Travel Diary: Secretary Clinton Leads U.S. Delegation to Kabul Conference

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July 20, 2010
Secretary Clinton Is Greeted By Afghan President Karzai
President Karzai Welcomes Secretary Clinton, General Petraeus, and Ambassador Eikenberry to the Presidential Palace
Secretary Clinton Shakes Hands With Afghan President Karzai
Secretary Clinton and President Karzai Discuss U.S.-Afghanistan Relations

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After visiting Pakistan, Secretary Clinton departed for Afghanistan, where she is leading the U.S. delegation at the Kabul Conference today, July 20, 2010. En route, Secretary Clinton briefed the traveling press.

Secretary Clinton said, "This is probably the first time in more than maybe 40 years where there's been any kind of international gathering in Kabul, and it's part of a sequence of actions that include our policy, the inauguration, the London conference, and President Karzai's visit. And an enormous amount of work has been done by the Afghans in preparation for this conference. At last count, there were going to be 60 countries represented, plus the United Nations and other multilateral organizations. And we've really worked hard with the Afghans and they've worked really hard themselves to present their proposals, their plans, at the conference on everything from improving governance to transition to reconciliation and so much else.

"So it's been very well-prepared. They've had a good team working on it. And I'm looking forward to meeting with Ambassador Eikenberry, General Petraeus, and Staffan di Mistura tonight and then having dinner with President Karzai and having a one-on-one with him. And then tomorrow I'll start my day with a meeting with Afghan women because I am absolutely determined that they're going to be part of this future in Afghanistan. And so we'll be meeting with people -- with women along with the Danish foreign minister and the high representative from EU, Cathy Ashton, and Mrs. Espersen. And I wanted to start my day that way deliberately so that I can reference back to this during the conference."

Read the full transcript here.

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July 21, 2010

Zhangsan writes:

is very good!

United States
July 21, 2010

A parent in the U.S.A. writes:

Secretary Clinton,
please speak with the Vietnamese government about reopening international adoptions with the US. There are children waiting for homes and many parents as myself eagerly waiting to adopt. I beg you to speak with the officials on next steps with reopening adoptions with the US.


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