Celebrating Ramadan in Tripoli

August 23, 2010
Band Performs at Ambassador's Residence in Libya

About the Author: Joseph Giordono-Scholz serves as Information Officer at U.S. Embassy Tripoli.

U.S. Embassy Tripoli was honored to share Iftar -- the traditional meal that breaks the day's fasting during Ramadan -- with 300 guests, including Libyans and expats, from every part of the local community. The guests enjoyed a festive Ramadan atmosphere on Thursday, August 19, with traditional clothing and decorations, traditional music, and authentic Libyan Ramadan cuisine.

The food included a Libyan soup (Shurba) with tomatoes, spices and lamb; Dolma, vegetables stuffed with rice and ground beef; M'batan, the Libyan version of Kefta (fried between two slices of potatoes); and Burek, a Libyan version of Sambusek.

The event was held at the Ambassador's residence and started with a recitation of the Sorat Al Rahman verses from the Holy Quran, followed by Adhan Al Maghreb and the Maghreb prayers. Then, the fast was broken.

After the Iftar meal, Ambassador Gene A. Cretz shared his thoughts on the occasion, saying that during his time here he had learned a lot about Libyan culture and Libyan practices during the Holy Month.

“I respect the sincerity and pride with which Libyans celebrate this important month and its representation of justice and equality -- qualities for which Islam is best known,” Ambassador Cretz said. “I recall the prophet Mohamed's words: For we are all created equal -- just as the teeth of a comb.”

The guest of honor, Dr. Mohamed Al Ziadi, Dean of the Islamic Call University, also shared his thoughts on the occasion. Dr. Ziadi thanked the Ambassador and his wife for hosting the event and promised that the Islamic Call Society would continue its efforts to promote mutual understanding, tolerance and dialogue.



August 23, 2010

Sab in Sudan writes:

Thank you for sharing the month with us, Thank you so much USG. Many Thanks to all of you. :-)

Jay M.
August 23, 2010

Jay M. in Libya writes:

Very nice of the US Government ...
Thanks A Lot

Sudipta d.
August 25, 2010

Sudipta D. in Bangladesh writes:

we want This type of assembly.....Where Love and Song Will be Turning point to delete the all type of terrorism .........


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