Ambassador Munter Travels to Flood-Affected Areas of Pakistan

November 4, 2010
Ambassador Munter Observes Flood-Affected Areas in Pakistan

About the Author: Alberto Rodriguez serves as a spokesperson at U.S. Embassy Islamabad.

U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter and his wife Marilyn Wyatt traveled to the flood-affected area of Kalam in Swat on Thursday, November 4. Accompanied by the Deputy Chief of the Office of the Defense Representative to Pakistan U.S. Brigadier General Michael Nagata, the Ambassador observed aid that was being delivered by U.S. military helicopters.

"As we continue to stand with Pakistan in support of its recovery efforts, my hope is the generous contributions of aid from nations around the world will also continue," said Ambassador Munter.

He met with a group of internally displaced persons that were waiting for helicopter transport. The Ambassador also met with the elder of this group and, afterwards, accompanied the group to the waiting helicopters. The U.S. military ferried the internally displaced persons and produce to a town about six miles north of Mingaora.

Ambassador Munter expressed his appreciation to the Pakistani and U.S. military for their continued efforts in delivering humanitarian aid to the flood-affected areas in Swat.

"I am very impressed by the Pakistani military leadership and the manner in which it has addressed the challenge. I was also witness to the hard work and close cooperation of the Pakistani military and the U.S. military," said the Ambassador.

You can learn more about Pakistan flood disaster relief and how you can help at



South Korea
November 5, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Kibbutz.(India's intelligence agencies would be easier to think if you help.)

November 8, 2010

Irtaza in Pakistan writes:

Dear Alberto Rodriguez,
The work the Americans have done in rescue operation is laudable. Now the uphill task of flood affectees' rehabilitation stands ahead. But before their rehabilitation, the most important thing to do is to prevent them from cold. Being a journalist based in South Punjab, what I've observed is really saddening. Still thousands of IDPs are living in camps with their children, highly vulnerable to the harsh weather. What I believe is that the Dipnote is an effective platform to make this appeal that immediate measures may be adopted to prevent the IDPs from the killing weather.

Yeshwa Y.
November 29, 2010

Yeshwa Y. in Pakistan writes:

Munter is doing great job in Pakistan, i really appreciate him. Keep it up USA we need you


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