Travel Diary: Secretary Clinton Holds Town Hall at Pakistan National Council of the Arts

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July 19, 2010

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On July 18, 2010, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton held a town hall at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) in Islamabad, Pakistan. Secretary Clinton took the opportunity to hear questions and ideas from Pakistanis in an effort to broaden and deepen the U.S.-Pakistan relationship. Secretary Clinton said:

"Under the Obama Administration and the Zardari Administration, Pakistan and the United States have embarked on an ambitious journey. We want to try to solve problems that have troubled our nations and our relationship for decades. We want to contribute to building an enduring peace and lasting prosperity for Pakistan and this region. And we want to expand opportunities so that every boy or girl born in Pakistan has the chance to make the most of his or her God-given potential.

"For too long, our countries have been hampered by a trust deficit which has held us back. We understand the reasons for that and we accept the responsibility for the role that our actions have played. But we need to rebuild that trust slowly but surely, day by day, through engagement at all levels between all sectors. This is difficult work. It demands patience and persistence. It demands a recognition of our different perspectives, but a willingness to overcome those differences that really do not divide us, but instead mark cultural and historical experiences and give us the opportunity to both respect one another and learn from each other."

Read the Secretary's full remarks here.



donald m.
Virginia, USA
July 21, 2010

Donald M. in Virginia writes:

July 21, 2010

I understand that the Obama team wants to solve problems in Pakistan. Billions of dollars thrown at this country will not solve it. Sometimes you have to let the People of Pakistan and the Government sort out its own mess. We always come across like helping but the reality is, they will end up doing what they want regardless of what is said and done in the end. I respect the fact that the State Department is trying, and God knows it appears Mrs. Hillary Clinton is putting herself out, but I believe the Pakistan Government can stand on its two feet. They can show the world how they can defeat terrorism on their own. We would expect the same with Canada or our allies. It shouldn't always be about charity.


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