Travel Diary: Secretary Clinton Meets with Government Officials in Cambodia and Visits U.S. Embassy

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November 2, 2010
Secretary Clinton Poses for a Photo With A Group of Cambodian Girls
Secretary Clinton Views The Angkor Wat Temple Complex
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen Meets With Secretary Clinton
Secretary Clinton Shakes Hands With Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen
Secretary Clinton Tours Angkor Wat Temple Complex
Secretary Clinton Looks at a Wall of Faces

Between October 30 and November 1, Secretary Clinton met with government and civil society leaders in Phnom Penh, spoke with U.S. Embassy staff, and visited Angkor Wat, a UNESCO World Heritage site. After her town hall with Cambodian youth, Secretary Clinton spoke with Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Hor Namhong.

Secretary Clinton said, "...this is my sixth trip to Asia as Secretary of State but my first to Cambodia, and it represents the commitment that President Obama and I have made to restoring America to a high level of engagement in the Asia-Pacific region and in particular to work with the government and the peoples of countries such as Cambodia. Our two countries recently marked the 60th anniversary of our diplomatic ties, so even as we celebrate old milestones we are firmly fixed on the future to broaden and deepen our partnership."

After praising Cambodia for its commitment to combating HIV/AIDS and discussing the work of the Peace Corps, Feed the Future, and the Lower Mekong Initiative, Secretary Clinton spoke of her tour of the Tuol Sleng Museum and said, " Cambodia is not only preserving its own peace, it is sending Cambodians overseas to serve as UN peacekeepers in Chad and the Central African Republic and assisting in demining missions in Lebanon and Sudan. So Cambodia is actually using the lessons of its own painful past to help save lives and help other countries who are grappling with conflict and war.

"We recently contributed $5 million to Cambodia's Khmer Rouge Tribunal. And as I told His Excellency, we are committed to helping Cambodia hold accountable those senior Khmer Rouge leaders most responsible for atrocities. I salute the tribunal's ongoing efforts to bring justice to the victims that promote the rule of law. And I will do what I can to work with the Cambodian Government, with the United Nations, and the international community to ensure that we have the resources needed to proceed with Case 002.

"I am very optimistic about Cambodia's future. The last years have been transformative for this country. And I hope that the United States can be a good partner and a friend as the Government and people of Cambodia make the necessary steps to improve your democratic institutions, to improve the economy, to provide the kind of opportunities that the young people I met with earlier today deserve to have."

The full transcript is available here.

Secretary Clinton also met and spoke with staff at the U.S. Embassy in Phnom Penh. A transcript of those remarks is available here.


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