Secretary Clinton Addresses the U.S.-Georgia Charter Strategic Partnership

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October 6, 2010

Secretary Clinton and Georgian Prime Minister Nikoloz Gilauri delivered remarks today at the U.S.-Georgia Charter on Strategic Partnership omnibus meeting. Secretary Clinton said, "The relationship between Georgia and the United States stands on a foundation of shared values and common interests. The Charter that our countries signed in January 2009 has given us a framework for further developing our cooperation. And today, I want to reiterate our commitment to working together to advance Georgia's security and democracy.

"The United States will not waver in its support for Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity. That support is a core principle of our Charter on Strategic Partnership, and it is fundamental to our bilateral relationship.

"The United States remains committed to Georgia's aspirations for membership in NATO, as reflected in the Alliance's decisions in Bucharest and Strasbourg-Kehl. We strongly support Georgia's efforts related to its Annual National Program, which promotes defense reform and guides cooperation with NATO. And we continue to support Georgia's efforts on defense reform and improving defense capabilities, including NATO interoperability and Georgia's contributions to ISAF operations in Afghanistan.

"We are extremely grateful for Georgia's contributions to NATO's efforts in Afghanistan. Seven hundred and fifty Georgian soldiers in ISAF are serving shoulder-to-shoulder with U.S. Marines in Helmand Province, with another 200 serving with French troops. They are helping Afghans build a more secure, stable, and prosperous future, and working to safeguard our common security against the threat of terrorism. And we were deeply saddened by your loss last week of the four Georgian soldiers and by the casualties that you endured earlier. I want to express our condolences and solidarity with the Georgian people in the face of our shared sacrifice and loss.

"...We care about Georgia's security and Georgia's democracy. We support the Georgian people in your aspirations to build a better future. And we appreciate this opportunity to strengthen that close relationship at many levels in both of our governments to build relationships among people, not just between governments, and to support the kind of changes that are occurring in Georgia that we, in turn, can then trumpet to our own people here, including investors who we would urge to take a close look at Georgia and others in our country who are standing by and urging on and cheering for the changes that Georgia is making and the role model that you are becoming."

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October 6, 2010

Alexey in Russia writes:

"We continue to call on Russia to end its occupation of Georgian territory, withdraw its forces, and abide by its other commitments under the 2008 ceasefire agreements."

God! Where has this lady seen our troops in Georgia?! You, guys, keep stating this again and again. Aren't you tired of it?

Maryland, USA
October 6, 2010

Patrick in Maryland writes:

Okay,let me see,this was more of a share support talk . I really don't think they were saying anything bad about Russia.

My thought's are: Russia has been trying to be a good partner with the US. and many other countries. We are working with Russia on many new businesses, like air travel and both Russia and the United States are working on a new (Start togethere.:)

This discussion was more about showing support for Georgia and caring about the citizen they lost in Afghanistan.

Anyway , thats what i think.:)

Nice Work Russia,United State and Geogia on working together.

Later Guys :)

South Korea
October 10, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Rahm Emanuel


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