Unstinting Resolve

Posted by Scott Gration
September 28, 2010
President Obama at a Ministerial Meeting on Sudan

About the Author: Major General (Ret) Scott Gration serves as the U.S. Special Envoy to Sudan.

Last week, all eyes were on New York City as senior diplomats from around the world gathered for the UN General Assembly meetings. In the meeting rooms and corridors of United Nations Headquarters, we worked diligently with our international partners to elevate the importance of Sudan on the world stage and urge the North and South to take swift action to prevent destabilizing conflict and remain on the path of peace.

The importance the Obama Administration places on Sudan was highlighted at UNGA as the President, Secretary Clinton, Ambassador Rice, and I met with Northern and Southern Sudanese leaders, international partners, advocacy groups, and civil society leaders. In formal meetings and sidebar discussions with foreign counterparts at the most senior levels of government, we drove home the importance of full implementation of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement and real progress on improving the security and humanitarian situation in Darfur.

On Friday, September 24, President Obama participated in a UN High-Level Meeting on Sudan hosted by Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. The President has led the Administration's engagement on Sudan and he has made resolving its challenges a U.S. foreign policy priority. At UNGA, he demonstrated his unwavering personal commitment to helping create the conditions required to build the enduring peace that the Sudanese people deserve.

The stakes are tremendously high as we approach the referenda for Southern Sudan and Abyei. Through our intensified diplomatic efforts, we seek to prevent destabilizing conflict, and ensure that the people of Sudan do not once again fall victim to the horrors of civil war that marred the decades leading up to the signing of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement. With the same sense of urgency, we continue to work with international partners toward definitively ending conflict in Darfur and building a future where justice and accountability prevail over violence and impunity.

With just over 100 days remaining before the referenda, the UN General Assembly has provided an excellent opportunity to refocus and rally the support of the international community. I am grateful to President Obama and Secretary Clinton for their leadership and collaboration as we work to build the diplomatic momentum needed to make progress toward the shared goal of a peaceful, secure, and prosperous Sudan.



New York, USA
September 28, 2010

Ron in New York writes:

Re-solve is Right.....

Just think about it....President Obama has had to Re-Solve every International and Domestic policy issue since Bush #1.

We need to recognize the complexities and challenges in addressing issues; which have been worsened by the anti-multi-lateral
approach of the previous administrations.

Seeing the past clearly, allows us to see the future more brightly. Or, with lack of re-solve, we will be forced to repeat the past.

Mary K.
Kansas, USA
September 29, 2010

Mary K.G.D. in Kansas writes:

Major General (Ret) Scott Gration:

Thank you for this most important work. Thank you especially for your service to our country and your work toward peace in others.

You are appreciated!

MKG <3


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