UN Security Council Holds Summit on Peacekeeping

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September 23, 2010

Fact Sheet:The United States in UN Peacekeeping -- Strengthening UN Peacekeeping and Conflict Prevention Efforts

Today, the United Nations Security Council Summit hosted a meeting on peacekeeping as a part of the 65th UN General Assembly. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton represented the United States at the session and delivered remarks. This important meeting provided a unique opportunity to underscore longstanding U.S. support for UN and regional peacekeeping and to update the world on efforts to operationalize the commitments that President Obama outlined last September in a meeting with the leaders of the top troop-contributing nations.

Over the past year, the United States has contributed immensely to worldwide peacekeeping operations, making assessed contributions of $2.6 billion to the UN peacekeeping budget and more than $3.6 billion in humanitarian and development assistance to eight countries where UN peacekeepers serve. We have also helped to train and equip over 136,000 peacekeepers, and supported deployment of more than 110,000 personnel from 29 countries. Increasing the effectiveness of UN peacekeeping is one of the highest priorities for the United States at the United Nations. Multilateral peacekeeping shares the risks and responsibilities of maintaining international peace and security, and is a cost-effective way to help achieve U.S. strategic and humanitarian interests.

Secretary Clinton has attached great importance to women, peace, and security. Last year she led the UN Security Council in adopting unanimously Resolution 1888 on Women, Peace, and Security, which condemns conflict-related sexual violence and calls on all parties to immediately end acts of rape and sexual violence during armed conflict. This resolution strengthened the international response to sexual violence in conflict by establishing a dedicated UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence, creating of a team of experts to investigate crimes and assist victims, and tracking data on sexual violence in UN reports. We will support this effort in a number of ways, including by providing nearly $2 million to help start up the new office led by Special Representative Margot Wallstrom.

As President Obama noted in today's address to the UN General Assembly, "It's time to reinvigorate UN peacekeeping, so that missions have the resources necessary to succeed, and so atrocities like sexual violence are prevented and justice is enforced -- because neither dignity nor democracy can thrive without basic security."



mat h.
September 24, 2010

Mat H. in the Netherlands writes:

The U.N.-Security Council must know:
The world in coming:
Knows only one kind of militaire troops:

1) For some time soldiers of UN -to make peace in this world.
2) Then there must be troops availeble to keep peace in problematic area/regions in the world. At last when the world is secure, ther must be U.N. troops to prevent nations of war and keep the peace-situation alive. All soldiers, must be peace keepers- Soldiers in duty for all nations. Not -one- nation should have soldiers of there own. The duty is based on equal rights and security for all nations/cultures/religions etc. There must be a nuklear weapon free world. No one should have one.
No militaire next the UN peace soldiers. No facilities to protect because there is no dangerous enemy anymore. The amount of finances, will be more then is request for the forfilling of the millennium goals. Enough for battle agains hunger/starvetion-cleanwater-medical care-education etc. Above all the world will be another one -people are able to live in peace and dignity together-secure-no fight among the strongest-everyone is save-save of the primaire needs. No more unnecassary death among innocent and soldiers- Dead will pass by on them who would prefer to live a little or much longer-but died in wars- . War is primative-cost a lot and brings almost nothing.(only for a few)

Peace ca be maked- "we must do and want it". We have no alternative; Let's do the job.

District Of Columbia, USA
September 24, 2010

IEGWBG. in Washington DC writes:

It is interesting that during this summit world leaders also recognized issues related to climate change and fragile states as important factors impacting MDGs. IEG's recent brief on Priorities in Meeting the MDGs: Lessons from Evaluation points out that the sustainability of progress made on achieving MDGs increasingly depends on meeting unexpected obstacles such as natural disasters, environmental setbacks, climate change, and global economic crises. Hopefully the discussions on these issues will continue at the summit and some solutions will be found to address them. To download the paper, go here: "http://siteresources.worldbank.org/EXTDIRGEN/Resources/MDGnote.pdf"

Ashim C.
September 24, 2010

Ashim K.C. in India writes:

Peace keeping role of UN is not taken as seriously as it should be. USA and NATO have largely tried to substitute UN in many conflict zones with varying degree of success at the cost of earning much flake at home and abroad and heavy burden to their human and material resources. How financial liabilities of war in Iraq and Afpak have drained USA is for every one to see. Mr. Warren Buffet says US is still in recession. US insistence to wriggle out of Afpak at the earliest and it's blow more cold than hot policies with regard to Iran and in Asia Pacific region point strongly at US difficulties. There is nothing wrong in US admitting it. However, if UN role in peacekeeping is to be genuinely strengthened, it is imperative that such members of UN as have huge reserves of military hardware and human resources must commit their resources to UN peacekeeping and that those would be able to do only when they themselves are free of their own security concerns and the entire international community represented in UN system contributes financially to share UN peacekeeping. Single digit UN peacekeeping budget is inconsequential.

New York, USA
September 24, 2010

Ron in New York writes:

Conflict Induction Model......

UN has been caught in a conflict-induction trap; which provides assistance only after a human security disaster takes place.
Peace-keeping does not work; it is too little too late after a war-making event. Crisis-induction (bad actors in state and non-state capacities) has been rewarded. What's worse are UN peace-force abuses in conflict-torn regions.
The justification is often; boredom, lack of authority, or insulation form the communities they should be protecting.

We are entering a phase of reward for the perpetrators of conflict and abuse.....look at the Presidential candidate for Liberia...Is this the New Millennium model for Peace-Keeping?

Good Luck!

United States
September 24, 2010

O.C. in the U.S.A. writes:

Its like getting the fox to guard the hen house. Too much corruption. Too many fingers in the pot. You can't hold up the banner of peace and democracy while simultaneously making money off of your philanthropic "good " scams, I mean deeds. The world wants peace and harmony while governments sell everything for a profit namely women, children, guns, drugs, food, water.
America needs to stand up against political evilness at the expense of the world citizenry. Try honesty for a change and see what a difference it would make in the world.

New Mexico, USA
September 25, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

To Pres Obama, Sec of State Clinton, Amb. Rice, and supporting cast @ State...

When my kids were fighting over crayons one day, both wanting to use the same color at the same time (out of a box of 128 assorted colors), the development initiative I'd instigated with my partner in child-rearing by investing in an industrial roll of art paper and the biggest box of crayons known to man, was looking more like modern day international affairs than any fun at all for them.

So there was really only one diplomatic option to resolve the conflict between the parties.

I broke the crayon in half and they had to pick a hand , so they wouldn't fight over who might have gotten the slighly bigger half ( not being equiped with a tape measure at that moment)

To which they then proceded to resolve these problems themselves from then on breaking all the crayons in half when the situation presented itself. End of futher conflict.

Long story short...they both are well on their way to becoming succesful artists today, not starving artists.

One might apply this in context to the dispute China and Japan are having over the territory surrounding a few islands at the moment.

Pull out a map, and draw straws to see who gets first pick of an island , then all parties laying claim take turns picking an island until none are left, and if an odd one remains, the parties again draw straws and the short one is the owner. End of conflict.

Is it ok for a citizen to ask his government to teach the kids to play nice and share the wealth of development potential?

Look, unless folks want the UN to look like romper room on steroids, might I also suggest we not entertain an Aminidijad "bitch fest" ever again?

I'm suprised only thirty some odd nations walked out, must be because a lot more stayed away to begin with.

It's a pity the President of the UNGA and Cec. General Moon put up with such ethical infants like this so called "world leader" who abuses his nation's UN Charter membership by being the world's leading state sponsor of terror, inviting him to speak in the first place.

Never mind the abysmal rhetoric that's far removed from all touch with reality, there's a lot more to think about than mere "freedom of expression" in international fora.

When the UN instills the mandate of it's founding and enforces compliace among its members to its Charter membership obligations, then maybe terrorists won't get a platform given them to puke on all of civilization with.

Aye well, I suppose it is the democratic tradition to give tyrants all the rope they need to hang themselves with, and 'ol Aminidijad never ceases to impress me with his eagerness to be an idiot on the loose- nuke.

Feel free to instigate regime replacement therapy anytime now folks...the only way you'll ever get "a change in mindset" of Iran's leadership is after having performed a frontal lobotomy.

I supoose it is all in the interests of peace and a "negotiated settlement" to engage Iran in wishful thinking like "engagement" that you'll see desired results.

Forget "desired results", and go get some we can live with as humanity.



Dig it?

No excuses...no quarter given...

For terrorists.

"All the world's a stage..." but this is one of those times someone forgot to use the hook to drag the bad actor off the stage.

And folks wonder why I suggested "push button ejection seats" be installed in the UNGA?

I'm a practical fellow, all things considered.

Unless you want endless conflict, I think we need to shake things up.

I would have thought nations found out in real-time what happens when being "reasonable" doesn't cut it.

Gone to war twice in the last decade to prove it to all the world...my nation has...

We are always willing to be reasonable and sit down for a chat...but only with sane people. The insane must choose peace as well as the sane who already have and get along with each other in this dysfuntional fora.

Not being of reasonable mind one can reason with, those who promote the furtherance of insanity through their support of terrorists, and their opposition to mideast peace processes underway need a kindergarden cop to tell them it's "nappy time". Lights out for the regime, diplomatic isolation is a last peaceful tactic the international community might employ at this time.

Might as well beat your head against a brick wall until you give yourself a concussion for all the good takin' to the Iranian leadership will do.

But go ahead, knock yourselves out.

I guess you will have to prove it to yourselves why there are no miracles to anticipate with this. "no gurantees" is just another way of saying you're guessing at outcomes born of policy. Playing the probabilities like Russian Roulette.

It's one thing to give peace a chance, just remember that Aminidijad isn't giving peace any chance at all. And it only takes one to start a war.

Thanks for listening,


South Korea
September 26, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Thank You

2010 FIFA u-17 woman worldcup.(President Joseph Sepp Blatter)

Women's World Cup winning team that won the other team that I'd like to share this joy with you. But also to promote long ago, today's victory, rather than short breaks in the future when they show a lot of attention to the desire to raise. (I'm sorry to keep asking to promote.)

two event & money.

And today I'm here to hoist comfortable writing shows little qualitative GuMi city of South Korea and the A & P finance would like to thank.

sorry, i trying.

Depending on the results of both the November elections will determine the investment decision is did. delay is that.


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