Icelandic Fulbright Alumni Host Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted by Laura Gritz
November 25, 2010
A View Across Reykjavik

About the Author: Laura Gritz is the Public Affairs Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Thanksgiving came early this year when the Iceland Fulbright Alumni Association hosted a fundraising dinner on November. 13. With support from the Iceland Fulbright Commission and U.S. Embassy Reykjavik, the Thanksgiving dinner attracted nearly seventy guests, including notable Fulbright alumni from government, academia, and the media.

U.S. Ambassador to Iceland Luis Arreaga encouraged Icelandic Fulbright alumni to continue expanding outreach activity. Former Foreign Minister Jón Baldvín Hannibalson described how his Fulbright years in America shaped his views at a young age.

The evening's entertainment included American folk songs performed by U.S. Embassy staff, along with an American trivia quiz hosted by an Icelandic talk show host who is a Fulbright alumna.

Question: “Iceland is approximately the size of which U.S. state?”
Answer: “Kentucky.”

Funds raised through ticket sales will contribute to one Icelandic Fulbright student grant. Association Chairperson Ragnhildur Sigudardottir said that by hosting the fundraising dinner, the alumni association wanted to show its commitment to Fulbright Iceland and that she hopes the event will become an annual tradition.


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