How Can the International Community Continue to Advance Safeguards in Intercountry Adoption?

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November 5, 2010
An Adopted Child at a Citizenship Ceremony

November is National Adoption month. As Ambassador Jacobs said in her briefing, the Hague Convention has ushered in a new era of responsibility, accountability, and increased safeguards in intercountry adoptions. We continue to encourage all countries to join the Convention in order to help protect adopted children, birth families, and adoptive families from fraud and abusive practices, and we continue to seek ways to improve safeguards in cases not subject to the Convention.

How can the international community best ensure that adoptions are transparent, and that the rights of adopted children, birth families, and adoptive families are protected?



Tjahjokartiko G.
November 6, 2010

Tjahjokartiko G. in Indonesia writes:

In the same framework, I am promoting Public and Private Partnerships. Please observe ""

Mark C.
Pennsylvania, USA
November 7, 2010

Mark C. in Pennsylvania writes:

It is important that the rights of adopted children, birth families and adoptive families be protected. International adopting is a wonderful way to build a family! The adoption process should be done quickly but thoroughly. The birth parents must be really dead (for orphans) and there must not be any human trafficking or kidnapping involved. The adopting parents must have good values, but they don't have to be rich - just good.

Pound L.
New Jersey, USA
November 9, 2010

P.P.L. in New Jersey writes:

Dear Ambassador Jacobs,

Since this comment box does not suffice to present our position and suggestions, we have published an article on our website addressing the question you posed.

You can find the article by following this link: ""

In the article we explain:

a) The need to address orphanage donations within the framework of the Hague Convention;

b) The need for an independent international organization with investigative authority;

c) The need for quality standards for inter-country adoption practices.

With kind regards,
Adult adoptees with a concerned interest


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