Food Voucher Program Will Assist Sudanese Families

Posted by Angela Stephens
October 13, 2010
Food Aid Being Distributed in Darfur

About the Author: Angela Stephens serves as an Information Officer with the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Most U.S. food assistance to Sudan is "in-kind" aid -- food that is grown by farmers in the United States, purchased on the open market, then shipped to Sudan. Voucher programs, on the other hand, offer an alternative and complementary approach that gives families access to foods they are already familiar with and boosts local economic activity. Recently, USAID awarded its first grant for a food voucher program in Sudan, a landmark initiative that will nourish hungry families by lowering the cost of life-saving foods already available in local markets.

This grant, awarded to the World Food Program (WFP), provides more than $2.25 million for food vouchers that will be distributed to 129,000 people affected by drought in North Kordofan and North Darfur through the end of the year. Using vouchers worth $8 to $20, families can select a minimum of three food items from approved merchants, alleviating some of the hardship brought on by seasonal drought.

Overall in 2010, USAID has provided $404 million in food aid to 6.1 million food-insecure people in Sudan.

Editor's Note: This entry also appears on USAID's Impact Blog.



Florida, USA
October 15, 2010

Chad in Florida writes:

Instead of turning a blind eye to acts of rape, torture, and ruthless killing, famine, and starvation, there's this new film Attack on Darfur that demands your eyes to be duct taped open and burns images in your head that are hard to forget. It comes out on DVD on Oct. 26th. This film NEEDS to be seen if you’re serious about doing something to stop the terrible things going on in Darfur.


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