U.S.-Japan Relations for the 21st Century

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July 27, 2010

On July 27, 2010, Assistant Secretary for East Asia and Pacific Affairs Kurt M. Campbell testified before the House Armed Services Committee. Assistant Secretary Campbell said:

"The U.S.-Japan alliance is the cornerstone of our engagement in the Asia-Pacific. The alliance has provided a basis for peace and security in the Asia-Pacific for a half-century and has -- in many ways -- underwritten the 'Asian economic miracle' and the spread of democratic governance throughout the region. This year the United States and Japan are celebrating the 50th anniversary of our Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security, a historic milestone that offers both an opportunity to reflect on the successes of the past and, perhaps more importantly, to chart a forward-looking course for this relationship to ensure that it is well positioned to manage issues of consequence both in the region and beyond.

"The Obama Administration entered office with a deep appreciation of the strategic importance of the U.S.-Japan alliance. Then-Prime Minister Taro Aso was the first foreign leader to meet with President Obama. Japan was President Obama's first stop on his first visit to East Asia as President. Secretary Clinton's maiden voyage as Secretary of State was to Asia, and it was no coincidence that her first stop was in Japan. As the world's first and second largest economies the U.S. and Japan have worked closely to contribute to the global economic recovery.

"Together, the United States and Japan bring tremendous capability and creativity to bear on the challenges the world faces today."

Read the Assistant Secretary's full statement here.



Maryland, USA
July 27, 2010

Patrick in Maryland writes:

Greetings from ,Maryland..:)

I hope everyone has their power back,after the storm we had here. I think the crews, are still working on it in some places.

Anyways, i Think our relationship with Japan, and other countries around the world are improving. I hope things continue on this positive path,and we're able too become even better friends in the 21st century.)

Nice, remarks assistant Secretary kurt Campbell..:)

South Korea
July 31, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Democratic Party of Japan.

Democratic Party of Japan, now the party has nothing to exchange, but Donna systems in the development of Asian countries in Japan in almost a way to find that a lot of similarities. Political, economic, legal and social systems, you think it will affect a lot.

Although the cause of Democratic victory is beopbo social system and the direction of a few choice motivated by the so called "モチ" the manager acknowledged the value of the black market are determined by social and economic crisis, but this does not deal with it 50 years System bihapriseonge people are disappointed - the central government bureaucrats and politicians, some prominent local everything is determined by the system - think of the banjalhayeotdago. It's money and contacts. Rather than law.

Except for Singapore, the United States for the "NO" to talk as I do not think that is a transparent system. Beat to beat a United States citizen and the only country in Asia, I think.

Probably not able to beat tough opposition - to the inherent limitations castle, but it's even wrong to deny the Japanese the whole time I think people's minds is the very staff .-
If Japan does not sound reform and fail to break with the past,
GE recently on cnn and ceo of GEMENS talk about the difficulties in China, said he,
If such a situation, hard....

Asian countries are interested in Japan's economy, but reform of Japan's political and social system, think about watching silently. Japan's position that no one will think it is hard to deny.

China and South Korea that Japan is following the same policy, I think.
Let anxiety. National companies and countries that are poor, but rich countries will eventually perish in the direction of the said forward without brakes. Countries have to do to advance the endless, circular economy, not to think I was not moving forward.

Congratulations on your daughter's wedding.

August 6, 2010

Moises writes:

Thanks, Ambassador Campbell for your support in bringing to light the issue related to International parental abduction of American Children to Japan. It is really for many of us, Left behind parents and lawful custodian,difficult to deal in any way with the Japanese system (Abductors, Japanese legal system, police and government) in trying to at least secure a simple visitation.

My daughter was abducted almost 30 months ago and in spite of me having sole custody in both countries (US and Japan), the Japanese legal system has decided to protect the abductors and it has even twisted their own laws to secure this. I have seen my daughter only twice. Is that justice? Is that the way our allies treat their friends?

Thanks again for your great support and understanding.

James W.
Florida, USA
August 20, 2010

James W. in Florida writes:

"Anyways, i Think our relationship with Japan, and other countries around the world are improving. I hope things continue on this positive path,and we're able too become even better friends in the 21st century."

Lets hope so. But I do believe as time goes on the world will be forced to draw closer together.


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