Travel Diary: Secretary Clinton's Townterview With Young Europeans in Kosovo

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October 13, 2010

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton held a townterview with students, women leaders, and members of civil society in Pristina, Kosovo, on October 13, 2010. The Secretary was asked a variety of questions from challenges Kosovo is currently facing to Kosovo's future.

Secretary Clinton said, "I think that I see the way that Kosovo is moving forward to be very encouraging. You are building up your democratic institutions, which is very important. You're about to have another election which needs to be as strong and transparent and free as possible with as much participation. You are working on economic development, privatizing some of the inefficient state enterprises like electricity and telecommunications. So on the democratic, constitutional, economic front, you're making progress and the United States stands ready to help you continue that progress.

"I think there needs to be improvements in services, education, healthcare, other kinds of services that the people of Kosovo are looking for, and again, we will be there to help you. I am very pleased at how there is a commitment to integration and pluralism within Kosovo. I just met with the elected Serb mayors in municipalities here and talked through with them what they're doing to make a difference in the lives of the people that they represent. And as you said, there will be an important dialogue, starting with Serbia, that will begin to solve some of the remaining problems that still exist, which is very important for both countries so that both countries can move toward European integration."

She continued, "The United States does not have a vote in the European Union, but we believe strongly that all the countries of the Balkans should be starting on a path toward European integration, beginning with visa liberalization for people in Kosovo, particularly young people, so that you can travel, study, work, really tell the story of Kosovo beyond your own boundaries.

"So although I know the road ahead is challenging, you've come such a long way. And what you have overcome and what your parents and your grandparents have had to deal with really puts you in a strong position to build your own country to be a model for yourselves and for others in the region, and then to play an active role in the future in Europe. And that's what I'm going to commit myself to help you to achieve."

You can read the Secretary's full remarks here.

Secretary Clinton is traveling to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, and Brussels from October 11 to 14. The Secretary is meeting with government and civic leaders, and citizens to highlight the continued U.S. commitment to support all the Balkan states in achieving their aspirations for full integration into the European and Euro-Atlantic community. Learn more about her trip here.



South Korea
October 14, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Kosovo and near region.

Always reminds me of a pearl. Jewelry. I think pearl jewelry through their pain and make sacrifices to pay for some reason to think the tears and the sadness and pain. So, when dealing with access or a few times more than others to reach carefully and quietly without a sound. Make sure to guarantee access to two old books for Pearl raised the possibility of good results, i think.

-Elections, new stimulus plan

We start the U.S. economy and the recovery process of watching, from behind closed doors by a small number of persons, companies, and closed cartel policies for the financial industry, the economy's positive cycle of the structure of consumers ignore the large pillars and their exploitation structure is a target of economic overheating and eventually led to the global economic crisis, the process of restoring the long hours of pain and how we are hurting and feeling enough to be carved bone, and how much more angry and think about what will endure.

Until now, bad practices to eliminate its people a social structure to make the reform legislation, the success sikyeotgo, unavoidably large and the financial industry rescue and, rescue, jobs, maintain and their stable revenue based on the new investment commitment to receive all the blame are willing to make concessions to them, many will think. However, the result is - despite the huge power of cash and investments, as well as past To their preferences (?)

Waiting for the coming (they did not wait for the regime change idea, but ............................ ..........................)

Are still hesitant to invest and it's positive economic cycle appears to lag I think. However, no theoretical or legal action that is easy to think that will not not respond.

Far less than the preferential treatment, citing,

The story so far is what Ive mentioned a few times, today's topic is the subject of a new economic stimulus plan of who is going to talk briefly. Financial industry and large corporations already have enough to think that self-sustaining. However, employment in these companies only been available in personnel, now with the economic crisis, unemployment, and lost homes, health care coverage tailored to those who do not need a new economic stimulus package, I think.

Most of the economic boom cycle and the structure of government and big money investors rather than the $ 1 comes from the pockets of citizens got together to stimulate the economy and create a healthy economy think. Citizens' consumption and consequent operating factories and service industries to enrich the 3rd I think, and now that the consumption of production facilities could not keep up with i think. - The government went ahead and jobs and promote the welfare when conceives the possibility, but a specific region, but the global economic crisis and budget over-concentrated anger of the federal government into bankruptcy and the possibility of escalating think, and in this situation of private employment and government large-scale national projects (such as infrastructure) and of short-term and long-term plans enforcement by dividing the short-term instability of employment and business spending to mitigate the slowdown in 2-3 years, medium - long term business people confident about the future giving the jitters to eliminate Suspect is likely to help.

Policies and reforms of the planning and implementation is 100% complete does not want to talk. but, 99%, 1% do not have to meet that commitment so far is that it does not go back to the past. I think we've got to stop. And now, most deliberate delays and dissatisfaction, but they make the structure of private property, emphasizing that the economy is not circulated to one percent think that we will be showing the unity. However, the private property investment before they gibuna forced induction is difficult to believe.

If anything, the stimulus to the citizens of the goals and objectives, if implemented now, go along to see a totally different result would be the highly personal claims. (Consumption, investment in lives, of course, that they far too traditional (?) Was I think.)

P.S So, this Obama was stupid to think that the possibility of the government, but Many of the old story of someone trying to cheat you decide to aim to stop that he would talk to 9 out of 10. Yet the passion and law and order things done on the basis of the area to meet hadabomyeon long way from the rich, traditional and customary to deny qualified mucking clean and transparent way of doing things, if anyone does not want to be friends plain truth is realized once again. Was vote for the winning side, hold on or watching from the sidelines that it was their logic, the conscience tells me that you absolutely do not provide the bread.

South Korea
October 14, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Domestic joint venture enterprises and governments to remove the hands and feet, and their passage to become a unique approach to create and execute plans, and much success to think. I think the way to run a . And never stop to think. You judge the results and will conform to.

Sanija M.
October 14, 2010

Sanija M. in Kosovo writes:

Greetings from Kosovo,

I had a great honor to personally meet Secretary Clinton in the meeting with women leaders yesterday in Pristina.She is so strong woman who emit positive rays and optimism. Regardless of the obstacles and problems that we need to solve,I am sure that Kosovo is on good way and I want to confirm you that we have people of good will who are willing to contribute on that path.

Thank you for support and sincere friendship !

October 18, 2010

Ogame in Turkey writes:

And now, most deliberate delays and dissatisfaction, but they make the structure of private property, emphasizing that the economy is not circulated to one percent think that we will be showing the unity. However, the private property investment before they gibuna forced induction is difficult to believe

Pamela G.
West Virginia, USA
October 15, 2010

Pamela G. in West Virginia writes:

Another example of a country that needs to keep working and have its youth help get accepted into the European Union.

South Korea
October 18, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

out of Topic.


In Korea, machinery, metal processing and medium-sized companies in Changwon, a city dense is to promote. The city itself, and metal processing machinery to create the finished product, the finished product to make processed products for processing because the city made a lot of people just like people who live in the harsh desert climate, but (shoot a pool or he) did to accumulate a considerable technological I think the town.

Younger members of the city's extreme southern region-specific potential energy continues to grow as a city, I think. Compared with developed countries should invest at least 50 years reliable and everyone knows the brand, but that investment would be disappointed if you do not think that.

Why, you're trying to promote the truth, I think we should talk. The city is a lot of small businesses, too focused on specific countries in the Middle East and then deal with the outburst of the country are expected to be more difficult. But in the Middle East countries to insist on the amnesty issue, rather than provide new opportunities for the city of Changwon, Is there a way to go on a rude. Policies were developed to support the city, but many of them continuing to make efforts for current and future possibilities for a large corporate base, I think


Tere D.
Texas, USA
October 16, 2010

Tere D. in Texas writes:

Our Secretary of State, Hillary R. Clinton makes me proud. She is a women of great intelligence who is very articulate and inspiring. Yet, change begins with each and every one of us. We need the support of people like her but we also need to take responsibility to make this world a better place for ALL.


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