Reflections on Asia-Pacific Region From UN General Assembly

Posted by Kurt Campbell
October 2, 2010

About the Author: Kurt Campbell serves as Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs.

Last week, I joined leaders and representatives from around the world at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York City. I met with key international players from the Asia-Pacific region and had the opportunity to underscore the United States' enduring commitment to the region and the importance of multilateral cooperation in addressing the global and transnational issues that affect us all.

Secretary Clinton and I attended President Obama's bilateral meetings with Prime Minister Kan of Japan and Premier Wen Jiabao of the People's Republic of China. I also attended meetings with leaders and representatives from Mongolia, the Republic of Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, the Marshall Islands, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and Singapore. These face-to-face meetings are an important part of our high level of engagement with the nations of the Asia-Pacific region. Our Asian allies and partners play a critical role in international architecture, through their valuable political, economic, and cultural contributions to the world.

On Friday, September 24, I attended President Obama's meeting with the leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) for the second U.S.-ASEAN summit and the first to be held in the United States. This meeting underscored the importance that the United States places on ASEAN, and the Administration's desire to enhance engagement in Southeast Asia. At this summit, the leaders discussed a broad range of global and regional issues, from trade and investment to climate change to maritime security and non-proliferation. We look forward to continuing to deepen our relationship with our ASEAN partners in the months ahead.

I also had the good fortune of joining Secretary Clinton for a meeting with the Pacific Island Leaders that she hosted in New York. This was the second such meeting she hosted and demonstrates the commitment the United States places on the Pacific. We also were fortunate to be joined by representatives from New Zealand and Australia, two critical partners for the U.S. in the Pacific.

I returned from New York invigorated and resolved that American engagement in the Asia-Pacific will be instrumental to our future and to advancing American national interests.



South Korea
October 3, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Dear to,

Mr. Sohn
Democratic Party of Korea was elected as a representative of the new party saw the news.


Perhaps the reason he was elected

"Toward the goal of a strong will, and his heart is the result of the assessment back to the beginning
The transfer of power to start a new message,

I think. " and, i think someonea are saing to him. struggle? after winning.
i think.

Thank You.

Virginia, USA
October 8, 2010

Flavius in Virginia writes:

Y'all are being AWFULLY quiet about this years recipient of the Nobel Peace prize, aren't you? We wouldn't want to upset the Chinese, would we?

I know, I know. You can't criticize the bank when it holds all the paper on your house.


United States
October 8, 2010

O.C. in the U.S.A. writes:

Flavius is in the house. Good one. It's difficult for America to preach about human rights abuses when they torture people in Poland.

R. B.
October 8, 2010

DipNote Bloggers reply: Patience, Flavius; patience.

New Mexico, USA
October 8, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:


New Mexico, USA
October 8, 2010
California, USA
October 15, 2010

Eileen in California writes:

I would sure like to hear you elaborate about the second annual meeting with the Pacific Island Nation leaders. What was discussed, what has been accomplished in the region over the past year and where is US policy headed in the Pacific region in the future?

When will USAID open its new offices in PNG and Fiji and what will be the nature of USAID assistance in the region?


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