Photo of the Week: A Focus on Humanitarian Relief

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August 19, 2010
Men Loading Relief Equipment Onto Aircraft in Spain

More photos: U.S. Department of State's Flickr photostream | State@Work

Today is World Humanitarian Day. As Secretary Clinton remarked, "Providing humanitarian aid to help rebuild lives is a core commitment of the United States. Relief workers embody the universal truth that we are at our best when we come together to help the most vulnerable among us."

We pay tribute to the day, and to relief workers around the world, with this week's image, which illustrates the international aspect both of humanitarian aid needs and of the partnerships that respond to them. Coming to us from the U.S. Navy, the photo depicts a Senior Airman from the 37th Air Lift Squadron out of Ramstein, Germany, working with a Spanish employee from InterJet at Naval Station Rota, to load a pallet of firefighting equipment onto a C-130 in Spain, on August 12, 2010. The equipment is slated for Russia, to to help control and extinguish wildfires, save lives, homes, infrastructure, and natural resources.

August has seen a number of catastrophic natural disasters, with the flooding in Pakistan causing a particularly acute humanitarian crisis. Today, Secretary Clinton announced a new relief fund. You can contribute by texting “FLOOD” to 27722 from your mobile phone to give $10.



United States
August 20, 2010

O.C. in the U.S.A. writes:

Switching America's focus from a war economy to a disaster relief/development economy would create numerous markets to sell American expertise, technology and products. Persuading others through our kindness, generosity and marketable products endears others to our "democratic" ideals. It would be a relief to the American public to get back to what we're really good at and that is creativity,innovation,transformation and change. Let's not lose our marketing Mojo. Let's get busy before others take our lead.
Not made in China. Not made in India. Made in America. That's what the world wants and needs.


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