Photo of the Week: Escaping Catastrophic Floods in Pakistan

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August 5, 2010
U.S. Army Evacuation of Civilians Affected by Floods in Pakistan

More photos: U.S. Department of State's Flickr photostream | State@Work

Today's image, which comes to us courtesy of the U.S. Army, records the civilian suffering accompanying catastrophic flooding in Pakistan, as families escape the town of Khyber via a U.S. Army CH-47 helicopter on August 5. As Secretary Clinton noted, airlifts such as this are part of a larger U.S. response, carried out in close coordination with the Government of Pakistan. The United States is making commitments of $25 million in assistance to flood-affected populations, bringing the total to date to more than $35 million. We are also deploying humanitarian relief experts and delivering essential supplies.

Recent flash floods and heavy rains, the worst in more than 80 years, have affected millions of Pakistanis. An estimated 1,500 people lost their lives, and many more are missing. Thousands are trapped and hundreds of thousands require emergency assistance.

You can help alleviate the suffering with a $10 donation to help the UN High Commissioner for Refugees provide tents, clothing, food, clean drinking water, and medicine to people displaced by floods. American citizens can text the word "SWAT" to the number 50555 to make a contribution. Related: U.S. Response to Pakistan's Flooding Disaster



August 6, 2010

Joe in Pakistan writes:

Dear Sir(s)

It is not working. Your $25 million will probably go to corrupt political leaders or corrupt NGO's of Pakistan.

Please for god's sake watch pakistani private news channels and you will know the truth.

You have to do it your self or find American volunteers who are willing to distribute with relief with their own hands. Other wise the money will be found in pockets of corrupt politicians or corrupt NGO's.

Good Luck.


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