A Discussion on Meeting the Millennium Development Goals

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September 13, 2010
Conversations with America: A Discussion on Meeting the Millennium Development Goals LIVE1

Update: You can read the United States' strategy for meeting the Millennium Development Goals here.

On Thursday, September 16, 2010, David Lane, President and CEO of ONE, will hold a conversation with USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah, on global development opportunities and challenges on the eve of the Millennium Development Goals summit. The discussion will be moderated by Philip (P.J.) Crowley, Assistant Secretary of State, Bureau of Public Affairs. The event will be streamed live on DipNote, the Department of State's official blog, at 10:15 a.m. (EDT). You will have the opportunity to participate through the submission of questions, some of which will be selected for response during the live broadcast. Submit your questions now, here on DipNote.

This is the sixth in the Conversations with America video series recently launched by the Bureau of Public Affairs, in which the State Department's senior leadership hold monthly conversations live, online, with leaders of prominent non-governmental organizations. Discussion topics include foreign policy and global issues, and provide a candid view of how leaders from civil society engage the Department on pressing foreign policy issues.



S. K.
Virginia, USA
September 13, 2010

S.K. in Virginia writes:

US Should take the lead in forming an Indian Ocean Community on the lines of European Community. Call it IOC. This will be a United States consortium of about 60 nations along the Indian Ocean Rim from Madagascar to Tasmania, a stretch of 63000 miles and a potential GDP of 6 trillion dollars. Projects which are ready to take off are: Trans Asian Highway and Trans Asian Railroad from Bangkok to Vladivostok; Changes to Law of the Sea which extend the territorial waters to 200 nautical miles (from the present 20 nautical miles) offering phenomenal opportunities for harnessing the wealth of the Indian Ocean. The immediate investment potentials are so huge that the projects may help USA overcome the present financial crisis while helping about 2 billion people of the IOC.

J. B.
Costa Rica
September 13, 2010

J.B. in Costa Rica writes:

We are an italian family living in Costa Rica and we have a 7 year old son that is a US Citizen(born in CA), since we are very desappointed with the quality of the education system here we wanted our son to get education back in th US. How can we apply for permit to stay legally in the country while he gets his education?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

DipNote Bloggers reply: Please visit http://travel.state.gov/visa/immigrants/immigrants_1340.html for information about immigration.

September 13, 2010

Masewalake in Australia writes:

What democratic societies should learn lessen from Australia election 2010 (2010 Australia federal election comments in part)
1. What time bombs will rock Australia democratic society?

The Australia historical hung parliament demonstrated the big gap of inequality society between the small educated elite groups who get highest pay by talk feast used mouth work controlling live essential resources of the country in every social platforms against the biggest less educated groups who get lowest pay by hands work squeezed by discriminative policies that sucking live blood from poor/less wealth off?

Voters’ voices do not hear?
Voters’ pains do not ease?
Voters’ cries do not care?

1. Poverty will not be phase out if no fairer resources to share;
2. Illness will not be reducing if no preventive measurement in real action;
3. Agriculture will not be revitalize if urbanization continuing its path;
4. Housing affordability will not be reach for young generation if government continues cashing from young generation debt by eating out the whole cake of education export revenue without plough back;
5. Manufacture industry will shrink smaller and smaller if no new elements there to power up to survive;
6. Employability will not in the sustainable mode for so long as manufacture and agriculture not going to boost.

Ma kee wai
(Member of Inventor Association Queensland since 1993)

2. Kevin Rudd would not be ousting if Bob McMullan (MP) informed “Health Olympic Australia Development”.
Short after Bob McMullan MP - Interview from Sunday Profile by Monica Attard on 19 February this year. Two letters suggest Support for a “Health Olympic Australia” Future Fellowship sent to Bob McMullan MP on March this year, with no replied.
It’s a missed opportunity that how important to “BOB MCMULLAN’s value of the idea strategy of a “Health Olympic Australia” not to inform to the then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to commit a strong national project to benefit Australian people, then to get all voters behind the government to win the up coming election.
There are questionable how Bob McMullan MP’ idea strategy to support people with disabilities in developing countries without the first priority strategy to support the people with disabilities in Australia first, then to apply the successes experience afterward?
There are also questionable how Bob McMullan MP’ idea strategy to support people with disabilities in developing countries without a strong financial and strong intellectual creative resources supported Australian government?
Ma kee wai
(Member of Inventor Association Queensland since 1993)

Bob McMullan MP 23 March 2010
Dear Bob,
RE: Support for a “Health Olympic Australia” Future Fellowship
I met you in Gungahlin Golf Club sometime ago at the end of meeting chapped with you relating my patent commcialization during my succefully conducted of “China Study” Clinical Trial in Zhuhai Technology Park Guangdong China from 2007-2009.
“Health Olympic Australia” is a nationally and international significant movement in the 21 century “knowledge economy” in “Health Economy Gold Rush”:
● By pass all economy in human history that benefit to every habitant on earth;
● All habitant must to face either lost, or to win;
● The dead lock situation either lost health supply, or getting enough supply to win the battle of health demands in health rebuilding in her/his own right efforts to achieve wealth creation.
There are at least five economic productivity outcomes will resulting significant GDP progressing from a “Health Olympic Australia” as follow:
1. Reductions in Australian Health Workforce cost;
2. Reduction in Healthcare cost;
3. Reduction in lost productivity cost;
4. Increase from agriculture outcome;
5. Increase from “Health Olympic Australia” creation in goods/products exportation.
Australia people will fill the miss opportunity to them should it exist today in the worldwide fast growing “knowledge Economic” in a “Health Economy” soon, if not to discover the “Preventive Health” action from the root base idea of a “Health Olympic Australia” for them.
Ma kee wai
(Member of Inventor Association Queensland since 1993)

pat w.
Massachusetts, USA
September 13, 2010

Pat W. in Massachusetts writes:

How can anyone who attempts to have a balanced view of the Israeli Palestinian situation, respect peace talks that do not include Hamas, the elected government of Gaza? Although not widely reported in the US press, many Americans who now look at the news reported beyond our borders, that Hamas has extended peace overtures to Israel on several occasions, in exchange for returning to the 1967 borders, which is a significant concession from the 1948 "Green Line" ,and the right of return. A reasonable starting place for talks.

Hamas proved their ability to stop shooting rockets and convince other armed groups within Gaza to a cease fire with Israel which they maintained from June 2008 to November 2008, when Israel broke the truce. Then came Operation Cast Lead - this after a truce which Hamas and other armed groups in Gaza upheld even though the Israeli government did not significantly ease the siege. Do not think that because i speak the truth about this situation i am anti-Semitic or anti-Israel, i am not. I am as critical of those Israeli government's policies which are illegal and immoral, as i was of those policies of the Bush Cheney administration which were illegal and immoral. And now those of the Obama administration. If there is ever to be a peace agreement that is respected by the whole world, by those people of integrity in both Israel and Palestine, and worthy of American respect, how can the Dept of State object to inviting Hamas to the peace talks?

Carol F.
United States
September 13, 2010

Dr. Carol F. in the U.S.A. writes:

What should the U.S. be promoting/requiring of Turkey in its quest to join the EU as a member state? Is there a modicum of peace promoting behavior that we should expect of them?

United States
September 14, 2010

Mark in the U.S.A. writes:

Dear Sir or Mam,
I am an disable Native American/White veteran who served in the Military, and served with pride for our nation. I was sexually rape by three men at an Army base, inwhich I contracted HIV through the results from my low cd4 count, and now fighting the VA for increased of my disibility rating, along with PTSD, and several head concussions, along with constant ringing which is Tinnuitis, I have all documents and letters from Doctor's and people who knew me back then and support my claims agaisnt the VA, also file a CID report to support it also, becaause at the time of the rape they threaten my life if I reported this terrible crime agaisnt me. I want the public know that it is not only women get raped, but men diffently get raped also and goes unreported like myself until later. Just want the public to know things like this happens in the Armed Services.

United States
September 13, 2010

O.C. in the U.S.A. writes:

If increased American trade is related to foreign infrastructure and investment, why isn't a massive effort undertaken by USAID in getting large scale development teams to get the job done rather than waiting for slow-as- molasses piecemeal development?

James k.
September 13, 2010

James K. in Cameroon writes:

U.S State and Non-Governmental Organizations carry out a wide range of Transparent Goodwill Gestures the world.I'm sure the U.S is the world's No1 donor nation but what most people know about the U.S is war.
Why this lack of information and publicity over U.S aid to poor and disaster-stricken communities?

Castin S.
September 13, 2010

Castin S. in Haiti writes:

Thank you for this opportunity and i want to congratulate you for the good work you are doing in order to help the rest of the world.
My question is: as i am a young Diplomat haitian i tyed to enter at the American Diplomacy they said no i can not , because i am not American Cityzen, so i want to know why, and what i can do to serve the American diplomacy as i dreamed too.

David M.
Illinois, USA
September 13, 2010

David M.M. in Illinois writes:

I want to know if you will PLEASE allow followers of Henry George like me to talk about the Economic Rent of Land Value Tax System to alleviate poverty, homelessness, Un-Employment and recessions and depresions, and do something about ending the hold of the power-elite of so-called over-seas "developing" countries to put their countries people as human collateral in danger of a world-wide depression so big and powerful it will make 1929 look a party! Also, the Land Value Tax System is extremely flexible and versatile and can actually fund 5 to 8 things! Why NOT DO IT?

New York, USA
September 14, 2010

Ron in New York writes:

The Dark Cloud over MDG Financing....

Recent reports on the mass-rapes in Congo and on the blood-diamond routes have joined the donors of MDG's with perpetrators of grave Human Rights crimes. The USG must not allow the guilty member states to buy their way out of being accountable for these crimes. They will try to fund the MDG's to avoid consequences and if successful, they will reneg and continue their bad behavior with UN immunity.

September 14, 2010

Masealake in Australia writes:

“Health Olympic America” project

Referred to a letter to:
29 October 2009
The Hon Kevin Rudd MP

Dear Prime Minister,

Shaping a Healthy and Wealthy Future for Australia

I would like to firstly congratulate you on your election promise to face the challenge of improving the health of Australians.

My “Health Olympic Australia” project will not only assist the Australian Government to shape a better health system for Australians but will also improve the general health of Australians. This will put Australia in a strong position for long term wealth generation and prosperity.

Since taking over the leadership of the Australian Labor Party and leading the party to victory in the 2007 election, you have gone on to fulfill your election promise to appoint the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission (the Commission). The Commission has recently produced the Interim Report which sets out the National Health and Hospitals Reform Plan. This has provided a blueprint for tackling future challenges to the Australian health system including:

• The rapidly increasing burden of chronic disease;
• The ageing of the population;
• Rising health costs; and
• Inefficiencies exacerbated by cost shifting and “the blame game”.

The “Health Olympic Australia” project is based on an experimental trial to prove the results of “The China Study”. “The China Study” is a 2005 book by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., an outspoken vegan and his son, Thomas M. The book examines the relationship between the consumption of animal products and illnesses such as cancers of the breast, prostate, and large bowel, diabetes, coronary heart disease, obesity, autoimmune disease, osteoporosis, degenerative brain disease, and macular degeneration.

The “China Study” Clinical Trial I conducted was based on a 95 year old lady, who participated in a two year health improvement trial from August 2007 to September 2009. The trial involved living in accordance with the principles of “The China Study” to determine whether the principles would result in improved health outcomes claimed by the authors of “The China Study”. The "China Study" Clinical Trial was scientifically successful by two meaningful demonstrations. The first of a chemistry blood test to all organs, it shows the results as good as the young people; and the second meaningful health improvement in physical capabilities.

Recently we have been invited by APHA (the American Public Health Association) to participate in one of their forums under the section of Alternative and Complementary Health Practices scheduled for early November 2009 to ‘Identify a Health Olympic Spring’ to the World Health Organizations’ (WHO) Third Health Revolution Approaches, with the objective being: An application model for preventative health movement that might speed up the progress of social, economic and environment development to overcome the problems of human health. For us (Australia Invention) to play an active part we require the assistance from the Australian Government. Without Australian Government support we will not be able to accept and attend the APHA forum. (Refer to attached information).

Prime Minister, the steps that will allow Australia to pioneer in achieves the worlds “Health Economy” is by Australia:

• Inventing health improvement patterns;
• Growing high antioxidant healthy grains and plants;
• Manufacturing high antioxidant healthy grain powder products;
• Exporting its health improvement knowledge and pattern; and
• Exporting health improvement resources (including human resources).

I have enclosed the “Health Olympic China Spring” DVD for your viewing and hope that you will be inspired by the “Health Olympic Australia” plan and provide support so that firstly we will be able to attend the APHA forum and to secondly provide support in our application for the Australian Research Council’s “The Future Fellowship”. This will allow Australia to pioneer “Health Olympic Australia” under your leadership and shape Australia’s agricultural, manufacturing, social and economic development. Australia will lead the world in the achievement of a newly discussing “Health Economy”. I urge you to agree to allow this unprecedented project to happen under the leadership your Labor government.

The highest regards

(Member of the Queensland Inventor Association since 1993).

LadyAnn G.
Minnesota, USA
September 14, 2010

LadyAnn G. in Minnesota writes:

Is there going to be a place that tells us what were the millenium summits' goals?

And this uniting of the world; is it going to cost us in depreciation in the value of the almighty dollar?

In other words are we going to have to send money out of our country, the USA, to foreing countries?

Then I am against anything that sends money out!! We need money to come in for a change!

Thomas s.
Kentucky, USA
September 14, 2010

Thomas M.S. in Kentucky writes:

Please address the problem of sexual slavery in the U.S. and how both domestic and international criminal organizations fund, profit and facilitate this activity.

Thank You

Mohammed Y.
Illinois, USA
September 14, 2010

Mohammed Y. in Illinois writes:

Hi David,
I know USAID has an office in Baghdad - IRAQ. Do you have any plan to develop projects in Iraq? And do you think to use the Iraqies whom have green cards to work in your projects in Iraq?

Thank you

Rodriguez T.
District Of Columbia, USA
September 14, 2010

Rodriguez T. in Kansas writes:

Inherited dictatorship locked development of African Countries such as Togo. Democracy would be the engine of development. Whithout democracy all Africa should become as Somalia. How the Usa can help to stop Human rights violation and banana Republic of Togo, please the monarchy of Faure Gnassingbe Eyadema?

ayaz a.
September 14, 2010

Ayaz A. in Canada writes:

I would like to thank profusely honorable Asst. Sec. Benton for the opportunity to participate in this forum. I would like to ask the panel if there are any united states efforts to build public libraries in the Islamic countries so that the people of those countries can learn to love the united states?

henry o.
Arizona, USA
September 14, 2010

Henry O. in Arizona writes:

Could Mr Rajiv answer a question on why innocent Americans'passport are being susupended because they are paying back College student loans. Now I can not travel out of the country for a very important dental work in Mexico as I can not afford the work to be done here in the good old USA. Why confiscate my passport. I can't believe it!!!
If this is how we treat Americans, God help our country. Please reply to me as to how I can get my passport back.


An American in Mourning


Joel K.
September 14, 2010

Joel K. in Australia writes:

What innovative steps can the United States administration take to resolve the Palestinian crisis that has not been attempted during the past administrations which would demonstrate US as a genuine peace broker?

Luis L.
September 14, 2010

Luis L. in Peru writes:

My question is ....

What else can make the powers for help governments to restrain the terrible corruption in the Spanish-speaking countries?

I have asked…. why so much incapacity... why such negligence .... There is no need to bring a Sufi or a genius to set the correct path and curb corruption. Is so much difficult to create a system that generates a passive revolution. Without a single shot to go hunting of systematic and progressive way to the bad elements. All this in a democracy and full respect for human life and the law.
It seems that nobody cares much to make good this work ... as if everything will be desirable for half and corruption continue. It's rare.

If I ask this question is because I am living witness of the realised efforts but that they finished being insufficient. Myopia, blindness and disability leaders from seeing more clearly. Have tried everything and corruption is on the rise and now it stretches his tentacles extending itself strongly to the world-wide drug trafficking.
There is an effective way to restrain it but they do not do case to me. It is a scientifically based way and massive participation of the people. It is difficult for a corrupt government to accept my first draft but as I reiterate that yes there is a way to curb or restrain corruption. Perhaps for many people the moral does not matter and as said a great corrupt in my country "in politics can not be naive."

South America is becoming increasingly unstable. The biggest problem is not hunger or poverty. The big problem is "overwhelming and widespread corruption." That corruption brings to hills the hunger and the poverty. The bad or say bad distribution of national resources in certain Hispanic countries increasingly away citizens and creates a division between classes where foreign doctrines far away look historically in America and buying consciences grow deep roots.

The tendency of governments which were aimed at capital unfortunately gave poor historical examples and most citizens are losing or have lost confidence in their leaders. These leaders came away from the poor and favored economic powers. I just say that democracy is preparing its own way to the cemetery because although it is a system that allows us freedom but real justice has overturned the human needs. Corruption of judges and magistrates has no limits.
I am a person that aspires to the free international trade, a democracy with freedom and a real justice. The mentioned thing at the moment turns out to be a beautiful dream with a bitter one to wake up. With esteem

District Of Columbia, USA
September 14, 2010

Pami in Washington writes:

Are you going to have new laws on service dog where they have to have some type of uniform on. The United States are to easy going on service dog laws other country in the world if you don't have some type of Uniform on the service dog can't go out in public. Why can we have stronger laws like this. If they real need a service dog, then they would put a uniform on or they just want to take their pet with them. I have a Labradoodle as my service dog and I always have a uniform on my service dog out in, public.

Washington, USA
September 14, 2010

Al in Washington writes:

We need to stop letting Pitbull or pitbull mix out in the public eye for the saftey of all people. You can't trust them. What do you think.

muhammad r.
September 14, 2010

Muhammad J.R. in Canada writes:

hi,it is not my question but suggession,to win heart and mind in pakistan or any troubled area of the world we shud encrouge the us citizens from that country to go back in that country and explain to the public the life in west.local NGOs dont know too much the life abroad.we r giving millions of dollars to those ngos but ppl of those countries still dont like us,there is something seriously wrong.i can offer myself to go in pakistan and do social work better than more local ngos.too many other pakistani/american will be available who can make a big difference.thanks for ur time to read my messg

Greg G.
Florida, USA
September 14, 2010

Greg G. in Florida writes:

Instead of looking outward and trying to help the world ... I am under the guide of FIX ONES OWN HOUSE so you can better able yourself to fix your neighbors house later. The Financial System of Borrow and Spend has to stop. The US Congress needs to pass a law to print it's own currency under Federal Guidelines of accountability and chase out all the Privately owned Banks like the Federal Reserve System and we will have enough money to fix recessions, depressions, starvation, health along with restructuring this country and alot of the world.

September 14, 2010

Naeem in Pakistan writes:

Today the world’s major problem is terrorism, terrorism led by (result of) poverty and illiteracy. We should make the world free of terrorism and develop a happy world where every one can take breath without any fear.
I think the USAID should work for development in that part of world where terrorism is creating problem. Especially the literacy rate should be improved and people must be educated that terrorism is also creating problem for them and happy world is also essential for them and their children. Secondly the USAID also take measure for reduction of poverty in that part of world so that people don’t have problem for earning their bread and living and may not play in the hands of terrorists.

September 14, 2010

Raj in India writes:

Why does US say it has provided 150 million US dollars to Pak for fighting floods, 5.4 million pounds of supplies provided. The language is not understood by 95% of Pakistanis. It should be 1200 Crore Pak Rupees, 24.5 lakh KG of supplies. This will ensure that people will understand that US is helping them a lot. This will boost the image of US in Pakistan.

Prof.Shiv M.
September 14, 2010

Prof. Shiv C.M. in India writes:

Global economy is rapidly encouraging capitalism. Media is consistently highlighting the cases of those who are making place in the Fortune-500 or top echelons. While MDG is trying to establish an equity.Isn't the economic and social development are in conflict? What will be the impact of soaring economy (India's sensex is >19,000 as on 14th September 2010) on the achievements of MDG.

September 14, 2010

Boudi in the Netherlands writes:

The population growth is the biggest problem in the world. On the Website "http://worldpensionplan.org/" I explain that with a relatively small amount of money we can prevent a disaster.
What is the disaster I envision? Deplete resources by a growing population living on a higher prosperity. This will and is in fact already effecting us all. Not only the people the 2015 goal is targeting at. CO2, Energy shortish and nourishment shortish.
Like what happened with India. There growth in EDP over decades disappeared in population growth. Today Africa is rapidly developing. In the same time China's huge population has a rapidly growing level of prosperity.
Therefor limiting population growth has to be number one on the global aid agenda. The World can do three things to guide this process; Establishing an UN passport, birth control programs and starting with a world pension plan. The world pension plan is needed to remove the necessity of offspring as a form of old age insurance. Problems like overpopulation in the Pakistan delta could have been prevented this way.
Why the UN Passport? Because organization of a global identity is an essential part of controlling the whole operation. The UN passport could be a national passport but with one UN person number in it. The UN person register will have other global organization benefits also.
I realize these are big steps and over the 2015 horizon. But rationality about the global issues we face today makes these steps insurmountable.

September 14, 2010

Umar B. in Pakistan writes:

Dear Educated Elite of the World, Pleases try understanding the real tool and motivation behind your's development and which is missing in the undeveloped world i.e., the behavioral excellence, the desire to be someone. Market this idea among the populace of the to be developed world.
Nothing can bring change or improvement in the societies of ours unless a behavioral change plan is applied.
Further to this please try spending some money on the image building of your efforts in the societies where you are contributing. Build and establish an image of a caring, responsible and contributing towards all those who otherwise hate you like hell. Let people understand that how today's world leaders are different from the historical world and its leaders especially of near past mainly Muslim.
Lastly i would like to suggest that also try analyzing the ancestral bondage between the masses of the world. Can't we build better inter-world relations with the fact(s) that all humans are children of one parents and all Caucasian are children of one parent(s) and today more then 3 billion people speak their languages coming from one origin. Almost every second person in the world is concerned about their ancient past and blood lineage. Doesn't there is a possibility to build mutual relations on the basis of such scientific evidences. this ancestral unification shall bring an easy acceptability among our's society-masses to buy the ideas of excellence of your societies, similarly your societies could buy certain excellence behaviors of ours making both close enough to each other.
Dear world leaders try conceiving a real peace full world with brotherly relations with each other.

Ruzevaldo L.
September 14, 2010

Ruzevaldo L. in Brazil writes:

Dear Sir/Lady. Greetings from Brazil!

The rivers of our house, is drying up, our air we breathe is polluted, our climate is getting more aggressive, all these segments are affecting human life, animal life and plant life on the planet. Is there any initiative by that institution to alleviate this situation and prevent a global catastrophe?

Cordial and best regards!



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