would call him Sir McCormack…

Check your spelling… regularly (LOL)

Happy new year Sean!

New Mexico, USA
December 26, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

I'm getting lazy I guess John, whipping out a "first draft" and not looking back, no insult intended...for The FED Gov. regularly mispronounces my last name when I'm on the phone with them (and everyone else) so I guess it's ok, call it unintended returns on the investment.

All typ[os be damned, at least I can still think.

Happy New Year!

John P.
December 27, 2010

John P. in Greece writes:

@Eric in New Mexico

You lazy? Come on… you have posted millions of intelligent ideas in here.
And you offer great writing, thinking and views!

I hope I didn’t say something stupid in my previous post. Otherwise, I apologize in advance (which now… seems after -LOL).
I am the last one in the world to judge your English –which is a "state of the art"!
I just wanted to “correct” Sean’s name, because I think he is great.
And this is not partisan.
Simply, I like the guy, without have ever meeting him.

If you ask me if I want to see him a Congressman, a future Sec. of State, or even a President someday, I will honestly say YES!. But, this is not my job. And of course it’s up to him if he wants it or not.

Who am I to talk about these things? … I just like to be honest.

So, I want to make it clear. I had no intention to insult you. Anyway, I am too too too small for this.

(Concerning the “first draft”, you know as a sound engineer that often “the first cut” is the best catch).

Happy New Year Bro, and believe me I REALLY RESPECT YOU –and you are not lazy!

New Mexico, USA
December 27, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Well you pretty much got the idea John, it's like "improvisation on a theme" - so I'm afraid to look back for I might edit the slightly pithy contents in hindsight.

I do appreciate your standards of accuracy and so I'll try not to offend those often "unnamed" senior admin. official who actually do have names, in future posts...(chuckle).

I too wonder what trouble Sean is getting into these days...it's naturally "all his fault", as you know.


@ Happy New Year to Sean McCormack, wherever you be!

From; 'da blog.

John P.
December 28, 2010

John P. in Greece writes:

@Eric in New Mexico

I am not a midnight caller. (CHUCKLE)
I don’t know…

And this is my last post on this (because we are already off subject).
My next one (if “am” alive…) will be due to the new year’s eve.

This is the John Night Hawk… Goodnight America wherever you are!

Colorado, USA
January 3, 2011

Tad in Colorado writes:

Lol, Wikileaks. Embarassing for the US government. However many diplomats think like regular Americans often put their foot in their mouth. Truly free thinking Americans. I just wish that dimwit Asange had picked a different subject to come out of the closet with first. Thank you to all US diplomats for not being afraid to call it the way you see it, no one is perfect. Must make for some interesting after dinner conversations.



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