Secretary Clinton Announces the Pakistan Relief Fund

Posted by DipNote Bloggers
August 19, 2010

Today, in a video statement, Secretary Clinton announced the establishment of the Pakistan Relief Fund, saying:

"...Now is a time for our shared humanity to move us to help. Americans have always shown great generosity to others facing crises around the world. And I call on you to do what you can. Every dollar makes a difference. Five dollars can buy 50 high energy bars providing much needed nutrition; $10 can provide a child or mother with a blanket; and about $40 can buy material to shelter a family of four...If we come together now, we can meet this challenge and ensure that future generations in Pakistan have a chance to have the bright future they deserve and fulfill their own God-given potential."

Created by the United States Government through the Department of State, the Fund serves as a mechanism for the public to contribute money to the ongoing efforts in Pakistan. You can send $10 through your mobile phone by texting the word FLOOD to 27722, or you can print this form and mail it in.

A transcript of the Secretary's remarks is available here.

Full information about Pakistan Flood Disaster Relief, including ways you can help humanitarian organizations that are conducting relief operations, is available here.



Missouri, USA
September 10, 2010

Julie in Missouri writes:

Who ever is responsible for the $3000 a month billboard (Pakistan Flood Relief) in Lees Summit Mo. needs to STOP wasting tax payer money. Our nation has always stood with Israel, NOT Pakistan. I am ashamed to call myself an American !!!


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