For U.S. Citizens: Employment Opportunities at the UN and Other International Organizations

Posted by Ashli L. Savoy
November 3, 2010
Palais des Nations Is Shown in Geneva

About the Author: Ashli Ferguson serves as a Public Affairs Specialist in the Bureau of International Organization Affairs.

Looking for interesting and challenging employment opportunities to contribute to the needs of people worldwide? Well, your search just got easier! The State Department's Bureau of International Organization Affairs has launched a revamped website to publicize professional employment opportunities open to U.S. citizens at the United Nations and other international organizations.

The Department of State encourages qualified U.S citizens to apply for these positions. As the largest financial contributor to most of these organizations, the United States has a major interest in the composition and quality of their staff and their ability to carry out programs effectively and efficiently.

Interested in working at the United Nations? What about the World Health Organization, World Food Program, or UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization? Now, you can find information about those opportunities, and others, in one convenient place.

The new website features:

• Information about numerous current open job vacancies at international organizations.

• A new user-friendly and effective job search tool.

• Job Alerts -- sign up to receive email alerts, based on your employment interests, as new jobs are posted to the website.

• Other helpful tools and resources, including information about salaries and benefits.

Visit the new website here, today.



Artstrada M.
Texas, USA
November 4, 2010

A.M. in Texas writes:


Utah, USA
November 4, 2010

Tom in Utah writes:

I am grateful that some international organizations have opened their doors to help with the burden of our nations problems. We need our government to help fix the issues with how unemployment is spinning out of control.

Lawrence J.
Maryland, USA
November 5, 2010

Lawrence S.J. in Maryland writes:

Unfortunately, the UN is not an equal opportunity employer and practices age discrimination and does hire experienced and well-qualified indivuals over 60 years of age.

District Of Columbia, USA
November 10, 2010

George in Washington writes:

Interested in working at the United Nations and other international organizations

Iram S.
November 14, 2010

Iram S. writes:

I have 15 years of program management experience in Asia Region on reproductive and sexual health related issues focusing program supervision, training, adovocacy and developing monitoring & evaluation framework.

DipNote Bloggers reply: DipNote is not involved in the hiring process of any of the organizations mentioned in this blog entry. Please visit the website link that's given in the post in order to apply for jobs.


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