Travel Diary: Secretary Clinton Delivers Remarks at U.S.-Pakistan Strategic Dialogue

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July 19, 2010

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Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi spoke at the opening of the U.S.-Pakistan Strategic Dialogue, on July 19, in Islamabad. In her remarks, Secretary Clinton described some of the highlights of work that has come out of the dialogue so far, and announced several new programs the United States will undertake as a direct result of the dialogue, in partnership with the government and people of Pakistan.

Secretary Clinton said, "We know that there is a perception held by too many Pakistanis that America's commitment to them begins and ends with security. But in fact, our partnership with Pakistan goes far beyond security. It is economic, political, educational, cultural, historical, rooted in family ties.""...We share with Pakistan a vision of a future in which all people can live safe, healthy, and productive lives; contribute to their communities; and make the most of their own God-given potential. This future demands a comprehensive human security, a security based on the day-to-day essentials like jobs, schools, clinics, food, water, fuel, equal access to justice; strong, accountable public institutions. These are the building blocks of a durable, thriving society, and they are the aspirations not only of the Strategic Dialogue but of the people of Pakistan.""...In 1948, on the one-year anniversary of Pakistan's creation, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the man who worked so hard to make Pakistan a reality, spoke to your new nation. It was just a month before his death. Here's what he said: 'Nature has given you everything. You have got unlimited resources. The foundations of your state have been laid and it is now for you to build and build quickly and as well as you can.'

"Today, this collaboration between Pakistan and the United States is blessed with resources, most particularly the talent and ingenuity of our people. And together, we are laying the foundation for an enduring partnership. It is now for us to follow the Quaid e Azam's urgent advice and build as quickly and as well as we can a future of security, prosperity, and peace for both of our countries."

You can read Secretary Clinton's full remarks here.



New York, USA
July 19, 2010

Ron in New York writes:

Formula for Failure.....

Pakistan will gladly take USG $500 million and continue to undermine our anti-terror campaigns. Pakistan wants Afghanistan for geo-political reasons and natural resources. Pakistan will turn up the terror; while seeking more USG$ to help reduce it.

donald m.
Virginia, USA
July 21, 2010

Donald M. in Virginia writes:

July 20, 2010

The only thing thats transparent about this situation is, Pakistan receiving billions of US Dollars. I disagree with this method. I agree with Ron in New York. 750 Billion dollars and still no Osama bin laden? How many taliban members did they capture for this price? How many continue to breed in Pakistan? How many taliban members will be trained with this money? How much arms will be purchased to fight against our troops in Afghanistan? When does the corruption end? I would like to see the hands stopped being greased and people in these countries defend their own nation, stand on their own two feet without a handout in the billions from our country which has the highest recession, the highest unemployment records since the Obama team came into the WH, and is treading the highest deficits. This is not about thinking smarter, its about political gains and socializing. How will the State Department account for the Billions of US Tax dollars given to Pakistan, what is the true return? If you giving Pakistan billions of dollars, what can the United States hope to recieve or this is just a carry on donation? When did United States Government become a charity organization? They have churches that provide charity, or groups, our Government should NOT be involved in handing our tax dollars to other countries, while they smile and take our money. People in the United States can't even afford a home to live in, or have jobs, and extended the unemployment benefits only makes things worst because your not putting these people back to work. Your encouraging them not to work by given them more benefits. The battery plant that created 300 jobs is wonderful but needs to be done on a larger scale. Its almost like the Majority of the stimulus package has been used Overseas and a small portion was used in the United States to help with jobs. The American people did NOT approve this money being sent to Pakistan. There needs to be better oversight becuase if our Nation is throwing money away NO wonder we have huge deficits and irresponsible people handing it out. We have our own problems in the United States. Focus on those issues. Taking care of the world issues, the United States does NOT have the resources to play Mama to everyone.

Summary: "I disagree with sending Pakistan Aid, I agree we need to catch Osama bin laden." People in the United States needs jobs, money, and the ability to take care of their families. Throwing money to countries is like charity service, which we have many of those already. Our Federal dollars should not be handed out when we are treading deficits. Think smarter, not harder when it comes to how best to manage money. I know this is harsh and blunt but truthful. "How can you tell people what they should do when it comes to conservation, and the State Department is throwing money away!"


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