Travel Diary: Secretary Clinton Hosts Townterview With Australian Youth

Posted by Reggie Singh
November 9, 2010
Secretary Clinton Jokes With Australian Students

About the Author: Reggie Singh serves as Political and Economic Officer at the U.S. Consulate Sydney in Australia.

Secretary Clinton's Australian townterview at the University of Melbourne, with youth from across the country, was broadcast to a nationwide audience on Sunday evening. The U.S. Mission in Melbourne spent an intense week working in Melbourne with our partners and hosts for this event -- the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and Asia Society/Asialink -- culminating in a Sunday morning taping before a 500-person audience.

The young people filing into the auditorium of the Sidney Myer Asia Centre at the University of Melbourne were both excited, as well as a bit nervous. In the end, a mix of questions covering both the personal and political put the audience at ease and allowed the Secretary to work in some humor.

The questions ranged from: "In your opinion, Madam Secretary, how close are we to achieving true gender equality here in the Western world?” to “How do you handle the stress of being Secretary of State?”

This townterview was a somewhat different format from other such events during the Secretary's visit through the region. She led off with a 15-minute policy speech framing the history, shared sacrifice, and common values of the U.S.-Australia alliance, while looking forward to an agenda that the two countries will tackle in the years ahead.

Secretary Clinton noted that security in the future requires us to adapt to emerging threats and unexpected challenges, ranging from climate change to cybersecurity. In addition, the U.S. and Australia would also work together to expand economic opportunity, including through the ongoing Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks.

Finally, the United States and Australia have a similar vision for regional architecture, culminating in the recent American decision to join the East Asia Summit.

Secretary Clinton concluded her remarks to young Australians by emphasizing, “Yes we're looking back, to make sure we never forget, but we're also looking forward, to make sure we envision and then produce a future worthy of your dreams.”

You can watch the townterview here and view the Secretary's complete remarks here.



South Korea
November 10, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Dear to,

Australian, very happy to think that the people of the country. Restrictions on pro-choice (I think the growth is slower than the pursuit of happiness. Koala?) If there is, almost heaven, I think.
gender equality? Many believe that poverty is the result.

Exchange rate adjustments that I think the way to escape the economic crisis caused by drugs administered to the intensive care unit and to forget the pain while I think. zero-sum game? Unlike the old, as imbalances in trade with certain countries that the economic crisis when the state thought that the ripple effect will spread throughout the world. I think Greece is a good example of the crisis. Rate than the larger pie of the Asian market and if it was how to divide those benefits. The explosive growth and consumption are expected. Compared with developed countries ....

The new administration in 2009 before starting work to claim three world's new economic policy, economists are likely to fail and savings only, the only way to survive as citizens spoke. Then, I assume consumption and production in emerging "consumer countries" to develop away from the pitfalls that can prove their theory that contradicted what i will remember. That's "12 +1" , "13 countries"was, to note that there was no one to remember.

Before the election, talked about the exchange rate is, U.S. citizens' complaints against China in their subconscious minds, eliminating an agreement as a way of solving economic problems and to regain the trust of the citizens as a way to win an election, I spoke. Those who did not appear greatly concerned, for now, the exchange rate to adjust to each other, and for the domestic market in Asia continued to show interest to find ways of coexistence time to think. Potential purchasing power and production capacity without a doubt ...

The last,
from cnn.
ash, cut the Mr. President Obama`s visit in
Indonesia. not? i agree. be? i agrees.....

Thank You.


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