An Update From the International AIDS Conference in Vienna

Posted by Thomas J. Walsh
July 19, 2010
Opening of International AIDS Conference in Vienna

About the Author: Thomas J. Walsh serves with the Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator.

Today, the International AIDS Conference in Vienna heard from former President Clinton and from Bill Gates, founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. President Clinton offered a hopeful assessment of the global response to AIDS, reviewing striking progress in recent years and offering thoughts on how to move the effort forward, with a particular focus on making the most of available resources to save as many lives as possible. He singled out PEPFAR for special recognition, which was greeted warmly by the assembled delegates. Bill Gates took on the most difficult challenge in AIDS-effective prevention. He too struck an upbeat note, highlighting the potential for innovation in prevention. He also described already-proven approaches that can have a big impact if expanded quickly, as PEPFAR is doing in such areas as prevention-of-mother-to-child transmission and male circumcision. Taken together, the two offered a forward-looking keynote that resonated with the conference.

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South Korea
July 20, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

AIDS- I think the human race to overcome the disease.
Better identify and meet the other side I think. However, the latency They say too many problems I think.

sub- Some of the people do desperate things in common They say that I think is fine. Moreover, four traditional society they belong to ignore the fastest growing religion, but to further how far the state's intervention, the possibility of an out of control I think this is ugly. But I'm not gonna opposition is thought to have a lot more attention. Consequently the possibility of corrupt government almost 99% I think.

Social networking needs of the region I think. Very sensitive issue, but....

Exist within the United States or Americans believe the way I think is totally different. It's free decision bringing the drug addicted people do not like to think. Everybody knows that, but

Thank You.

New York, USA
July 20, 2010

Ron in New York writes:

AIDS2010: Quick Thoughts

1- Vienna is UN HQ for Drugs/Crime/Terrorism.
AIDS is a child of Drug abuse; driven by global crime, and bio-terror of the 1st degree.

2- The politics of AIDS is at a veritable stand-still.

3- The science of AIDS is ensnared in the politics of stigma.

4- As funding (political will) decreases, and HIV increases,
the numbers of AIDS cases will exponentially grow.


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